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ALEX - I was asked this question by a friend of mine. She and her husband have separated and he has moved back to the US. He claims to have filed for divorce yet she has seen no paperwork. On the church records it still shows details of their marriage. Question is, will this information be removed once a divorce is final OR when the temple cancellation is complete?

JOEL - A divorce must be final before a sealing can be canceled or before a sealing clearance can be given.
Only the details of the most recent non-canceled sealing and current spouse are shown on the membership record.
After a divorce is final the ward clerk can change the marital status of the divorced couple and split the membership records to two separate households.
Under the "Present Spouse" section it will say "No Spouse".
Under "Prior Spouse" it will say, "Sealed to pror spouse: Yes" but gives no name or other information.

After this, when needed, the Bishop and Stake President can submit a request for a sealing cancelation to church headquarters.
Once the cancelation has been processed the record will again only say that the member was sealed to a prior spouse but no names or other information.
The same is true for a widow who is still sealed to a previous spouse.

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