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LEHI - I've read some answered questions about fossils, dinosaurs and carbon dating. I wonder, what is the most acceptable theory among the LDS researchers regarding the dinosaurs? And, How strong do LDS scientists believe on the carbon-14 dating results?

JOEL - There is no "most acceptable" theory among LDS researchers. Just different opinions among them. My own opinion is that of course the dinosaurs existed at some time on the earth. The evidence is pretty strong. But when and for how long and how that fits in with the creation story in the scriptures is a bit of a mystery.
Church leaders are more concerned with our eternal life and salvaton and don't spend much time commenting or thinking about dinosaurs. I have a list of some links to some pretty good articles on this subject below:

Do we know how the earth’s history as indicated from fossils fits with the earth’s history as the scriptures present it?(scroll down)
Evolution, dinosaurs and faith: Navigating the world of discovery
How do dinosaurs fit into God's plan?
How do dinosaurs fit into the creation?
Where Does the Church Stand on Those Tough Creation Questions?

President Joseph Fielding Smith said the following as far as the church leaders think regarding the subject:

"The Lord pronounced the earth good when it was finished. Everything upon its face was called good. There was no death in the earth before the fall of Adam. I do not care what the scientists say in regard to dinosaurs and other creatures upon the earth millions of years ago, that lived and died and fought and struggled for existence. When the earth was created and was declared good, peace was upon its face among all its creatures. Strife and wickedness were not found here, neither was there any corruption"
(DOCTRINES OF SALVATION, VOL. 1 by Joseph Fielding Smith, Bruce R. McConkie)

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