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BOB - We know that after death, worthy spirits will join the force of spirits who are on the other side of the veil working hard at preparing everything for the Millenium and ultimately the final judgement. My question is after the final judgement is there any indication what the resurrected beings in the Telestial, Terrestrial & Celestial realms will spend their time doing?

JOEL - Not much has been revealed about that. All we do know is that those who inherit the Celestial kingdom will eventually become Gods and have eternal increase with their eternal spouse; create worlds without number; and rule over them the same as our Heavenly Father (D&C 132:20). Some in that kingdom will be ministering angels to God (D&C 132: 17) We also know that those in the Celestial kingdom will minister to those in the Terrestrial kingdom and those in the Terrestrial kingdom will minister to those in the Telestial kingdom (D&C 76: 86-88). However, we don't know exactly what the word "minister" is referring to or what kind of activity it involves. It may serve to help with advancement within the kingdom they are in, increasing their knowledge in the Gospel. Everyone will continue to learn whichever kingdom they are in. I think for the most part what we will be doing there is a wait and see thing.

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