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NAWAL - My big sister had a daughter many years ago and this child passed away 30 years ago. I am the only church member in my family. My question is if my sister gave me her consent can I have this child sealed to me and my husband as mine?

JOEL - According to the church handbook a child can only be sealed to it's natural or adoptive parents.

"Children who are not born in the covenant can become part of an eternal family by being sealed to their natural or adoptive parents. These children receive the same right to blessings as if they had been born in the covenant. A child may be sealed only to two parents—a husband and wife—and not to one parent only. (CHI 3.6.2)

After your sister dies she would have to be sealed by proxy to her husband first(assuming she had a husband) and then the daughter sealed to them. Children are not sealed to anyone who is not their natural or adoptive parent. In the eternity no one is denied the opportunity to be sealed to someone if they want it. If not in this life then in the next.

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