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Information and news articles relating to Book of Mormon archaeology(Newest articles at top).
Last update: 14 Dec. 2013

Native Americans Have West Eurasian Origins
Daniel Johnson "Hard Evidence of Horses in America" video
Ancient Metal Plates
Gold plates with Phoenician and Etruscan writing
Pre-Columbian wheeled artifacts
70 Metal books found in Jordan
Myan law inscribed on thousands of gold tablets?
Archaeologists discover beehives from ancient Israel (Jaredites Ether 2:3)
Scientists find evidence discrediting theory Amazon was virtually unlivable
Ancient gold necklace discovered in Peru
Ancient Iron Ore Mine Discovered in Peruvian Andes
Two ancient Roman plates
Pre-Incan Metallurgy Discovered.
Mystery of the Ten Lost Tribes.
The Bat Creek stone: Judeans in Tennessee?
An Elephant Among the Wheels
The Wheel in ancient America
Did first Americans come from Europe?
Behold My Hands: Evidence for Christ's Visit in Ancient America(pdf)
Indian Pony Mystery(page 21, requires Adobe reader)
New Light: The So-Called Lehi Cave
Who Really Discovered America?
Tribe challenges American origins
Photos of elephants, horses, bearded men, bronz ax heads, scimeters, etc. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3
A Myan horse?
Gold Book goes on display
Ten Commandments found at Los Lunas New Mexico
Ammon smites off the arms of his enemies
Searching for Book of Mormon Lands in Middle America
Evidences for the Book of Mormon - Jeff Lindsay
Nephi Project - An independant research group
Gone But Not Forgotten: Bring Back North American Elephants
Evidence of Maize Farmers In Ancient Mexico Is Found
Thor Heyerdahl Expeditions
The Search for the Earliest Americans
Archaeological Anomalies of North America
Some Archaeological Outliers

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