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JON - I have been trying to find the commandment or revelation to J.S. to institute the Sacrament. In the beginning when the church met (I don't know if it was regular) they had sacrament. They had sacrament before meetings (like school of the prophets). But I can't find why in 1850 it was made to be a weekly occasion. Can you tell me the 1st one held in the Church and why to have it weekly.

JOEL - Sacrament meeting is based on the commandment God gave Joseph Smith:

"Thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day" (D&C 59:9)

The first Sacrament meeting was held on the day the Church was organized in the home of Peter Whitmer, April 6, 1830. In that meeting it is recorded, "The Holy Ghost was poured out upon us to a very great degree-some prophesied, whilst we all praised the Lord, and rejoiced exceedingly" (HC 1:78). The Sacrament was also partaken on that day.

Sacrament meetings were held on the main floor of the Kirtland Temple (D&C 95:16; D&C 110:heading) By 1831 the Sunday meeting schedule was a morning meeting and an afternoon meeting, with the sacrament being administered at one of them.

The frequency and form of the Sacrament meeting changed a little over the first few decades of the church according to availability of church buildings and other circumstances. We are told to keep the Sabbath day holy and worship God on that day. This would be the main reason for it being a weekly ordinance and always having it on Sunday.

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