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MARTHA - In the passages in Genesis 18 and 19 about the angels visiting Abraham. Abraham brought them bread and in the next chapter invited them into his home and the angels feasted with him. This being before the resurrection of the Lord I wondered if Angels are able to actually eat food?

JOEL - Geneally speaking angels in spirit form would not need to nor would they be able to eat, having no body to process the food. When Jesus appeared to the Apostles as a resurrected being he ate some food to prove to them he was not just a spirit. (Luke 24: 37-43). This suggests that spirit beings would not eat. The angels that visited Abraham would not have been resurrected because Jesus had not been resurrected yet, but they could have been translated beings which will still have bodies and therefore be able to eat.
The word "Angel" can also just mean a messenger of God and so they could have been regular mortals that were sent by God to Abraham. The Heberw word Mal'ak translated as "angel" need not mean a semi-divine being but also a human messenger.

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