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KIM - If someone confesses a sin to his bishop and is disfellowshipped, then dies during his year of disfellowship, I suppose he has not been forgiven and may go somewhere other than heaven?

JOEL - Regardless of our sins, just about everyone is saved into some level of heaven according to God's judgement. Disfellowshipment is only an earthly principle used to protect the church and its members and to help the sinner repent in this life. And the year thing is just a suggestion, which can be adjusted according to each situation.
As long as the person has been faithfully following the requirements of disfellowshipment and is sincerely striving to repent of the sin while alive, there is no reason for God to hold it against him if he should happen to die before the time is up. He can continue to fulfill the requirements of repentance for the sin in the spirit world after this life if needed. Only God knows our hearts and only He can make a judgement on our eternal lives.

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