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MormonHaven News Archives
(Note: Some of the older news links may have expired)

* Church to Monitor BSA Policy Discussion
* Will Boy Scouts drop ban on gay adults? Mormon leaders watching and waiting
* A Stirling success: For dancing violinist, the world is her stage
* Lindsey Stirling responds to modesty criticism on Instagram
* Arianna Rees: Why Lindsey Stirling's Billboard dress doesn't matter
* 9 Lone Peak baseball players prepare to serve LDS missions
* Hatch-Cardin bill to make permanent a law allowing religious organizations to bring non-ministerial workers into the U.S.
* Saints in Brazil Are Pillars of the Church, Says Elder Christofferson
* LDS Church leaders, missionary couple offer support in Nepal
* Continually Hold On to Iron Rod, Elder Johnson Tells BYU–Idaho Students
* Members and Friends Invited to Take Part in Global Family Reunion
* LDS Charities Heals, Aids, Builds Character, Director Says
* Bells on Temple Square to Celebrate 10 Years with Concert
* Tiffany Gee Lewis: A Mormon, a Muslim and a Hindu sit down together on a plane
* LDS Church members in Brazil make 3,000-mile, 6-day journey to Sao Paulo Temple
* Returning Mormon missionaries cause BYU-Idaho enrollment to rise
* Defending the Faith: The plates of the Book of Mormon: 'As material as anything can be'
* Hollywood Actress Shunned & Embraced By Amish Community?
* One overlooked factor in the American religious landscape — fertility rates
* Brandon Flowers' new solo album, 'The Desired Effect,' takes personal turn
* 19 young women recognized for hard work
* JustServe program benefits individuals, communities
* Defending the Faith: Book of Mormon witnesses did not simply see the plates with their 'spiritual eyes'
* How cemeteries and smartphones play a role in family history
* Piano man fixes broken ivories across the West
* Helping Hands project volunteers pack up more than 85,000 meals
* One flight, three faiths
* Mormons, Amish and Jews
* Adopted, biological children share what makes their family of 9 happy in new Mormon Channel video
* A little elbow grease
* Mormon group assists with community projects
* Mormon vice: Utah buys more candy than any other state
* "Being Around Consecrated, Talented People is Rejuvenating"
* Joana Araujo's leap of faith
* 4 Cancer Charities Are Accused of Fraud
* Don’t ask a Mormon, “Do you have a temple recommend?”
* The Mormons on Mount Scopus
* Córdoba Temple Dedication “Wonderful,” Said President Uchtdorf
* Cultural Event Attendees Told to Make Córdoba Temple the “Light of Your Life”
* Nothing else they would rather do: LDS couple has twins, triplets under 14 months old
* Utah Utes coaches tailor weekly religion class for LDS football players
* 13-year-old Oklahoma girl's Personal Progress project is preserving World War II history
* Jenna Kim Jones talks to Ravishly about being a Mormon in the entertainment industry
* New navigation menus make resources easier to find
* How a Mormon-made Cold War drama got the attention of Netflix
* Utah colleges expecting enrollment jump
* More sculptures to be added to ‘Light of the World’ garden
* Cordoba Argentina Temple: Apostle returns "home"
* Latter-day Saints in northern Argentina celebrate historic weekend
* Cordoba Argentina Temple: Already uplifting spirits, changing lives
* Argentine Latter-day Saints celebrate their new temple, rich culture
* Video recounts 3,000 mile journey from Manaus to Sao Paulo Temple
* The ever-changing road of life
* 6 lies early returned missionaries tell themselves
* Five of the coolest, most successful BYU inventions of this year
* Mormon Helping Hands turns to Towanda
* First hospice for Utah's homeless dedicated by community, religious leaders
* Michael Deeds: Lindsey Stirling is a dancing, violin-shredding Mormon sensation
* Mormon Church apply for demolition consent
* Charity that inspired Romney-Holyfield fight is a hit in poor nations
* Mormon vice? Utahns buy the most candy in the U.S.
* Utah woman still missing 1 month after disappearance
* 'Face to Face' with Elder and Sister Bednar
* New Navigation Menus Make Resources Easier to Find
* New general authority: The tender mercies of the Lord Jesus Christ
* New Area Seventies Called to Fifth Quorum
* Hamblin & Peterson: Nauvoo after the Mormons left
* Memorial Day in Historic Chesterfield
* Video recounts 3,000 mile journey from Manaus to Sao Paulo Temple
* State campaign, large donation helping local justice center
* Pyle: Utah religion numbers turn out not to be so odd
* New temple presidents
* Real effort of LDS Charities is to build character, leader says
* Quincy Exhibit Honors Town’s Kindness to Mormon Refugees
* Even on the doorstep of war, 'you are not forgotten'
* Far-flung Broken Hill an unlikely base for two young Mormon missionaries
* Mormon church pegs Moravia resident for regional leadership role
* Rolly: Fight of the Century II? Hardly, but Romney, Holyfield ready to trade jabs for charity
* Springville women want to put a stop to child slavery
* Brandon Flowers interview: People don't appreciate what The Killers achieved
* Watch: Elder and Sister Bednar answer LDS youths' questions about self-esteem, technology, doubts and more
* Elder and Sister Bednar Counsel Youth during Worldwide “Face to Face” Event
* 5 themes from the 'Face to Face' with Elder and Sister Bednar
* President Henry B. Eyring shares family stories, importance of education in University of Utah video
* New Mormon chapel in the spotlight for open day
* Men explain how 'burden' of lifting neighbor into bed for 7 years became a blessing in new Mormon Channel video
* Knocking digital doors: How an LDS ward in Utah assisted in the conversion of a Scottish woman
* Defending the Faith: Much left to discover between archaeology and the Book of Mormon
* Bryce Harper is breaking down Mormon stereotypes
* Johnny on the spot for Moutere
* BYU–Hawaii's Board of Trustees Announces New President
* Elder Montoya Defined by a Legacy of Faith
* Relief Efforts Continue in Nepal
* 'Face to Face' with Elder and Sister Bednar
* Women’s conference strives for perfection, not perfectionism
* Moment: Creating a Ward Family
* Wright Words: What a young cancer patient teaches about sanctity of sacrament
* What's New: 'Understanding the Apocrypha' is an excellent resource
* Utah conference to tout the ‘natural family’ — LGBT groups plan more inclusive gathering
* Visit Manti during Mormon Miracle Pageant
* Elder Oaks tours LDS Church's South America South Area
* Mormon families are America's largest, new study finds
* Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: Miracles and heartache in Nepal
* L.A. Mormons join California’s drought fight, let temple lawn go brown
* 'Why I Believe' events give recent LDS converts a chance to share faith
* New temple presidents
* New mission presidents
* Why you should hike Ensign Peak to start off your summer
* Christianity shrinking in U.S.; Mormon numbers essentially flat
* Married teachers who started teaching on same day will retire on same day
* Mary Magdalene actress shares experiences playing the role in 'A.D.'
* Taylor Halverson: New Testament insights: Matthew’s Gospel patterned on the 5 Books of Moses
* Celebration marks LDS pioneer Howard Egan's 200th birthday
* Acclaimed Utah journalist, and music lover, dies at 68
* In Republican Utah, big laws taking effect Tuesday have liberal bent
* Former Sen. Larry Pressler reflects on public life, future
* City Creek Center: a mall built to last and to lead, but will it?
* Church Issues Update on Health of Leaders
* Elder Scott unable to attend meetings of the Twelve, but Elder Perry returns
* Ill health prevents Mormon apostle Scott from meeting with fellow LDS leaders
* May Pioneers in Every Land Lecture to Focus on Humanitarian Work
* Elder Christofferson champions religious freedom in Brazil speech
* Church Announces 2015 Area Leadership Assignments
* Missionaries to return to Liberia
* Apostle uplifted by South American tour
* 10 U.S. Companies You Didn't Know Had Religious Founders
* LDS women among state mothers of year
* Relief efforts continue in quake-weary Nepal
* Kirby: Give with a little scream
* Mormon temple lawn goes brown
* Mormons Around the World Country Newsroom Websites May 8, 2015
* BYU Management Society Honors Zions Bancorporation CEO
* LDS Charities’ history, reach topic of Pioneers in Every Land lecture
* Filming under way for Mormon Tabernacle Choir movie
* LDS returned missionary creates video to give hope to missionaries that return early
* 25 quotes from LDS leaders on the reverence of motherhood
* 6 things my mother never taught me
* Being a covenant keeper
* Relief Society Participates in the Work of Salvation
* Have Mormons Become America's Best Advocates For Freedom Of Speech?
* Washington Post features 'How to pray like a Mormon' video
* Duce's Wild: 6 things my mother never taught me
* BYU art exhibit focuses on a teaching Mormons rarely discuss: Heavenly Mother
* Reward increased to $15,000 in case of Mexican woman who disappeared in Utah
* Mormons search for roots in Cambodia
* From the web: Mormon teen model from Spanish Fork makes debut on 'Ellen'
* 6 high school teachers, coach win Crystal Apple Awards
* Thoughts, memories and tributes to mothers from LDS Church leaders
* Mormons more faithful with more education
* How to pray like a Mormon
* Citizenship and Conscience
* Defending the Faith: A tale of 2 holy lands
* Picturing history: Asael Smith grave
* Mormon Channel releases new 'His Grace' video about post-traumatic stress
* New Central Eurasian Mission to Be Opened in July
* Violence Is Worse Than Blasphemy
* New LDS Charities Training Program to Improve Health of Mothers and Babies Worldwide
* Will paying players pay off for BYU?
* What made us happy 80 years ago isn't what makes us happy today
* Update: Church Continues to Monitor and Respond to Ebola Situation
* Mormon Youth Will Ask Apostle Questions in Live Chat Event
* Tiffany Gee Lewis: 7 kids, 7 missions, one college, no debt
* Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: Even when you think they aren't, children are listening
* Recovering from illness, I was worried about running and not being weary
* Max Hall talks about his arrest last year and the BYU family reaching out to help
* Sister Nelson Challenges BYU Women’s Conference Attendees to Keep Covenants
* Apostle Speaks at Historic Religious Freedom Event in Brazil
* Cedar City Utah Temple Groundbreaking in Late Summer
* Righteous Women Essential to God’s Work, Elder Ballard Says
* Desire Is Key to Testimony, Elder Robbins Tells Young Adults
* Mormon mom battling breast cancer during pregnancy relies on LDS faith
* Latter-day Saints Escape Harm in Quake-Weary Nepal
* LDS missionaries to return to Liberia, Sierra Leone this summer
* New General Authority: Elder Von G. Keetch
* Boxing legend Gene Fullmer remembered for iron fists, kind heart
* One family preparing for the Payson Utah Temple's dedication
* Professors say UVU president’s signature against gay marriage harms Utah school’s mission
* Four-star Class of 2016 guard Frank Jackson will take a mission trip before playing college basketball
* Worldwide devotional: "Tasting the light"
* 200,000th digitized book milestone announced
* How did my toddler grandson survive a precarious situation? God knows
* LDS artist J. Kirk Richards says leaps of faith, prayer helped him find success
* BYU Cougarettes, National Hip-Hop Champions, say unique standards key to success
* Righteous women essential to God's work
* LDS sister missionaries recovering from early morning assault in Chilean apartment
* Mormon man's half-court shot is a reminder for family that miracles happen
* Lutheran, LDS leaders forge common ground during Lutheran's regional meeting
* Billings LDS church wants to build 16,000-square-foot meeting house near temple
* BYU athletics will pay $4,500 for cost of attendance, among highest in country
* LDS sister missionaries assaulted in Chile
* Family Helps Reactivate Descendant of Missionary Who Baptized Them
* Friend Campaign Invites Children to “Give Us a Hand”
* Special Needs Mutual Experiences a Prom to Remember
* Area leadership assignments announced
* New mission presidents
* Advice for young single adults
* Bishop Stevenson Tells BYU–Hawaii Grads to “Conquer Fear with Faith”
* 20 years later, 'blessed' Herring believes he made right decision not to play in NFL
* Defending the Faith: Going up to Jerusalem
* Baltimore Mormons to fast and pray for ‘peace in our city’
* Learn More about Area Seventies Sustained in April Conference
* God will give you more than you can handle, I guarantee it
* Utah Symphony to perform Saint-Saens' Organ Symphony
* Romney tells UVU grads to ‘live large,’ get married
* Gene Fullmer dies at 83; middleweight champ twice defeated Sugar Ray Robinson
* Young, tolerant and surprising
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir subject of upcoming film
* Family Helps Reactivate Descendant of Missionary Who Baptized Them
* 'Treasure Hunter' showcases rare and historical artifacts free of charge
* Youth of Texas Stake Join with Methodists to Perform Annie Musical
* LDS Church approves paying tithing, donations online(news video)
* Church Approves Electronic Method to Submit Tithes and Other Charitable Donations
* Apostle Speaks at Historic Religious Freedom Event in Brazil
* Study and Treasure the Words of Living Prophets, Sister Oscarson Says
* LDS missionaries in Baltimore safe as city calms
* Church Provides Donation to Children’s Justice Center in Utah
* LDS artist J. Kirk Richards says leaps of faith, prayer helped him find success
* Mormon man's half-court shot is a reminder for family that miracles happen
* One act of kindness leads to another
* BYU Cougarettes, National Hip-Hop Champions, say unique standards key to success
* Age and Leadership in the LDS Church
* City Creek Center: Boon for downtown or one of SLC’s ‘biggest mistakes’?
* Doug Robinson: End of an era — the last of the Fighting Fullmers
* D.M. Choral Society to sing under famous baton
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints improves school library in New Orleans
* Mormons' Posthumous Weddings & "Highest Sacraments"
* Elder Richard G. Scott Released from Hospital
* Church Provides Donation to Children’s Justice Center in Utah
* LDS Church donates $100,000 to combat effects of child abuse
* Wright Words: Founding member of SEAL Team Six shares journey to LDS Church
* New Harmony: Most Mormons have a 'collage' education
* Utahns react to same-sex marriage arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints improves school library in New Orleans
* Elizabeth Smart joins effort to find missing Utah woman who disappeared while walking home from class
* Faith helping family cope with death of Holly Springs jogger
* First stranded Utah travelers return home from Nepal
* Couple's work in youth sports honored in Fairfield
* LDS missionaries safe after harrowing experience in Nepal
* Church Determining How to Help after Nepal Earthquake
* Mormon humanitarian Bishnu Adhikari, family safe after Nepal earthquake
* Worldwide Devotional to Focus on Strengthening Testimony
* President Uchtdorf speaks at inaugural John A. Widtsoe Symposium at USC
* All 4 of Joseph Smith's firsthand accounts of the First Vision released in 10 languages
* Updated General Authority Chart Published
* Auditions Scheduled for Utah 2015 Latino Youth Event
* Early Mississippi Converts Leave a Proud Legacy
* Viewpoint: Heed the Spiritual Storm Warnings
* 'The Candy Bomber' to speak in Veteran's Speaker Series
* Forbes contributor: What entrepreneurs, businesses can learn from LDS Church's online marketing
* Visiting professor looks to Ohio temple to explain divides in the Mormon community
* Ground Broken for Star Valley Wyoming Temple
* Major Earthquake Strikes Nepal
* Elder L. Tom Perry to Receive Cancer Treatment; Elder Richard G. Scott Hospitalized
* Elder Oaks Addresses Topic of Religious Feedom while in Argentina
* Church Distributing Meet the Mormons DVD, Blu-Ray through Retail Channels
* Church Announces 2015 LDSTech Gospel App and Game Contest
* LDS Church to create Central Eurasian Mission in July
* Joseph Smith Papers releases First Vision accounts in 10 languages
* 21 Shakespeare quotes shared in LDS general conference
* Days of '47 royalty announced
* FamilySearch arbitration event May 1-8
* Local interfaith group tours new LDS temple
* BYU: Graduates to record the journey and adventures of their lives
* Two Mormon apostles fighting serious medical problems
* Elder Perry to undergo cancer treatments; Elder Scott hospitalized
* Returned missionary claims national wrestling title
* BYU-Hawaii: 'Conquer Fear with the Fire of Faith'
* New General Authority learned early to be kind and tolerant
* Q-and-A with Elder Oaks: Protecting religious freedom an individual duty
* President Uchtdorf Speaks at Religious Symposium at USC
* Samuelson honored as 5,648 graduate from BYU
* FamilySearch arbitration event May 1-8
* North Star Conference concludes Saturday
* BYU: Graduates to record the journey and adventures of their lives
* LDS youth with special needs enjoy memorable prom
* New Area Seventies
* USC hosts symposium for Mormon apostle
* Kirby: The Lord is coming, hide! ... Or not
* Payson Utah Temple Open House Begins
* In Argentina, Apostle Says Religious Freedom Is Everyone's Concern
* Eight More Mission Presidents and Wives Receive Assignments
* Rare Church Document from the Church’s Early Days in England Discovered
* Forgiveness Allows for Healing and Love
* Elder Oaks warns of rising secularism, champions religious freedom
* Speakers at BYU commencement laud special role of ‘heaven-supported’ school
* U Alumni Receive Honorary Degrees
* 27 more tips for couples: Marriage advice, encouragement from LDS leaders
* 6 ways youths, leaders can reboot the church dance
* 5 professional athletes who stand up for their religious beliefs
* Elder Perry resting at home after brief hospitalization for 'breathing difficulties'
* Oldest Mormon apostle L. Tom Perry released from hospital after having trouble breathing
* Cause for Hope mentors help South, Central American families out of poverty
* Utah woman produces her own Book of Mormon musical
* 'Cupcake Wars' champion, Minnesota community honor LDS girl who died of cancer
* Questions about Joseph Smith? Join the Club
* LDS Helping Hands out in force this weekend
* Why is BYU honoring Robby George, and who is he?
* 27 more tips for couples: Marriage advice, encouragement from LDS leaders
* Family history searches can prompt shocking results
* Defending the Faith: Warfare and the Book of Mormon
* Elder Steven E. Snow to Speak at BYU's April 23 Commencement Exercises
* Putting down roots through family history
* Changing Times, Changing Attitudes Among Mormon Women
* BYU's basketball roster undergoing major overhaul
* Sweeping size of Payson Temple reflects growth in LDS temple work, attendance
* Mormons Practice 100 Years of Family Home Evening
* Five Generations of FHE: Members Share Memorable FHE Stories
* The best (and worst) countries for religious freedo
* New Seventy, Elder Kim B. Clark, Is a Lifelong Learner
* Church Signs Amicus Brief Filed on Marriage
* In the Whirled: A sweet spot at the end of life
* Spiritual journey leads 3-term U.S. senator to LDS Church
* LDS Church, others urge Supreme Court to go slow on same-sex marriage
* Family worried about missing woman
* Mormons Around the World Country Newsroom Websites April 20, 2015
* New Mormon Institute of Religion Building Dedicated on Arizona Campus
* LDS Church to hold Star Valley temple groundbreaking
* Physicist tells New York Times he keeps a copy of Book of Mormon on his shelf
* Spiritual journey leads 3-term U.S. senator to LDS Church
* BYU scholar examines third episode of 'A.D.': Creative liberties increasingly common
* Mormon political clout in Utah: Republicans say it’s about right, but Dems say LDS faith has too much
* Kirby: The who, what and where of family
* Harry Reid assists in former senator’s conversion to Mormonism
* Latter-day Saints supports La District Police
* Poll: LDS Church influence over Legislature 'just about right'
* Are Mormons Playing the Race Card?
* Rocket stove project to help poor families
* On Mission Teaching and sharing the gospel
* What challenges will the Mormon church face in its 3rd century?
* Viewpoint: Working Together to Achieve More
* Mormon Ms. Virginia to Compete in Ms. United States Pageant
* Passive-aggressive behaviors hurt BYU student relationships
* 20 little-known facts about the Mormon Angel Moroni statue
* 1 millionth record added to Jewish family database on FamilySearch
* Payson, LDS Church welcomes visitors to area
* More Mormon women are going on missions. Fewer may go to university
* Prayer Day needed now more than ever
* How Much Influence Does the LDS Church Have on the Legislature? Depends on Who You Ask
* Questions swirl around issue of faith and facial hair
* LDS Business College: 'Embrace your days'
* Church Leaders Gather at BYU’s Life Sciences Building for Dedication
* FamilySearch Reaches Milestone with 200,000 Historic Books Online
* Being the Network: How Members Can Help in Employment Efforts
* Alleged US Mormon Spies Detained Outside St. Pete
* 'Freetown' extended another week in theaters
* Salt Lake University Institute’s Excellence in Education award presented to U's Ingebretsen
* The problems grandparents face when parenthood starts all over again
* Elder Kim B. Clark: A lifelong learner and a life of teaching
* Conversion rate lags behind Mormon missionary increase
* Mission Man: Royals' Guthrie holds unique place in MLB history
* Catholic bishops should learn from the Mormons
* Morgan, Utah, primary children hold Easter celebration
* Defending the Faith: The mystery of the orderliness of the universe
* 10 of the most kid-friendly U.S. cities
* Brigham City stabbing victim remembered as loving mother
* Mission Man: Royals' Guthrie holds unique place in MLB history
* Gov. Herbert to participate in graveside service for former Gov. Bangerter
* Embrace your days, Elder Andersen urges LDS Business College grads
* 16-year-old LDS ballerina shares her talents, testimony through dancing
* Joseph and Emma Smith as parents
* Rare LDS Church document discovered that marked beginning of explosive growth in England
* Norman H. Bangerter: A governor not worried about his legacy has left a secure one
* Flags to be flown at half-mast for former Gov. Norm Bangerter; funeral scheduled
* Are youth dances outdated?
* Mormon couple object to inclusion in U.S. Supreme Court gay marriage case
* Full video: What do Mormon women want? Views vary
* Seeking and sorrowing: Sisters of the Prophet Joseph Smith
* LDS churches clean pond
* Returned Mormon missionary wins Ms. Virginia title, champions modesty and shares faith
* Family: Former Gov. Norm Bangerter dies after suffering a stroke
* BYU-Idaho graduation
* LDS Church files 'friend of the court' brief in U.S. Supreme Court same-sex marriage case
* Lessons of faith from Church history in Africa
* Everything I need to know, I learned in Mormon nursery
* New Harmony: When LDS faith gets physical
* BYU-Idaho student, father killed in Sunday crash
* Pima’s Grant earns bodybuilding title
* Emmilie Whitlock: What Jesus Christ taught me about pregnancy
* Marco Rubio could be our first Mormon president, kind of
* Public Invited to Tour Córdoba Argentina Temple
* LDS Church, other religions urge Supreme Court to favor traditional marriage
* Religious Freedom and Fairness for All
* Elder Steven E. Snow to Speak at BYU's April 23 Commencement Exercises
* Presiding bishop to speak at Brigham Young University–Hawaii graduation ceremony
* Radar Analysis Sheds New Light on Old Church History Sites
* Church Members Quick to Rebuild in Vanuatu
* From Miracle Babies to Molasses: Members Share Memorable Family Home Evenings
* First Presidency Assigns New Mission Presidents
* Moment: Showing Charity through Service
* BYU scholar examines second episode of 'A.D.': Political conflict, disciples and the risen Lord
* Archbishop to United Nations speaks on religious freedoms; Catholic, Mormon ties
* BYU Cougarettes dance team wins national hip-hop competition (+video)
* Jodi Arias sentenced to life in prison without parole
* Spring Concert at Temple Square Includes Orchestra and Chorale
* Mormons’ Thailand temple project marks milestone for church
* Jerry Earl Johnston: The Founding Fathers, faith and kids today
* 2014 AML winners announced
* LDS Church asks U.S. Supreme Court to rule against same-sex marriage
* Close-knit Mormon ward members worship in their language: ASL
* Mormon fringes should speak up to take us beyond monoculturalism
* 6 things to know about Marco Rubio
* In Mormon Channel interview, Donny Osmond explains why his LDS faith remains strong
* Mormon dad's FHE app helps LDS families plan engaging, interactive lessons
* A conference dream come true
* Defending the Faith: The 'Narrative of Zosimus' and the Book of Mormon
* Trio's debut album reaches top 10 on two Billboard charts
* A current event
* Utahn suing over gay conversion therapy lauds Obama’s denouncement of treatment
* Why covering up is cool: Inside fashion's modesty movement
* Shortage at Quarterback Factory? BYU looking forward to influx of new QBs in coming months
* Córdoba Argentina Temple Open House and Dedication
* "Because He Lives" Initiative Spreads Easter Message to Millions
* What huge numbers for LDS video say about international outreach
* Mormon gymnast returns from LDS mission, pursues Olympic dream
* Mormon Conference in SLC inspires hope, attendee says
* LDS membership highest indicator for Republican affiliation, study says
* Religious leaders gather, promote tolerance
* Faith Forum: Is climate change a moral issue?
* Get to know the 5 new general authorities, 4 new auxiliary leaders of the LDS Church
* President Monson, I sustain you
* Eight New Mission Presidents Have Received Assignments
* Picturing history: Haydenville home of Brigham and Miriam Works Young
* Mormons are the most reliable Republicans, study shows
* Three LDS youths serve others non-stop for 3 days in new Mormon Message
* Who were the four women who got into the all-male Mormon priesthood session?
* Mormon leaders speak out against gays, 'counterfeit and alternative lifestyles'
* Next year in Jerusalem: Directors encourage study abroad
* Mormon church to dedicate facility at ASU Polytechnic campus
* Q&A: The Piano Guys
* "Because He Lives" Initiative Spreads Easter Message to Millions
* Defending the Faith: The 'Narrative of Zosimus' and the Book of Mormon
* Returned Mormon missionary Matt Brown wins NCAA wrestling title
* Group scolds Mormon apostle for ‘disparaging’ LGBT families
* 60 inspiring quotes from April 2015 LDS general conference
* Viewpoint: Enduring to the End
* BYU Easter Conference: “The Savior’s Love”
* 'Freetown' is an inspirational movie of faith-filled missionaries fleeing for their lives
* BYU scholar examines first episode of 'A.D.': character portrayal, historical issues and discussion questions
* LDS Church reaches 15.3 million membership, new leaders called
* Cast of Mesa Easter Pageant Honored to Portray Life of Jesus
* Olympian Noelle Pikus Pace Speaks At Area Mormon Fireside Event April 26
* David Archuleta Posts Apology Statement After Being Under fire for misinterpreted anti-gay tweet
* BYU asst. coach under fire for tweet apparently threatening Mormon group 'Any Opposed'
* What do Mormon women want?
* Conference talks
* Coverage and News Media Resources from the 185th Annual General Conference
* President Monson announces 3 new temples
* Thailand, Rome and Provo: 34 Mormon temples in progress
* LDS Church reaches 15.3 million membership, new leaders called
* About Utah: Stradivari would feel right at home
* New General Authorities, Young Men Presidency and Primary Presidency Changes Announced
* 2014 Statistical Report for 2015 April General Conference
* ‘All is not well in Zion,’ says small band who voted against Mormon leaders
* Ancestry.Com Is Quietly Transforming Itself Into A Medical Research Juggernaut
* How to attend, watch or listen to April 2015 LDS general conference
* April 2015 General Conference News and Announcements
* Faith, family main focus for special weekend programming
* People are loving Ogden Temple
* Instead of ending, has Mormon Moment evolved into something bigger?
* Samoan Mormons Send Food and Clothes to Post-Cyclone Vanuatu
* Kirby: Being a good egg for Mormon conference
* How a single Utah hill became a Mormon temple -- for a day
* Rare Bible and Book of Mormon collection on display in Provo
* Welcome, Mr. President — please see Utah as a pretty, great state, not just a flyover state
* Tongan and Samoan members assist cyclone victims in Vanuatu
* First Presidency Easter message
* BYU Easter Conference
* New face to face event
* Paris, Rome, and Provo: 31 Mormon temples in progress
* How LDS missionaries are using social media to reach an evolving audience
* In News Interview, Primary Leaders Reflect on Five Years of Service
* Faith-Based Media Experiences Revival, Finds New Audiences
* Cast of Mesa Easter Pageant find it a 'humbling honor' to depict life of Jesus
* Mormon Channel releases video in 'His Grace' series about prescription drug addiction
* Pioneers in Every Land Lecture to Focus on History of Church in Africa
* Family home evening: miracle babies and molasses
* Three dimensional witnesses
* Church rebuilding homes in Vanuatu
* is quietly transforming itself into a medical research juggernaut
* BYU Idaho singers to perform concert bennefit for food bank
* From Philo to Donny - 22 Mormons who made their mark on TV
* Easter traditions: LDS Church members share favorites
* This Easter, start a plan for knowing Christ better
* Pioneers in Every Land Lecture to Focus on History of Church in Africa
* New Mission Presidents Called
* Jews, Mormons to unite at B'nai Shalom Thursday
* Dedication to serving
* UTA providing extra TRAX service for Mormon conference
* Mormons tie up with Capitol for wheelchair project
* Mormon Channel releases video in 'His Grace' series about prescription drug addiction
* Defending the Faith: In submission is our salvation
* Songs most commonly sung at General Conference
* Taking a behind-the-scenes look at General Conference translations
* Mormon fashion blogger talks modesty on 'Today' show
* Local Ties: A Look At LDS Leaders Who Started Here
* Utah, Indiana religious freedom laws not alike
* You can question Harry Reid's politics, but not his LDS faith
* Obama makes first visit to Utah as president: ‘It’s about time’ say the locals'
* When should a Mormon seminary be built near a charter school?
* 2 years after last new LDS temple was announced, construction rolls ahead
* Elder Jeffrey R. Holland visits Caribbean Area
* April 2015 General Conference
* Cannon: OK, non-Mormon visitors, here’s your ‘Field Guide to Conference’
* Two sister missionaries recovering after being hit by car in Idaho
* Photos from the General Women’s Session of April 2015 General Conference
* 'Meet the Mormons' comes to DVD, featuring an additional story
* Deseret Book hosts musicians, artists, authors for Ladies' Night, other conference events
* 11 things you should know about the older Mormon YSA crowd
* Wright Words: Over 400 Mormons in Maryland Baltimore Mission join #SocialMediaSplit
* Jerry Earl Johnston: Battle in the Valley of Dry Bones
* YouTube star Devin Graham releases Holy Land footage overlaid with messages from LDS apostles
* More BYU female student-athletes taking break from sports to serve missions
* Family in shock after fatal shooting: 'Justice must be served'
* Washington prep standout commits to BYU
* To fish or not to fish — that is the Sunday question for Mormons
* Author returns, exhausted, after 3 hours in Mormon heaven
* How one Utah hill became a Mormon temple — for a day
* Christ’s Atonement Triumphed Over Four Obstacles
* Record-Breaking RootsTech Continues to Be a Resource
* Study Shows That Young Adults Still Value Marriage
* Deceased LDS missionary hailed for example she set
* Benefits of equal costs for LDS missions
* The challenges and blessings of financing a Mormon mission
* Teaching kids about finances and preparing them for missions go hand in hand
* LDS mission costs were not always equal
* Son goes through boot camp to earn for mission
* Mormon missionaries’ escape portrayed in new movie “Freetown”
* A cowboy, baseball and donating blood: General conference quiz
* BYUI announces commencement speaker
* Kirby: What surprises await Mormons this conference? More tithing? Less church?
* 6 Things You May Not Know About Butch Cassidy
* he Passion of Brandon Flowers: On His Solo Album, Kicking Booze, and Mitt Romney’s Mormon Shame
* This 16-year-old Mormon model is setting the Internet on fire
* New policy lets female reporters attend all-male Mormon priesthood session
* 185th Annual General Conference talk summaries, photos
* Church Leaders Focus on Family and Service at General Women's Session
* Defend ‘traditional families’ and beware of ‘worldly dogma,’ Mormons told
* Preparing to split up, LDS General Primary Presidency looks back on 5 years of service together
* The Gospels reflect the value of different perspectives
* Two Faiths Find Common Ground at Vancouver, Washington Easter Concert
* Taylor Halverson: Learning is becoming more like God
* Promise of family home evening remains 100 years later
* Social media helps missionary moms connect
* Temple Square Chorale, Orchestra concert sold out
* Mormon church lobbying in Utah’s Capitol — hardball or light touch?
* Art exhibition highlights differences in collections of LDS Church, state of Utah
* Blue ribbons line the neighborhood of 2-year-old hit by car.
* Latter-day Saints Complete Construction Of Fifth Loudoun Meetinghouse
* Richmond offers a plethora of Mormon history sites
* Annual General Conference Reaches Global Audience
* Church Shares 'Because He Lives 'Easter Initiative
* In Post-Storm Vanuatu, Mormons Quick to Rebuild
* In a Game of Total Victory We All Lose
* Church Social Media Highlights Past and Present Women of Faith
* “Pioneers in Every Land” Lecture Focuses on India
* From log cabin to university, BYU-Idaho continues to grow
* New exhibit featuring 1,500 missionary name tags opens on Temple Square
* The Gospels reflect the value of different perspectives
* AML conference, awards Saturday
* Strengthening generations
* Church acquires works of unsung artist of yesteryear
* Cyclone Pam update
* Stories of women shared online
* Mormon Faces
* Latter-day Saints in Central America realizing blessings promised in the Book of Mormon
* Preparing to split up, LDS General Primary Presidency looks back on 5 years of service together
* LDS members receive free accounts at
* Harry Reid and the increasingly rare Mormon Democrat
* New policy lets female reporters attend all-male Mormon priesthood session
* American Red Cross recognizes Southern Utah heroes; STGnews Videocast
* Wildfire destroys homes of 3 members in Oklahoma
* Annual General Conference Reaches Global Audience
* New Face to Face Event to Feature Elder and Sister Bednar
* May 2015 Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
* Returning LDS missionary, father battling leukemia share tender embrace at airport
* Book of Mormon Published
* Mormon missionaries lead dedicated lives
* Harry Reid's Retirement: Another Problem For The Democrats In The Senate
* BYU student claims he was evicted after argument over sexual orientation, settles lawsuit
* Doug Robinson: BYU's Taylor competing in NCAA swim championships
* 'A marvellous work and a wonder': A look back at the translation of the Book of Mormon 185 years after it was first published
* A How-To: Designing New Religion Cornerstone Courses for Improved Student Learning
* Unity in Diversity
* Defending the Faith: Joseph, the stone and the hat: Why it all matters
* BYU Singers celebrate 30th anniversary
* Finding faith in an anatomy lab
* Utah teens win national piano duet competition
* Mormons Around the World Country Newsroom Websites March 24, 2015
* LDS honors outstanding teachers
* BYU swimming: Nationals-bound Jake Taylor turns lost time into faster times
* Exploring Mormon ethics of eating
* Why I don’t call myself a ‘Mormon feminist'
* 'Maternal feminists' defend motherhood at United Nations
* Picturing history: The Mormon Battalion at Tucson
* Utahn used Mormon ties to rip off investors, court papers allege
* Mormon Studies Program Funds New Classes About LDS religion
* Group says BYU shouldn’t expel ex-Mormon students
* Chuck Pierce Answers Critics of Glenn Beck Mantling
* LDS Church: No tolerance for sex abuse in scouting
* Boy Scouts of America's responses to CNN
* 10 Hilarious Mormon Comics to Brighten Your Day
* Church School Breaks Financial Trend for Private Universities
* Mormon Bodysurfer Miraculously Found After Being Paralyzed & Lost in Ocean
* General Women’s Session Will Focus on Family, Leaders Say
* Church Leaders Visit Caroline Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Japan
* “Bodies Filled with Light” Exhibit Illustrates References to Body in Scriptures
* On the Go? Family History Apps Will Go with You
* New Features You’ll Find at
* New Temple Presidents Called for Palmyra New York and Bountiful Utah Temples
* LDS Church History Museum hosts online exhibit
* Women of faith through the centuries
* Hamblin & Peterson: Do religions try to keep their scriptures inaccessible?
* Alternative rock/indie band of 5 returned Mormon missionaries seeks to 'bring light'
* Mormon church leadership is the oldest it has ever been
* Happy Birthday, Shawn Bradley
* Goat Project gives East African refugees a sense of home, future opportunity
* Utah native Brown wins NCAA wrestling championship
* Sciptures committee announces 'exciting developments' in standard works translations
* Elder David A. Bednar, Sister Susan Bednar to answer youths' questions in live chat
* Salt Lake City has 7th-highest rate of LGBT population in U.S.
* 7 traditions to help keep Easter centered on Christ
* Annual spring concert
* LDS Church to deliver monetary help to Mormon couples hunting to adopt
* Significant Church history discovery made
* Former Cyprus High wrestler Matt Brown on new mission
* BYU wants to shake up seedings — and NCAA calendar
* Kirby: Church is finally changing me
* LDS church ‘BASEcamp’ program for youth comes to Dixie State University
* Food to be the topic of presentation Tuesday
* Church Leaders Visit Caroline Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Japan
* 'Atonement of Christ' online exhibit
* Hamblin & Peterson: Do religions try to keep their scriptures inaccessible?
* Final 6 LDS missionaries found safe in Vanuatu 6 days after ferocious Cyclone Pam
* Cyclone Pam Update: 20 March 2015
* Inclusion Center honors Pres. Uchtdorf, other community 'transformers'
* Mormon leader Uchtdorf calls for welcoming attitude among all groups
* Marriage is still important to young adults, BYU researchers find
* Members encouraged to share testimony of Jesus Christ at Easter
* BYU-Idaho devotional: 'Faith to reap'
* Cougars return to basketball's 'Big Dance'
* Moon's most unusual volcano more massive than thought
* Junior Japan happy with Pacific Challenge performance
* The future of the LDS Church in Asia
* 6 LDS missionaries still unaccounted for in Vanuatu; 2 dispatched by boat to find them
* What Mormons should know about NBC's new television series 'A.D.'
* Defending the Faith: Proof, evidence and the need to decide
* 8 LDS young men share how texting prepares them for missions in new Mormon Message
* Picturing history: San Xavier del Bac Mission
* BYU graduates complain to accrediting board over school’s treatment of lapsed-Mormon students
* Eight Mission Presidents and Wives Called to Serve
* Scriptures Committee Announces “Exciting Developments” in Standard Works Translations
* Once My Enemy, Now My Bishop: The Unifying Power of the Gospel
* Three Lessons We Can Learn from Wild Ducks
* BYU animation peaks at perfection for final film ‘Ram’s Horn'
* Provo engineer develops life-saving walkie talkie technology
* Women of the Church Honored in March
* Teachings of Christ, a New Installment in Series of Online Exhibits
* Elder Ballard to Close BYU Women’s Conference April 30–May 1
* Youth Serve by Documenting Graves with
* Contact made with 11 LDS missionaries in storm-ravaged Vanuatu
* 13 little-known facts about Joseph Smith
* Event Focuses on Redefining Beauty for LDS Women and Youth
* Voice heard by Baby Lily's rescuers came from her mother's love, family says
* The 'big tent' of families
* Carmen Rasmusen Herbert: Baymax, Kelly Clarkson and gaining weight during pregnancy
* A Mormon church, Binay dummies, and a land scam
* BYU graduates complain to accrediting board over school’s treatment of lapsed-Mormon students
* BYU ousted from NCAA tourney after blowing lead, falling to Ole Miss 94-90
* Elder Bednar visits LDS Church's Pacific Area, rededicates New Zealand MTC
* LDS leaders still trying to contact some missionaries after 'Vanuatu Monster' storm
* Cyclone Pam Update
* Utah couple serving LDS mission to Vanuatu OK after cyclone hits south pacific islands
* Church gives equipment to health centre
* 'Mormon proposal' sparks forum in Washington, D.C.
* Mormons free to back gay marriage on social media, LDS apostle reiterates
* Utah author writes children's book about LDS missionary work
* Mitt Romney’s new opponent is Evander Holyfield
* Lindsey Stirling set to kick off 'Wednesdays' concert series at Artpark June 10
* Brick'em Young adds Nauvoo Temple set to its lineup
* BYU women’s basketball team to play Louisville in NCAA tourney
* LDS Church trying to contact missionaries amid devastation in Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam
* Baby announcement elicits tears, smiles for Canadian couple who battled infertility
* Utah anti-bias, religious rights law could be model for other states
* Viewpoint: Service Needed to Become “Even as I Am”
* Sunstone conference asks what it’s like to be Mormon and not white
* A cautious walk through Temple Square in SLC
* BYU's Jared Ward wins U.S. marathon championship
* Thousands come out for Great Day of Service
* BYU returns to NCAAs — as No. 11 seed, with a play-in game against No. 11 Ole Miss
* LDS Church announces open house, dedication dates for 2 Mexico temples
* LDS Church accomplishes President Monson's goal, announces 5th, 6th temple dedications for 2015
* Church donates 'Meet the Mormons' proceeds to the Red Cross
* Asia playing key role in the Lord's "hastening"
* What's new at FamilySearch?
* Plano youths, adults participate in Pioneer Trek
* Relief Society Celebrates Birthday and More March 17
* Meet the Mormons Released in Spanish
* 4 Main Lessons Young Adults Can Learn from Christ at Their Age
* Elder Holland Featured as a Guest on the Hugh Hewitt Show
* RootsTech 2015: Finding Living Relatives through Family History
* Missionary Moment: From Learning to Teaching
* Members in Catalina Island, California, Have a Unique Setting for Their Worship
* One family's decision to move to China for a semester
* 'The Cokeville Miracle' a story of faith and answered prayers
* New mission presidents
* Church Donates 'Meet the Mormons' Proceeds to the American Red Cross
* Church Applauds Passage of Utah Senate Bill 296
* Explaining Religious Freedom and LGBT Rights
* LDS Church explains religious liberty, LGBT rights stance in Mormon Newsroom Q&A
* LDS Church donates $1.8 million at American Red Cross Heroes Recognition
* Mormon missionaries say local people 'kind in what we have to say
* Americans killed in Waikato crash
* Pope Francis hosts Google Hangout for children with disabilities
* Conference will explore issues of race in the LDS Church
* LDS Temple thief pleads guilty
* VIDEO: New Mormon Message Focuses on the Ten Commandments
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir Gives Fans a Virtual Opportunity to Sing With the Choir
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir Plays Key Role in National Choral Conference
* Seventy Answers 6 Common Questions Posed by College Students
* LDS family releases Spanish translation of 'Glorious'
* BYU devotional: 'Lessons learned from the Savior's young adult life'
* BYU Athletes Have Unique Opportunity to Bless Others with Service
* Defending the Faith: Archaeology and the boyhood of Jesus in Nazareth
* The good, the bad and the illegible: Deciphering handwriting of early church scribes
* In the Whirled: The case against talent
* 5 adults attend weekly LDS Church meetings on Catalina Island
* Utah Passes Antidiscrimination Bill Backed by Mormon Leaders
* Three Americans killed in violent Waikato collision
* Pinewood Derby event fosters creativity and family bonding time
* Local Church Helps Temple Theater
* LDS missionaries boost humanitarian efforts
* BYU's MBA, Law programs still among nation's elite
* #BYUDevo Elder Kent F. Richards on Jesus Christ's example
* President Eyring to Receive Honorary Doctorate from University of Utah
* LDS Church History Museum releases new art exhibit showing rare pieces online
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir Inducted into Classical Music Hall of Fame
* Viewpoint: Stay in the Boat
* Young couple from Holland converts to LDS Church after watching Mormon family's viral videos
* Returned Mormon missionaries in college basketball, 2014-2015
* Wright Words: Does your church sign tell the truth?
* Utah's Sterling Scholars announced for 2015
* 'Thunder Broke The Heavens,' an absorbing if unrealistic drama, screens at LDS Film Festival
* Mormon critic John Dehlin appeals LDS excommunication
* BYU must wait and hope for NCCA bid, as always
* Kenyan LDS leader to speak at Woodland conference

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