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BETTY - Can a General Authority quit or be encouraged to quit for reasons other than moral failings (Lee and Dunn). Has it happened? I ask because it seems a statistical impossibility that there are no Democrats among the 12. There were before Ezra Taft Benson took the reins of the church

JOEL - I have never heard of that happening and I don't see why it should, especially not because of their political affiliation. Of the top 15 church leaders there are 9 who have affiliated themselves with the Republican party and the other 6 have declared themselves to be unaffiliated, which means they might vote for someone in any party they choose. President Henry B. Eyring and Elder Neil L. Andersen switched their affiliations in the past couple years from Republican to unaffiliated. Elder James E. Faust, a member of the First Presidency was the last known Democrat when he died in 2007, and he was never asked to leave. It is possible that a few of those unaffiliated leaders could vote Democrat if they wanted to. Mormon does not have to mean Republican. I can't think of any other reason why a church leader might be asked to quit.

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