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DIANA - What is acceptable wear for cremation if the person doesn't have their own temple clothes?

JOEL - The Church does not normally encourage cremation. However, if the body of an endowed member is being cremated, it should be dressed in temple clothing if possible.
Only members who were endowed in life may be buried or cremated in temple clothing. Often stakes keep sets of temple clothing on hand that can be used for those who no longer have them. The stake President can also authorize the purchase of temple clothes if they can be obtained in time for the date of cremation.
Other members can donate temple clothing they are no longer using if the deceased doesn't have their own. If temple clothing is not readily available, a deceased endowed member is clothed for burial in the temple undergarment and other suitable outer clothing, such as a suit for men and a dress for women. What is used is pretty much up to the family. Most of this information comes from the Church Handbook #1 section 3.4.9.

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