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COREY - Once the saints arrived in salt lake, the first temple I found that was built was Saint George, which finished construction in 1877. Is there any journal accounts or papers that tell what the saints did for temple ordinances during the construction? did they have a temporary building? (such as the red brick store in nauvoo)

JOEL - The only temporary building that the church used for the purpose of performing some temple ordinances before temples were built was the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, built in 1852, which stood on the northwest corner of Temple Square. Initially, it was a two-story adobe building, 44 by 34 feet with a single-story extension on its north side. In 1856, another extension was added on its south side and a baptistry on its west side. The Endowment House was used primarily for performing some temple ordinances until around 1889; such as baptisms, washings and annointings, and some sealings. However sealing of children to parents and endowments for the dead could not be performed in the Endowment House; they could only be performed in a temple.

Prior to the construction of the Endowment House, temple ordinances were being given on a regular basis in Salt Lake beginning in February 1851. This was done in a variety of locations including Brigham Young's office, the Council House, and the top of Ensign Peak.

There was one other building like the Endowment House which may have been used for administering some temple ordinances in Utah. It was known as the "Endowment House" in Spring City, Utah, built by Orson Hyde. The building is still standing at 85 West 300 South.

Besides those mentioned above there was no other temporary facility for performing temple ordinances until the St George temple was completed in 1877.

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