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LEHI - Someone has just told me that a Temple President told him that if a couple is sealed and the woman commit adultery or some other serious sin, it is not possible to break the sealing. The man can only ask for permission from the church to get sealed to another woman if he wants to get married again in the future. But, for the woman, on the other hand, if the man commit adultery, it would be possible for her to break the sealing. Is that true? If so, where can I find instructions about this?

JOEL - A person who has committed a serious sin and is excommunicated will have their temple blessings revoked anyway and will therefore not be able to enjoy the blessings of being sealed to the other spouse, so the sealing does not need to be formally canceled.

From the Church Handbook:
"After a husband and wife have been sealed in a temple, if one of them is excommunicated (for a serious sin) or has his or her name removed from Church membership records, his or her temple blessings are revoked. However, the sealing blessings of the innocent spouse and of children born in the covenant are not affected."

This means the couple no longer enjoys the blessings of being sealed as husband and wife, but the innocent person(s) still enjoy the blessings of being sealed. When we are sealed we are not just sealed to a spouse or other family member; we are sealed into the patriarchal family of God and if we are innocent of sin that sealing is not revoked, although the husband and wife will not enjoy eternity together.

Again from the Handbook:
"Sealing of Living Members after Divorce:
Women. A living woman may be sealed to only one husband. If she is sealed to a husband and later divorces, she must receive a cancellation of that sealing from the First Presidency before she may be sealed to another man in her lifetime Men. If a husband and wife have been sealed and later divorced, the man must receive a sealing clearance from the First Presidency before another woman may be sealed to him."

So the sealing of the woman has to be canceled while the man doesn't have to get the first sealing canceled (he can if he wants to though), but he must get a sealing clearance to be sealed to another woman. Normally sealings are not canceled unless one of the spouses wants to be sealed to another person.

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