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GRACE - Is it posible that someone can loose their faith and testimony of the gospel while reading the scriptures?

JOEL - The only time such a thing might happen is when the scripture reading does not include prayer and studying what latter-day Apostles and Prophets have said about the scriptures in question. Also, people might read a scripture without understanding the entire context or without understanding the culture and times when something was said.
One's study of the scriptures should include other LDS books and resources and statements from church leaders that one can turn to to help them understand what the scriptures are actually saying. There have been times when I have had questions about certain scriptures, but when I have done additional study including what LDS scholars and the prophets have said, I have come to a greater understanding of what they mean. I also know that we cannot understand the meaning of every scripture perfectly and I am patient to wait for an answer at a later time, without letting it negatively affect my testimony.
A lot of this also has to do with how strong a person's testimony is in the first place and whether or not they are really searching for truth or looking for reasons to doubt the truthfulness of the church.

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