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LAMANITE - Just recently an announcement was made that All YSA are to attend, the presiding man said the FSY program is for RMs only with Sister (all). Why is the church still discriminating members based on Missions. Endowements are not open to those who are 26yrs and below but to those 18yrs and above serving missions

JOEL - According to the Church Handbook:
"Worthy single members who have not received their endowment in connection with a mission or marriage may become eligible to receive the endowment when the bishop and the stake president determine that they are sufficiently mature to understand and keep the sacred covenants made in a temple. Such eligibility is determined individually for each person, not by using routine criteria such as reaching a certain age, leaving home for college or employment, or simply desiring to observe the temple marriages of siblings or friends."

So I don't know where you got the age 26 limitation. It is determined by the Bishop and Stake president as to when a person is ready for it.

With regards to YSA the handbook says:
"Caring for Young Single Adult Members (Ages 18 to 30):
Eligible members may, in consultation with their parents, choose to be members of the young single adult ward or to remain in their conventional ward. The stake president may authorize the young single adult ward to find and fellowship other young single adult members of the stake who are less active. Those who become active may then choose to belong to the young single adult ward or to their conventional ward."

There is nothing in the handbook about only RMs and sisters being in a YSA program or ward. Anyone, male or female, under the age of 31 can be in the YSA. I can only guess that what you are describing might a local policy that your stake president made up or you simply misunderstood what that "presiding man" said.

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