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City of Houston proclaims Mormon Helping Hands Day
Deseret News photo
City of Houston proclaims Mormon Helping Hands Day

* President Monson: Love for missionary work
* Elder Russell M. Nelson: 'Epistles of the Lord'
* LDS Church donates to Utah Pride Center's efforts to feed homeless youths
* Earl Tingey to present at special event for Centerville's veterans
* President Dieter F. Uchtdorf: Become like Peter, and "Fear Not"
* Ticket Reservations for Indianapolis Indiana Temple Open House Begin July 6
* 'A beautiful day' in Haiti: Early converts reflect on church growth, temple announcement
* New Mormon temple soars above Davie pastures
* Massive Mormon Meetinghouse Complex Continues Climb
* President David L. Smith: The Spirit will teach
* ‘You can’t have marriage equality without polygamy’: Inspired by gay-marriage decision, man applies to wed second wife
* LDS Church Instructs Bishops, Stake Presidents to Talk to Members About Same-Sex Marriage
* Sister missionaries relocated from Provo MTC residence hall after discovery of bat
* BYU conference to examine religious-freedom issues
* Choir and orchestra concert helps Saratoga Springs observe its centennial
* Episcopalian Convention Includes Hands-On Interfaith Service Project at Welfare Square
* BYU to Host Religious Freedom Conference in July
* Stephen Rockwood named new FamilySearch president and CEO
* How to Use Media in Your LDS Classroom
* Krešimir Cosic Honored by Adriatic North Mission Basketball Tournament
* Defending the Faith: Treasures in earthen vessels
* Learn Lightning Safety from Sam the Cloud on Safety.lds.org

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