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ALEX - I was told once that an Elder could be called to the position of Assistant to the High Priest Secretary and still remain an Elder. Is that the case?

JOEL - Almost anything can be done depending on the circumstances. Sometimes with small wards or unusually large wards adaptations need to be made as necessary. There are even positions that non members can be called to. I have never heard of a High Priest group secretary ever needing an assistant, but according to the Church Handbook:

"With the bishop’s approval, leaders in the elders quorum and high priests group may call and set apart assistant secretaries to help with these responsibilities. Prospective elders may be called to serve as assistant secretaries." (Handbook 2, 7.7.3)

This means that a prospective elder (and I assume an Elder)could serve as a High Priest assistant secretary. It might be perhaps an older member, who is still an elder or other priesthood office, not ready to be ordained a Hight Priest, but because of his age might fit in better with the High Priest group. A stake President could easily approve such a calling.

The Handbook also says:
"When considering what adaptations may be appropriate, the stake presidency, bishopric, or branch presidency counsel among themselves and also with the stake, ward, or branch council. They also counsel with their immediate presiding authority if circumstances may justify a major or unusual adaptation. Leaders should always seek the guidance of the Spirit in making adaptations."

Within a few general guidelines, a stake president certainly has the right and authority to extend any calling to any church member that he feels is right for the stake and for the member being called.

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