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Behind-the-Scenes: Santino Fontana on his Experience with the Choir

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Mormon teen, future U. gymnast earns silvers at national championship
Deseret News photo
Mormon teen, future U. gymnast earns silvers at national championship

* 2014 Auditions Set for Salt Lake “Savior of the World”
* Fort Lauderdale Temple Named Best Cultural/Worship Project by Top Southeast Contractors
* 'True compassion': Members of the Developmental Center Ward serve those who serve them
* 15 facts you may not know about 15 LDS temples
* Utah youth with muscular dystrophy gets his wish: a helicopter ride
* LDS Church releases video about overcoming pornography addictions
* Defending the Faith: Paul and his list of eyewitnesses
* In the Whirled: World peace and the family reunion
* Mitt Romney, Disney Animation/Pixar president among 2014-15 BYU Forum speakers
* Payson fireside to feature Joseph Smith descendant

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