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MARIA - If a future missionaries takes medication (allergy tablets), you should take all the tablets to the mission but investigating I read that you can only enter the country with medicines for 3 months. So does the mission destination influence if you take medication? Can you give me more information on this topic?

JOEL - When you fill out your mission papers you will need to have a medical examination by a doctor and you will have the opportunity to enter any medical conditions you currently have and what medications you need to take for them. You will also be able to explain any medical reasons you might have for not being sent to certain parts of the world. While it's true that you might only be able to bring 3 months worth of medication with you, the mission home will be able to assist you in making any arrangements that are needed to continue to receive the prescriptions you need from a doctor in whatever country you serve in. If it's something as simple as allergy tablets you should be able to easily obtain this medication in your field of service in most countries.
However, certain medical conditions might be a limiting factor on how and where you serve. If after receiving your mission papers it is determined that your medical condition will not be conducive to regular missionary work there are other opportunities where you can serve.
The First Presidency has stated: “There are worthy individuals who desire to serve but do not qualify for the physical, mental, or emotional challenges of a mission. We ask stake presidents and bishops to express love and appreciation to these individuals and to honorably excuse them from full-time missionary labors.” In such cases, service missions can be a great blessing, allowing you to live at home and receive appropriate medical care while growing and maturing in the service of the Lord. Talk to your bishop or branch president for more information on Church service missions."

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