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MormonHaven News Archives
(Note: Some of the older news links may have expired)

* Primary: How music moves families toward greater spirituality
* Church News content now available on Church’s Newsroom site in addition to
* Racism continues to surface in the Church and at BYU
* BYU-Idaho announces limited building use for Church functions
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints delivers over 40,000 pounds of food to East Texas Food Bank
* Church releases compelling video: “I say unto you, be one”
* Watch: Creative 21-second video by missionaries shares a powerful message
* The number of temples without an angel Moroni statue will soon double
* Deseret Industries Begins Phased Reopening
* Church Participates in Sheep Donation on Navajo Reservation
* How actively seeking Christ’s voice can change you, Elder and Sister Clayton discuss
* Brother Ahmad Corbitt on ‘learning by study and also by faith’
* BYU TV journalists, returned missionaries ‘All Americans’ in their field
* Latter-day Saint and Muslim youth in Maryland find commonality in the principle of fasting
* Sister Aburto on women and priesthood — There is safety in counsel
* President Nelson condemns racism, pleads for peace
* President Nelson: ‘Deeply saddened at recent evidences of racism and a blatant disregard for human life’
* Happy 87th birthday to President Henry B. Eyring — an artist, lover of sports and Apostle of Jesus Christ
* Church Participates in Sheep Donation on Navajo Reservation
* News of the Church Is Now Merged at
* How COVID-19 pandemic restrictions reshaped a small-scale Layton temple groundbreaking
* Latest temple updates: 77 temples in limited reopening as 11 more temples start Phase 1 on June 8
* Sarah Jane Weaver: The surprising lesson I learned about race from an unexpected friend
* Joyful Congolese Saints Are Preparing for the Future Lubumbashi Temple
* General Authority Seventy, Elder Duane B. Gerrard, Dies at Age 82
* How Ty Detmer’s grandpa taught him to value and love winning
* Famous BYU Cosmo the Cougar to speak at virtual LGBTQ fireside hosted by Affirmation
* Layton Utah Temple: See the video and images from last week’s small groundbreaking ceremony
* Women played key roles in BYU’s founding history
* This week on social: 2 missionaries creatively produced Facebook ad about Christ’s peace, reached thousands
* Private collectors donate rare Book of Mormon collection to BYU
* President Russell M. Nelson and Sister Wendy W. Nelson Share a Message about the Sacrament
* LDSC Donates PPEs, Hygiene Supplies to Olongapo and Subic LGUs
* Tahitian Youth Groups Aim to do 150 Acts of Kindness
* Church, UPM, and ICP Observe Ramadan Through Iftar Sharing
* BYU–Hawaii Student Team Is Eradicating Poverty One Farmer at a Time
* How Youth Worldwide Are Gathering Virtually during the COVID-19 Pandemic
* Elder F. Enzio Busche, emeritus General Authority Seventy, dies at 90
* Sister Shirley Porter, wife of emeritus General Authority Seventy, dies at 93
* What missionaries in Europe are saying about serving during the COVID-19 pandemic
* West Africa’s first General Authority eager for others to realize their divine nature
* How youth worldwide are gathering virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic
* ‘Survive, strive and thrive’: How missions in Europe are working — and succeeding — during the COVID-19 pandemic
* Boyd Matheson: 1 year after historic Rome temple dedication, apostles exemplify ‘whatsoever place ye cannot go ye shall send’
* Sarah Jane Weaver: Celebrating a balloon launch, a promise and 150 years of Young Women
* Being imprisoned unjustly helped Cheng Hao Leung’s faith become stronger
* Mormon Church Sends Truck With 40,000 Pounds Of Food To Chelsea
* Young Women Organization Celebrates 150 Years in 2020
* “Young Women: Celebrating 150 Years” Face to Face with the Young Women General Presidency
* Latter-day Saints Serve the Navajo Nation in the Thick of the COVID-19 Fight
* Take a Look into Your Neighbor's Quarantine Life—You Might Be Surprised and Inspired
* General Authority Seventy, Elder Duane B. Gerrard, dies at 82
* What this BYU study found about addiction to video games
* What is the difference between a General Authority Seventy, Area Seventy and general officer?
* ‘Saints’ today: What would early pioneers say or do if facing the COVID-19 pandemic?
* Why some General Authorities are called to serve as mission presidents
* How stake and ward leaders may coordinate missionary, temple and family history work
* Latter-day Saints Serve the Navajo Nation in the Thick of the COVID-19 Fight
* Want to join the Tabernacle Choir? Here’s how
* LDSBC devotional: The impact of history’s unnamed heroes
* President Jones on women and priesthood — Do you feel diminished?
* A complete list of temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* How Should Latter-day Saint Missionaries Be Counted In The Census?
* Utahn charged in attack on Latter-day Saint missionary released from jail in error
* 100-year-old Mormon chapel still stands in Chino Valley
* Called to serve in a pandemic: Ohio mission president couple sees online teaching miracles
* See What the New Temples in Guatemala and Japan Will Look Like
* Small-Scale Groundbreaking Held for Layton Utah Temple
* Studying Scriptures at Home Strengthens Individuals and Families During Pandemic
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, May 22, 2020
* New General Authority Elder Mutombo Is a Witness of Gospel’s Power to Change Hearts
* BYU-Idaho’s President and Sister Eyring Speak on Staying Family-focused and Journaling as a Tool of Faith
* How Live Social Media Events During COVID-19 Are Changing FamilySearch's Future
* From ‘that dreadful day’ to resuming in-person worship: How Latter-day Saints weathered the past 2.5 months
* Tabernacle Choir releases playlist of Restoration songs on Spotify and YouTube
* Even before the pandemic was declared, the global response was underway
* Vernal Utah Temple, 13 additional temples to begin limited reopening following coronavirus
* Meet the new General Authority from the Democratic Republic of the Congo
* BYU-Idaho refuses $18 million in federal aid
* Called to serve during a pandemic
* Music and the Spoken Word 90th Anniversary Celebration
* With easing of COVID-19 restrictions, personal revelation is essential, says Elder Renlund
* Beehive Clothing facilities worldwide will produce 200,000 gowns, 1.5 million masks in COVID-19 relief project
* Latter-day Saints Rejoice in Dubai Temple Announcement
* Personal Revelation Is Essential as COVID-19 Restrictions Ease, Says Elder Renlund
* This 8-Year-Old Islander Only Lived a Short Time, But the Joy He Spread Is Immeasurable
* Women of Covenant: Finding Increased Power through Service
* Latter-day Saints on the Navajo Nation in the thick of the COVID-19 fight
* BYU, other Latter-day Saint colleges and universities turn down $54 million from CARES Act, start private aid for students
* David Archuleta’s new album is here. These 8 songs will prepare you for the album
* First Presidency Provides Guidelines for Safely Returning to Church Meetings and Activities
* First Presidency announces some meetings, activities to resume as world continues to respond to COVID-19
* 3 Key Aspects of the New Church Symbol, Its Purpose, and Use
* Masked Latter-day Saints Help Save Orange Crop at Redlands Grove during Pandemic
* BYU’s ROTC Mints New Officers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
* President and Sister Eyring speak on staying family-focused and journaling as a tool of faith
* Get to know BYU–Hawaii’s new president — a native son of the islands
* President Cordon on ‘Women and Priesthood’ — Increased power through service
* First Presidency announces the creation of 4 additional quorums of Area Seventies
* Angel Moroni Statue and Capstone Removed from Salt Lake Temple
* Not Always Knowing Is Part of God’s Plan
* BYU Honors Beloved Latter-day Saint Songwriter with an Honorary Degree
* General Authority Seventy Elder Johnson Learned Compassion and Faith through Life’s Challenges
* Elder Peter M. Johnson Shares 3 Ways to Invite the Holy Ghost while Ministering to “the One”
* Accepting the Lord’s Will: Returned Missionaries Share Unexpected Blessings of COVID-19 Mission Changes
* Sister Joyce Taylor, widow of former General Authority, dies at 87
* Redesigned Gospel Media makes finding, downloading and sharing media easier
* Scott Taylor: What I know now about pandemic-period missionaries and ‘preconceived missions’
* Latest temple updates: A total of 52 temples in limited reopening as Church expands its phased efforts
* LDS Business College Declines Federal Aid, Assists Students In Need
* Tom Holmoe says BYU ‘will be ready’ when COVID-19 restrictions are eased, but provides no new details on status of football season
* Full-time missionary from Utah dies in car-bicycle accident in Georgia
* Mission president and companion recently called to serve in Democratic Republic of the Congo
* New General Authority Seventy Elder Jackson a Witness of the Transformative Power of the Gospel in the Developing World
* Church Service Missionaries and Employees Work on Family History During Pandemic
* We Need a Layered “Lasagna Testimony,” Elder Curtis Explains During LDSBC Devotional
* Maxwell Institute Series Helps Readers See the Book of Mormon through New Eyes
* Church News Video Shows How Mask Project in Mozambique Helps Traders in Dense Beira Markets
* God Helps Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things, Says New General Authority Seventy Elder Jaggi
* Want a look into your neighbor’s quarantine life? You might be surprised and inspired
* What are the Saints’ hopes for Taysom Hill? Money does the talking
* Yelm Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Plays a Crucial Role With Food Bank
* Sister Bingham Shares How She Hears Christ in #HearHim Video Series
* LDS Media Library Is Now Gospel Media and Redesigned to Make Finding, Downloading, and Sharing Media Easier
* One Family's Story of Coping with Isolation Amid COVID-19 Restrictions in Spain
* This 8-year-old islander only lived a short time, but the joy he spread is immeasurable
* What this new General Authority learned about compassion and faith through life’s challenges
* Elder Christofferson to missionaries in home MTC: ‘The efforts of each individual matter’
* Accepting the Lord’s will: Returned missionaries share unexpected blessings of COVID-19 mission changes
* Elder Bednar shares United Arab Emirates’ call to fasting and prayer
* BYU basketball team lands commitment from Tanner Toolson
* Elder Andersen addresses ‘compensatory blessings’ amid COVID-19
* New Series Focuses on Women and Leaders Sharing What Priesthood Power Means to Them
* Women and Priesthood: The Importance of Seeking and Acting on Revelation
* Church Members Are Using the Gospel Living App to Stay Connected During COVID-19
* Your Individual Efforts Matter, Elder Christofferson Tells Missionaries in Home MTCs
* New Young Men General Presidency Answers 5 Questions
* Bishops and Branch Presidents Continue Essential Shepherding Duties Online During COVID-19
* New Temple Presidents and Matrons Called to Serve Beginning October 2020
* Elder Holland Shares Why Now Is the Time and Season for a New President at BYU-Hawaii
* A Look at the Church’s Rapid Temple Growth—As Measured Against President Nelson’s Life and Service
* BYU’s ROTC mints new officers amid COVID-19 pandemic
* How BYU Volleyball's Power Couple Is Fortifying One Another During COVID-19 Pandemic
* Kalani Sitake talks BYU football, coaching during a pandemic and his gospel-driven goals
* Church Names Native Hawaiian as New President of Brigham Young University–Hawaii
* President Bingham on ‘Women and Priesthood’ — The Lord is leading us gently along
* September 2020 Face to Face for Young Adults with Elder and Sister Rasband
* 4 Insights from Joseph Smith Papers, Documents Volume 10 May–August 1842
* Registered Nurse Earns Bachelor's Degree from BYU–Idaho at Age 82
* Elder Christofferson to missionaries in home MTC: ‘The efforts of each individual matter’
* Why we need a layered ‘lasagna testimony,’ Elder Curtis explains during LDSBC devotional
* Elder Johnson shares 3 ways to invite the Holy Ghost while ministering to ‘the one’
* How Church members are using the Gospel Living app to stay connected during COVID-19
* Neighbors rally to support family of two girls killed in flash flood
* Largest food distribution drive-thru ever seen in Colorado
* Art in Meetinghouse Foyers and Entryways to Reflect a Deeper Reverence for Jesus Christ
* First Presidency Encourages Reverent Art of the Savior in Meetinghouses
* Church Expands Its Phased Temple Reopening Efforts to 17 More Temples
* Number of temples reopening doubles as Church expands its phased reopening efforts
* September 2020 Face to Face for Young Adults with Elder and Sister Rasband
* ‘Masked’ Latter-day Saints get to picking at Redlands orange groves
* Video: Mask project in Mozambique helps traders in dense Beira markets
* COVID-19 not preventing bishops, branch presidents from essential shepherding duties
* The Supreme Court returns to a complicated question: Which religious workers count as ministers?
* University president’s wife, Susan Tanner, shares life lessons of love and healing
* Church Leaders Celebrate ‘Our Heavenly Parents’ Adult Daughters’ on Mother’s Day
* Church and Cambodian government leaders meet on Zoom to continue partnership on humanitarian activities
* Elder Tad R. Callister: Not always knowing is part of God’s plan
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donates $10,000 to Community Hope Center
* Pulse on college football opening up: No students on campus, no ball
* Read about these new stake presidencies in Utah, California and Arizona
* Cache County man admits breaking into, damaging Logan temple
* Church Reiterates Travel Guidelines for Departing, Returning Missionaries and Their Families
* Missionary Travel Guidelines
* Global Fast Touches Many Lives
* Church Video Reminds Mothers “You Are Enough”
* How One Sister Missionary Softened Hearts by Coaching a High School Volleyball Team
* Latter-day Saints Join Other Faiths in Calling for Relief from Pandemic at National Day of Prayer
* Church Launches New “Walk with Christ” Email Series To Help Readers #HearHim
* This week on social: Home as ‘a sanctuary of faith’
* How live social media events during COVID-19 are changing FamilySearch’s future
* 3 key aspects of the new Church symbol, its purpose and use
* Cache County man admits breaking into, damaging Logan temple
* Temples To Reopen Slowly Over Four Phases
* Church of Jesus Christ Represented at National Day of Prayer
* As COVID-19 Restrictions Ease, Here's How the Church Is Reintegrating
* First Presidency Announces a “Phased Reopening of Temples”
* Watch Out for Singles’ Well-Being, Elder Christofferson Says as He Shares Ways to Survive Isolation of COVID-19
* A Blind Latter-day Saint Musician Approaches COVID-19 and Other Challenges with Optimism
* What this new General Authority Seventy learned about ministering in times of trial, loss
* Maxwell Institute series helps readers see the Book of Mormon through new eyes
* 5 questions with the new Young Men general presidency
* Church News video — ‘ProjectProtect: The 5 million mask miracle’
* 17 Latter-day Saint temples to open for sealings on Monday, others to open in four phases
* President Nelson Addresses Reintegration of Church Worship and Activities
* How Church Leaders Have Paid Tribute to Their Mothers, Wives, and All Women
* Charity Strengthens, Heals, Sister Susan W. Tanner Tells BYU–Hawaii Students
* At BYU–Hawaii devotional, Sister Tanner shares stories of the healing, purifying power of charity
* Church News video — ‘ProjectProtect: The 5 million mask miracle’
* Being single amid COVID-19: Elder Christofferson asks members to ‘consider what it means to belong’
* Not where, but how you serve: Returned missionaries share unexpected blessings of COVID-19 mission changes
* Studies show more people turning to prayer as National Day of Prayer approaches
* At BYU–Hawaii devotional, Sister Tanner shares stories of the healing, purifying power of charity
* Relief Society in Action, May 5, 2020
* Church Helps Repatriate Argentine Citizens During COVID-19 Pandemic
* See the Residential Community Planned Near Site of the Tooele Valley Utah Temple
* A tribute to mothers and women: Church leaders say thank you
* Women join in following the counsel of President Nelson to study the priesthood
* Church launches ‘Walk with Christ’ email series
* Taysom Hill describes how he seeks balance in faith, family, football in his life
* Hope Children’s Home Receives $10,000 Donation From Area Mormon Church
* Faith to Go and Courage to Come Home: Returned Missionaries Share Unexpected Blessings of COVID-19 Mission Changes
* See Clearly with God’s Truths, Commandments, and Covenants, Elder and Sister Gay Tell Young Adults Worldwide
* 4 insights from the latest Joseph Smith Papers volume
* Philippines Missionary Training Center Concludes First Batch of Virtual Training
* Plans for a Latter-day Saint temple in Shanghai may have hit an obstacle
* Tabernacle Choir to release movie-themed album with ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Avengers: Endgame’ music
* Can you sew a mask? ProjectProtect still needs 2,700 more volunteers by Tuesday
* How are you driving your life? Elder and Sister Gay ask young adults during worldwide devotional
* Watch the worldwide devotional with Elder and Sister Gay
* Project Protect Begins Distributing 5 Million Masks for COVID-19 Relief
* Want God to Save Your Life? Live by Covenant, Not Convenience
* She composed 3,000 songs and hymns beloved by Latter-day Saints. Now BYU honors songwriter with an honorary degree
* Gerry Avant: How the Lord called and qualified these General Authorities
* This week on social: ‘What does ministering look like now?’ asks Relief Society leader
* President Bingham and Sister Eubank on what ‘gathering Israel’ looks like during COVID-19
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What I learned about transmitting faith in times of crisis
* St. Joseph men learn from mission trips
* Local farmers to giveaway more than 2,000 bags of potatoes
* Hill Cumorah Pageant president ‘really pleased’ to have another season in 2021
* Teens help clean up tornado debris in Chatsworth
* YU football season ticket renewals holding steady, despite fears coronavirus pandemic could shorten or cancel 2020 season
* Church Cancels 2020 Treks and Pageants
* Missionary Reassignments Underway Following COVID-19 Disruption
* Church Donates Cash and Commodities to Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts
* Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Open House and Dedication Dates Announced
* Welsh Latter-day Saints partner with local organisations to provide essential supplies for thousands during COVID-19 crisis
* Watch this video of BYU Law School honoring its graduates with a fun parody
* New General Authority a witness to the transformative power of the gospel in the developing world
* Hill Cumorah to take on quieter role after pageant’s final run in 2021
* Church donates $5.5M to COVID-19 relief efforts across the United States
* These 2 temple presidents and matrons were recently called to serve
* Today is the April 30 deadline for missionaries. Many have already received reassignments
* Church properties for camps and conferences to close, treks and Church pageants canceled for 2020
* How BYU volleyball’s ‘power couple’ is fortifying one another during COVID-19 pandemic
* Church donates 80,000 pounds of food to Feeding Southwest Virginia
* Revelation guided ‘an interlocking pattern of strength’ that now sustains the Church during COVID-19, Elder Cook says
* Withstand Life’s Seismic Hits with Christ, Elder Renlund Teaches BYU–Idaho Students
* New Seventy Elder Matthew S. Holland Says “the Lord Qualifies Those Whom He Calls”
* Seminary and Institute Students Find Spiritual Strength, Refuge in Online Classes during Coronavirus Pandemic
* The “21 Day Family Connections Experiment”: Helping People Boost Their Moods and Build Connections
* Latter-Day Saints donates $40,000 PPEs to Lagos
* Free potatoes and onions for Tri-Cities families. Too many stuck in storage
* Called to serve in a pandemic: Missionary enrolls in BYU classes while waiting for reassignment
* A 3,000 hour journey of faith to find the meaning of life
* Days of '47 Pioneer Day parade, rodeo postponed due to coronavirus pandemic
* A complete list of temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* Feather River California Temple Groundbreaking Set for July 2020
* Interior Renderings Released for Tooele Valley Utah Temple
* Washington D.C. Temple Open House
* Washington D.C. Temple Rededication
* Rexburg woman stitches together a successful quilting business
* Nevada Interrupted: Vegas LDS missionary made it home, but future uncertain for those still stuck abroad
* How These Latter-day Saints Found Healing Through Family Stories
* BYU Hosts Virtual Women’s Conference
* Modified BYU Women’s Conference: “Gather All Safely in Christ” Will Be Online
* The Tabernacle Choir Heritage Tour Rescheduled for Summer 2021
* Location Announced for Bentonville Arkansas Temple
* How COVID-19 Mask Efforts Are Transmitting Faith
* Joyful Congolese Saints are preparing for the future Lubumbashi temple
* How these Latter-day Saints found healing through family stories after suicide, abuse, other traumatic events
* Second Harvest in Pasco to receive 19-ton food donation from LDS church
* 68 missionaries leave luggage in Kiribati to help Fijian nationals return home
* Kresimir Cosic will be remembered for stardom, dedication, drive and faith
* Called to serve in a pandemic: ‘It’s nice to remember that I’m not alone’
* How Project Protect, other COVID-19 mask efforts are transmitting faith, Relief Society leaders report
* Read about these 4 new mission presidents and companions
* Peru Faith Leaders Pray Virtually
* Centenarian Church Member Survives COVID-19
* Look at the Church’s rapid temple growth — as measured against President Nelson’s life and service
* BYU Women’s Conference to move forward by gathering ‘All Safely in Christ’ online
* Second Harvest to receive 21-ton food donation from LDS Church on Tuesday
* Why Taysom Hill’s 2-year, reported $21 million extension with Saints ‘worked out perfect’
* The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square Unveils New Logo
* Bentonville Arkansas Temple Location Announced
* Pocatello temple construction unhampered by harsh winter weather
* Look Outward, Inward, and Upward, LDSBC President Counsels Students
* Youth camp in 2020 can be ‘one for the records,’ Young Women general presidency says
* Read about these 2 new temple presidents and matrons
* Elder Matthew S. Holland talks North Carolina, UVU, calling as new General Authority Seventy
* Inside Ken Jennings’ ‘Jeopardy! Greatest of All Time’ victory
* How prisoners, soldiers and LDS missionaries make the census more complicated
* Mormons donate 35,500 pounds of food to Manassas Catholic Charities warehouse
* Mormon church donates food to five local ministries
* Missionaries returning due to pandemic causing increased spring enrollment
* BYU could get shut out of NFL draft for first time since 2015. Is that a problem?
* Utah double-murder suspect arrested in California
* Katy Christian Ministries Receives 20,000 Pound Food Donation
* Elder Bednar Shares How He Hears Christ in #HearHim Video Series
* Despite Temple Closures, Blessings Are Readily Available during COVID-19 Pandemic, Elder Bednar Says
* First Presidency Issues Statement Encouraging Participation in 2020 United States Census
* Church Welfare Farms, Ranches Expect Rich Harvest Despite Coronavirus Pandemic
* Dealing with Confinement and Connecting to Others Using FamilySearch
* Send the Church News your COVID-19 missionary experience
* Sister Nair Belmira da Rocha Camargo, wife of former General Authority, dies at 93
* Look outward, inward and upward during COVID-19 isolation, counsels LDSBC president
* San Juan Hill recreated in a beautiful carving by Bluff Fort Service Missionary Jerry Allred
* ‘Sewing party!’ Utah volunteers pick up kits in drive-thru, begin sewing first 1 million ProjectProtect masks
* Get involved with Project Protect and make medical masks for healthcare workers
* Church Leaders Encourage Participation in Government Censuses
* England Manchester Mission Choir Reaches a Global Audience
* Church welfare farms, ranches expect rich harvest despite coronavirus pandemic
* Project Protect seeking help to make 5 million face masks for healthcare workers in Utah
* 10,000 volunteers quickly sign up to sew the first 1 million masks as part of ProjectProtect
* Faith, doubt and modern-day Mormonism
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Delivers More than 320 Thousand Pounds of Food to Mid-Atlantic Area Food Banks
* Police arrest wife of homicide suspect, say killings of West Jordan couple weren’t random
* Senior Missionary Passes Away - Elder Allen Dee Pace contracted COVID-19 in March
* Read about these 8 new mission presidents and companions here
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How I know the Lord loves His missionaries — past, present and future
* After PathwayConnect, registered nurse earns bachelor’s degree from BYU–Idaho at 82
* Coronavirus: Utah responds to the pandemic
* Rooting for community with free produce by the pile
* Utah couple killed by intruder remembered as 'Christ-like, happy, kind'
* First Presidency Provides Guidance on How to Administer the Church in Challenging Times
* President Nelson Shares His Gratitude for Global Fast Participants
* Latter-day Saint Charities Partners with Utah Health Care Entities to Donate 5 Million Clinical Face Masks
* Latter-day Saint Charities Provides COVID-19 Supplies Around the Globe
* Project Protect Seeking Help to Make 5 Million Face Masks for Healthcare Workers in Utah
* This week on social: A game for studying general conference
* Why this sister missionary coached a volleyball team and how it impacted a small Alabama town
* Church of Latter Day-Saints delivers food to Frederick, Mount Airy Food Banks
* 'Our plans went down the drain': How Latter-day Saint couples have adjusted wedding plans with temple closures
* Facing Hunger Foodbank receives nonperishable food donation
* Project Protect asking for community members to sew 5 million medical masks
* First Presidency Announces 2020 Area Leadership Assignments
* Walk in the Savior’s Way, President Jean B. Bingham Tells LDSBC Graduates
* New General Authority Seventy Elder Becerra Says It’s a “Blessing to Be Engaged in the Work”
* Young Women General Presidency Shares How Youth Can Stay Connected while Social Distancing
* Read about these 8 recently called temple presidents and matrons
* How a blind Latter-day Saint musician approaches COVID-19 and other challenges with eternal vision
* Seminary and institute students find spiritual strength, refuge in online classes during coronavirus pandemic
* Are BYU’s biggest 2020 games, including the Utah rivalry matchup, in danger?
* Hundreds of donated masks aid COVID-19 prevention in Northern Utah jails
* LDS Church joins fight against Covid-19, with members sewing 5 million face masks
* Young Women general presidency shares how youth can stay connected while social distancing due to COVID-19
* LDS church suspends production of religious clothing to create masks, gowns for healthcare workers
* Criticism of the church’s COVID-19 aid was premature
* Missionary Work Will Continue to Move Forward Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, Says Elder Uchtdorf
* COVID-19: ‘Our precious missionaries are the pioneers of our day,’ says Elder Uchtdorf
* General Conference Broadcast on National Television across the Pacific
* New York Church Leaders Help Latter-day Saints Navigate through the Fatalities of COVID-19
* New General Authority Seventy says it’s a ‘blessing to be engaged in the work’
* LDS Church plant retains cranking out pasta, however work guidelines have modified throughout coronavirus
* Latter-day Saints Participate in Global COVID-19 Relief Efforts
* First Presidency Announces More Than 110 COVID-19 Relief Projects in 57 Countries
* Missionaries Safe Following 2 Days of Violent Storms across U.S. Southeast
* How NYC Church leaders are helping Latter-day Saints navigate through COVID-caused illnesses, job losses and deaths
* Drive-thru food box distribution for Kennewick familes
* President Russell M. Nelson Shares Easter Message
* Learn More about the New Young Men General Presidency
* Read about these stake presidents who have recently been called to serve
* Keep your kids busy and learning with this gospel-centered activity
* Curtis Brown, once BYU’s all-time leading rusher, packing a big father load now
* BYU ‘Lighting The Y’ In Support Of Global Fast
* Why those of other faiths are accepting President Nelson’s invitation to fast on Good Friday
* Navajo Reservation Receives Food and Supplies From Bishops' Central Storehouse
* BYU-Pathway Worldwide Expands Access to Higher Education
* Tropical Cyclone Harold Hits Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga
* Meet the 9 new General Authority Seventies
* Stanford’s prize QB signee just returned from a Latter-day Saint mission. But the pandemic has changed everything
* President Nelson Invites World to Participate in Fast on Good Friday
* Why fasting and prayer are especially meaningful at Easter and during a pandemic
* Looking back at the history of fasting in religion and within the Church of Jesus Christ
* Good Friday fast gaining momentum on social media
* Navajo Reservation Receives Food and Supplies From Bishops' Central Storehouse
* BYU-Pathway Worldwide Expands Access to Higher Education
* Text of April 2020 General Conference Talks Are Now Online
* Download a PDF Chart of Talk Summaries from April 2020 General Conference
* Elder Tad R. Callister: Joseph Smith’s name should be known for good and evil
* ‘Zoomiaden’ — A virtual twist on a youth gathering in Norway with special guest President Cordon
* Laudy Kaouk, 1st young woman to speak at general session of Latter-day Saint conference, shares her experience
* New Easter Initiative Encourages People to #HearHim
* Latter-day Saints in PH to Watch General Conference Through Nationwide Rebroadcast
* These 8 new mission presidents and companions were recently called. Find out more about them here
* Here’s everything you need to know about what happened during April 2020 general conference
* Utah artist creates tiny portraits of Latter-day Saint figures on Oreos
* Members react to Shanghai and Dubai temple announcements
* COVID-19: LDS missionaries leave bags behind so Fijians can return home
* Read the Church’s newest proclamation: The Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
* President Nelson announces 8 new temples, including locations in Shanghai and Dubai
* Why President Nelson announced a new Church symbol during general conference
* April 2020 General Conference talk summaries
* President Nelson calls for a second worldwide fast in response to COVID-19
* Here’s a list of the new General Authorities and general officers announced during general conference
* What is the Hosanna Shout?
* 2019 World Report Released during April 2020 General Conference
* Latter-day Saints across the globe celebrate announcement of 8 new temples
* President Nelson Extends Invitation to Rejoice in Truth at General Conference
* Video: Honoring the birthplace of the Prophet Joseph Smith
* April 2020 Edition of The World Report?
* Reaching out to God in our own sacred places
* Hill Cumorah to take on quieter role after pageant’s final run
* Angel Moroni statue and some temple spires to be temporarily removed from Salt Lake Temple
* Stone Removal Set to Begin at Salt Lake Temple After Earthquake
* How the Church has commemorated the Restoration in previous years
* Learn more about these 8 new temple presidents and matrons
* Why are there multiple accounts of the First Vision and what can we learn from them?
* LDS Church to send 42,000 pounds of food to Idaho Falls
* Bryce Harper shares message of faith, pledges $500,000 to help Las Vegas, Philadelphia during pandemic
* Sen. Mike Lee calls pandemic ‘2 parts biological and 2 or 3 parts governmental’
* “Shelter in Place” Spiritually and Physically, Elder Holland Says as Isolation Orders Continue around the World
* Work of Salvation Part of Ongoing Restoration of the Church, Says Elder Uchtdorf
* Mormons, Catholics cooperate on refugee ministry
* Free Family History Webinars for April 2020
* First Presidency Announces Additional Options for Missionaries
* A Look at What Will Make This General Conference Unlike Any Before
* Why the Church’s 2020 #HearHim initiative is an important reminder of the Restoration
* Robert ‘Bob’ Garff, 77, businessman and Church leader, dies of COVID-19
* How much do you know about the first decade of the Restoration? Take a look at this timeline
* Timeline: How general conference has changed over the past 190 years
* First Presidency announces additional options for missionaries amid COVID-19
* Church Offers New Options for Missionary Service
* How Doctrine and Covenants 4 shows the importance of principles over structure in the ongoing Restoration of the Church
* What online training and a virtual MTC means for missionaries and their instructors
* How 14 days in quarantine helped strengthen the faith of this Texas family
* 21-tons of food delivered to Marion Polk Food Share to help ease COVID-19 layoffs
* Life Lessons Encore: What 101-year-old T. Verd Murdock shared a month before he died
* Here are 5 of the most impactful moments in general conference history
* How to watch or listen to the 190th Annual General Conference this weekend
* 190th Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* COVID-19: Rejecting the false choice of science or spirit, faith or reason
* April 2020 General Conference Documentaries On KSL TV
* 200 years later, the story of the Restoration is the story of overcoming adversity
* How Latter-day Saint Youth Are Preparing for April General Conference
* BYU–Pathway Offers Returned-Missionary Scholarship
* Returning Latter-day Saint missionaries reconcile early returns, adjustments to life
* How BYU Is Remaining a “Covenant Community” despite Coronavirus Pandemic
* Sister Missionary in Australia Becomes Second to Test Positive for COVID-19
* Latter-day Saints Find Peace by Accepting President Nelson’s Global Call to Fast
* New Church News Video Highlights President Nelson’s Thoughts on Joy
* LDSBC announces scholarship and admission changes for returning missionaries
* How a Mandarin branch’s Zoom ‘karaoke night’ delivered fun, unity
* Video: Joy and peace can be found regardless of what is happening, President Nelson teaches
* Young Missionary Dies in the Dominican Republic
* Latter-day Saints find peace by accepting President Nelson’s global call to fast
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, March 27, 2020
* Renovation of the Columbus Ohio Temple Scheduled
* 5 Ways You Can Watch April 2020 General Conference from Anywhere
* What Some Newlyweds Have Learned from Recent Temple Adjustments
* Parade of Motorists Welcome Home Missionaries while Adhering to Social Distancing
* Missionary serving in Mexico tests positive for COVID-19
* How BYU is remaining a ‘covenant community’ as students disperse across the globe due to coronavirus pandemic
* Former House Speaker Bob Garff died Sunday from the coronavirus
* These 8 new mission presidents and companions were recently called. Learn more about them here
* Prophet Invites All to Fast and Pray for Relief from COVID-19
* The World Will Win the War on COVID-19, President Ballard Says
* How FamilySearch is Using Technology to Publish Record Images Faster
* Church Updates Handbook Chapters on Aaronic Priesthood Quorums, Young Women and Primary
* Updated General Handbook Chapters Released for Aaronic Priesthood Quorums, Young Women, and Primary
* Updated: Shortened Length of Service for Missionaries Returning to the U.S. and Canada
* COVID-19 Impacts 50 Percent of Church’s Global Missionary Force of 67,000
* Latter-day Saints Share Blessings of Joy, Service, Family, and More amid Coronavirus Crisis
* Parade of motorists welcome home missionaries while adhering to social distancing
* Read about these 8 new temple presidents and matrons
* ‘A common cause.’ Interfaith partnership provides food as coronavirus hits pantries
* First Presidency Temporarily Closes All Temples
* 6 Ways You Can Help Others in Challenging Times
* Latter-day Saints Worldwide Answer President Nelson’s Call to Continue Ministering
* This weekend on social: During a global pandemic, these Church leaders share how they are finding inspiration and solace
* Faith helps BYU basketball recruit, woman in quarantine cope with changes to Latter-day Saint mission calls
* Utah missionaries — often absent for census — will be counted after return home
* Latter-day Saint Charities Responds to Coronavirus with Commodities and Financial Assistance Worldwide
* Utah Area Presidency Asks Families of Returning Missionaries to Not Congregate at Airport
* Coronavirus Crisis Suspends Temples on 3 Continents
* Latter-day Saints Report Finding Strength, Peace during the Coronavirus Pandemic
* Church Distribution Retail Stores Reduce Hours, Temporarily Close Doors in Many Locations
* Coronavirus: Church is helping Iran, Italy, China and 13 other countries with medical supplies, ramps up food production
* Latter-day Saints Share Insights Learned during Coronavirus Pandemic
* This weekend on social: During a global pandemic, these Church leaders share how they are finding inspiration and solace
* Latter-day Saints share blessings of joy, service, family and more amid coronavirus crisis
* How FamilySearch is using computer technology to speed up the process of publishing record images
* Church parking lots in Utah could be used as COVID-19 testing sites if needed
* Man wanted in Pasco for allegedly trying to rob Mormon missionaries
* 5 Ways You Can Watch April 2020 General Conference from Anywhere
* All 10 MTCs are Closing, Nonnative Missionaries to Return from Mexico, Vietnam, and India
* 88 Temples Are Now Closed
* Two Utah temples close after potential COVID-19 exposure
* Utah Area presidency asks families to not congregate at airports as unprecedented numbers of missionaries return home
* Waves of missionaries return from Philippines to home countries, anticipate future assignments
* Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox tweets his ‘disappointment’ in behavior of missionary families at airport
* Latter-day Saint leaders express ‘deep concern,’ again instruct missionary families to follow protocol at airports
* BYU student tests positive for COVID-19; university changes grading system for Winter semester
* COVID-19 forces many couples to postpone or downsize their weddings
* 88 temples now closed. Learn more about adjustments to temple work due to COVID-19
* Church Emphasizes Self-Isolation Guidelines for Missionaries
* Here are the Church’s self-isolation guidelines for missionaries returning home due to coronavirus concerns
* More Temporary Adjustments Made to Missionary Work
* Governor, Lt. Governor blast the public homecoming of 1,500 Latter-day Saint missionaries
* Relief Society in Action, March 20, 2020
* Condition of Salt Lake Temple After Utah Earthquake
* Why BYU-Pathway Virtual Gatherings are a Reminder of the Foresight of the Lord
* Church Donates to Relief Efforts for Australia’s Kangaroo Island
* Get to know these 8 new mission presidents and companions
* Latter-day Saint Charities responds to coronavirus, assisting with commodities and financing worldwide
* Bountiful Temple 1st in Utah to close, church reminds returning missionaries of need to self-isolate
* Additional Adjustments to the April 2020 General Conference
* Church Leaders Announce Additional Adjustments Relating to Temple Work
* Why BYU-Pathway virtual gatherings are a reminder of the foresight of the Lord
* Church donates to relief efforts of those affected by bushfires on Australia’s Kangaroo Island
* Read about these 5 new temple presidents and matrons
* Church Distribution retail stores reduce hours, temporarily close doors in 58 locations
* Earthquake caused structural damage to three important Latter-day Saint buildings, 12 meetinghouses
* Waves of Missionaries Return from Philippines to Home Countries, Anticipate Future Assignments
* Missionaries in limbo during the COVID-19 pandemic
* Salt Lake Temple Sustains Minor Damage as 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Utah
* Condition of Salt Lake Temple After Utah Earthquake
* Updates on How COVID-19 Is Impacting Saints Worldwide
* Open House for Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple Postponed
* What “Compensatory Blessings” Have You Seen during the Coronavirus Outbreak?
* What President Nelson’s Example of Optimism Taught LDSBC President During COVID-19 Pandemic
* Church Distribution Retail Stores Reduce Hours, Temporarily Close Doors in 45 Locations
* Elder Jack N. Gerard Encourages BYU Students to Trust in the Lord Despite Times of Uncertainty
* Postponed: Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple Open House and Dedication
* What to know about temple adjustments — for living ordinances and more — as closures reach 44
* Church leaders announce additional adjustments relating to temple work
* Many missionaries in Africa not native to regions will be temporarily moved
* What President Nelson’s example of optimism has taught LDSBC president during COVID-19 pandemic
* Latter-day Saints Provide Disaster Relief to Tennessee Tornado Victims
* Measure Your Decisions Against the Standard of Eternity, Church Leader Tells BYU Students
* Devotionals at Church-owned Schools Begin Live-streaming
* Devotionals at these Church-owned schools begin live-streaming today. Here’s where to watch them
* Foreign Latter-day Saint Missionaries in the Philippines to Be Reassigned in Home Countries
* What to Know About Temple Adjustments—for Living Ordinances and More—as Closures Reach 35
* How Latter-day Saints Across the Globe Worshipped at Home on Sunday Due to Coronavirus Concerns
* Several Church Historic Sites Now Closed Due to Coronavirus Concerns
* The Relief Society turns 178 today. Here’s a look back at some of its history
* Deseret Industries to close to general public starting Wednesday
* Utah Food Bank mobile pantry in West Jordan runs out of food amid coronavirus need
* How the Church Is Inviting the World to ‘Hear Him!’ 200 Years Later
* Church announces adjustments to missionary work, will continue to call missionaries despite coronavirus concerns
* Several Church historic sites now closed due to coronavirus concerns
* Sister missionary from Honduras reported kidnapped in Guatemala has been released
* Scott Taylor: What I learned from 3 girls at the Durban temple dedication
* What helped me plan my father’s funeral amid coronavirus restrictions
* What to know about temple adjustments — for living ordinances and more — as closures reach 35
* Historians share perspective, roles of women related to Joseph Smith’s First Vision
* Temporary Adjustments Made to Temple Worship Around the World
* 26 Temples Now Closed Worldwide in Response to Growing COVID-19 Concerns
* Suspended Worship Meetings and the Sacrament: What We Can Learn from the First Presidency Letter and the General Handbook
* How Latter-day Saints across the globe worshipped in their homes today due to coronavirus
* Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square Makes Changes to Public Broadcasts and Rehearsals Due to Coronavirus Concerns
* Young Missionary Dies in Sierra Leone
* RootsTech London Postponed to 2021
* COVID-19 Updates in Your Language
* President Oaks Shares Experience of Writing About Joseph Smith
* New #HearHim Video Reminds How We can Better Listen to the Savior’s Voice
* Church Releases First of 8 New Book of Mormon Videos
* Read about these 8 new mission leaders who were called to serve around the world
* Historian shares stories of faith from black Latter-day Saints around the world
* Update: Gatherings of Church Members Temporarily Suspended Worldwide
* In response to coronavirus, First Presidency suspends Church gatherings worldwide
* Sister Missionary Passes Away in Texas
* Auckland New Zealand Temple Groundbreaking Date Announced
* “I Put My Arms around Them,” President Ballard Shares after His Visit with Toronto, Ontario Saints
* Ignore “Demons of Inadequacy” by Relying on Christ, Seventy Tells LDSBC Students
* 22 European Missions Sending Home Missionaries with Medical Conditions Due to COVID-19 Concerns
* Coping with loneliness: Sheri Dew highlights 5 teachings and revelations from Joseph Smith
* Changes to general conference, missionary work, stake conferences announced by the Church in response to coronavirus
* How COVID-19 Will Impact the April 2020 General Conference
* A Letter about COVID-19’s Effect on Large Gatherings of Saints
* COVID-19’s Impact on Missionary Training Centers
* More temples close. BYU, BYU-Idaho, other church schools to cancel or stream devotionals, graduations; classes to continue
* More temples close. BYU Women’s Conference canceled. BYU, BYU-Idaho, to cancel or stream devotionals, graduations
* Lack of general conference crowds will impact downtown businesses
* CES Guidelines Related to COVID-19
* Latter-day Saints react as more details unfold about changes to missionary training, general conference
* What will happen at the Provo MTC? Missionary center transitions as new arrivals greeted on Wednesday
* Fearing coronavirus spread, University of Utah moves most classes online and BYU cancels spring graduation
* Eight New Episodes in the Book of Mormon Videos Series Coming Soon
* Sister Aburto Participates in International Women’s Day Diplomacy Event
* What Sister Aburto had to say to diplomats and CEOs at International Women’s Day celebration in LA
* Vancouver British Columbia Temple Becomes 7th to Close in Response to COVID-19 Virus
* Do you have FOBFO? How relying on Christ can help you combat imposter syndrome and self-doubt
* President Ballard shares the important lesson he learned while serving as a mission president
* Gearing up for general conference
* UTA rides for LDS General Conference attendees is questioned by religion foundation
* Saudi ambassador to U.S. talks business, government, religion on Utah trip
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How the temple became a symbol for a worker’s spiritual journey
* The Promise of Communal Peace: Church Hosts Interfaith Evening in the Tabernacle
* Faculty quarantined at BYU Jerusalem Center after visiting region where tourists had COVID-19
* BYU football: Young group of tight ends impressing early during spring practices
* LGBT BYU students and their supporters rally at church office building in Salt Lake City
* Church Spokesperson Responds Following LGBT Rally and Protest Outside Church Office Building
* Elder Bednar Makes Historic Visit to Sudan
* Eight New Episodes in the Book of Mormon Videos Series Coming Soon
* Use Study Plans in Gospel Library App to Help with Your 2020 Gospel Study Goals
* Why Women in the Church Should Follow President Nelson’s Invitation to Study about the Priesthood
* Seattle Washington Temple Temporarily Closes in Response to COVID-19
* Rome Italy Temple Becomes 5th to Close in Response to COVID-19
* Why Toronto has a piece of President Ballard’s heart
* How Latter-day Saint youth are preparing for April general conference
* Find out more about these 8 new mission presidents and companions
* Church announces meeting limitations in Germany, United Kingdom as COVID-19 precautions continue
* Church asking all organizations to help Scouts on annual Food Drive
* Kings leave Missionary Department and Primary General Board to serve at Laie Hawaii Temple Visitors’ Center
* COVID-19 and Its Impact on Latter-day Saints Around the World
* Rome Italy Temple becomes 5th to close in response to COVID-19
* Latter-day Saint Charities Receives American Red Cross Partnership Award
* Elder Christofferson Announces Food Donations in Virginia, New York During Recent Trip to Northeast
* Church Donates to Food Pantries in Virginia
* FSY Conferences Are Coming in May; Learn How They Developed Internationally
* Mexico MTC: How the Benemérito Private School Became One of the Church’s Busiest MTCs
* Elder and Sister Uchtdorf make a surprise visit to Primary kids in Rexburg
* Why women in the Church should be following President Nelson’s invitation to study about the priesthood
* Utahn serving as Latter-day Saint missionary in California arrested
* President Eyring opens Idaho Senate session with prayer, announces contribution to Idaho Foodbank
* Keep Your Divine Identity at the Center of Everything You Do, President Ballard Tells BYU Students
* Church Donates to Food Pantries in Virginia
* Church Provides Clarifying Statement on Honor Code Language for BYU, other Church Schools
* Elder and Sister Stevenson Share Ways to Invite the Spirit of Elijah and “Fortify” Family
* Elder Uchtdorf Challenges Rexburg Leaders to Find Joy through Inviting Others to Christ
* Elder Renlund Visits Caribbean Saints Preparing to Withstand “Seismic Hits of Life”
* Holy Ghost Is Greatest Witness of the Book of Mormon, Elder Tad R. Callister Testifies to LDSBC Students
* Elder Uchtdorf challenges Rexburg leaders to find joy through inviting others to Christ
* What Caribbean Latter-day Saints are doing to prepare for the ‘seismic hits’ of life
* The story behind the Mexico MTC: How the Benemérito private school with 90-acre campus became one of the busiest MTCs
* President Eyring Ministers in Idaho
* Apostle Pleads with BYU Students to Remember They Are All Part of God’s Family
* BYU devotional: President Ballard salutes Christlike actions of Millennials and Gen Zs
* Missionaries Reported Safe Following Devastating Tornadoes in Tennessee
* RootsTech Wraps Up with Former NFL Star Emmitt Smith
* LDSBC devotional: Elder Callister on evidence for the Book of Mormon and why arguments against it fall apart
* Coronavirus: Church asks members to follow WHO, CDC health recommendations
* European culture and history on display on the Danube River
* How ‘cold, tough mission’ helped Utah State’s Abel Porter become stronger person and basketball player
* Elder Uchtdorf Reminds BYU-Idaho Students of Their Divine Heritage, Eternal Possibilities
* Make a Difference, Leigh Anne Tuohy of “The Blind Side” Tells RootsTech Attendees
* RootsTech Commemorates 400th Anniversary of the Mayflower; Former White House Photographer Showcases Portfolio
* Light Keepers Empower Women to Find Their Unique Role In Family History
* Sarah Jane Weaver: Why reaching out locally, as well as globally, matters
* Bravo! BYU student claims prestigious opera victory
* The story behind the Mexico MTC: How the Benemérito private school with 90-acre campus became one of the busiest MTCs
* Temple to Temple Shuttle aims to help fellow Latter-Day Saints during St. George Temple repairs
* RootsTech 2020 Attracts Record-Breaking Crowd to Salt Lake City
* How to invite the Spirit of Elijah and ‘fortify’ family, Elder and Sister Stevenson share at RootsTech
* RootsTech wraps up with NFL star Emmitt Smith, with focus turning to London’s event
* How temple and family history work is used to minister to all, with emphasis to ‘new and tender’ members
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, February 28, 2020
* In New York, Elder Christofferson Praises People of Faith for Their Leavening Influence
* Coronavirus Updates from the Church of Jesus Christ
* Learn more about these 8 new mission leaders
* Empowering women to find their unique role in family history
* Antidote for anger — How Christ’s Atonement helped this returned missionary after being injured by drunk driver
* Local food pantry network gives thanks
* Leadership Sessions of April 2020 General Conference Postponed
* COVID-19 and Its Impact on Latter-day Saints Around the World
* First Presidency Discourages International Travel to April Conference due to Coronavirus Concerns
* Church closes 2 more temples, curbs work in 14 missions to help combat coronavirus
* Washington D.C. Temple Open House and Rededication Dates Announced
* Church leaders release dedication, open house dates and renderings for the Washington D.C. Temple
* New Podcast Invites Listeners to Consider How the First Vision Relates to Them
* Are We Just Changing Our Behavior When We Should Be Changing Our Nature?
* Changes won’t affect Christ-centered mission of newly named Ensign College
* Day 2 at RootsTech: How ‘The Blind Side’ relates to family history and a look around the expo hall
* Young Women, Young Men general leaders join 20,000 youth at RootsTech for family history activities
* BYU schedules home-and-home football series with Fresno State, moves November’s game at Boise State to a Friday night
* Prophet Invites the World to Consider, ‘How Do You Hear Him?
* Brasília Brazil Temple Rendering Released
* RootsTech Returns to London in 2020
* Meet Clea Brown, a 101-Year-Old Family History Indexer
* Church Gives More Than $6M From #LightTheWorld Campaign to Global, Local Charities
* Four Women Called to Primary General Board
* Elder Soares Visits Members, Missionaries, and Leaders in Central America
* Church’s Commitment to Care for Those in Need—Anywhere in the World—Reflected in Annual Report
* Elder Christofferson Receives George Washington Honor Medal from Freedoms Foundation
* New Primary General Board Members Named
* Latter-day Saints Distribute More Than $6.3 Million #LightTheWorld Donations to Charity
* Organizers say 10th annual RootsTech conference should be the biggest, best yet
* Behind the decision to rename LDS Business College as Ensign College
* This college wrestler and midshipman was just called to the first branch presidency for the Navy service academy
* Church Updates Mental Health Site and Adds Related Resources to Gospel Library App
* How This Woman Refused to Let Paralysis Undermine Her Optimism and Faith
* New Study Finds That Latter-day Saint College Students Create Appreciation Among Their Classmates
* 3rd man charged in alleged racially motivated attack on missionary
* Cougars Insiders: Revisiting BYU’s big upset win over No. 2 Gonzaga. What it means to the program moving forward
* Latter-day Saint Charities Blessed Millions of Lives in 2019
* Church’s commitment to care for those in need — anywhere in the world — reflected in annual report
* “You Can Do This,” President and Sister Oaks Tell Youth During Face to Face Event
* Elder Christofferson receives George Washington Honor Medal from Freedoms Foundation
* Quarantine lifted for Latter-day Saint missionaries returned from Hong Kong
* New Book of Mormon art exhibit comes to BYU-Idaho
* Woman's fraud case against LDS Church for alleged cover-up sent to settlement
* President and Sister Oaks Host Face to Face Event
* ‘You can do this,’ President and Sister Oaks tell youth during Face to Face on new program
* Elder Holland Invites Young Adults to Pursue “the Fulness of Christ”
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What I learned from the history of Relief Society
* Follow the Prophet, Not "Blind Guides" on Social Media, Elder Johnson Teaches Students
* RootsTech Prepares to Celebrate 10th Event
* 16 New 2020 Mission Presidents and Companions Called to Serve in Brazil, Ethiopa, Perú, U.S., and More
* Church Releases Additional Instructions for Missionaries, Members Regarding Coronavirus
* What Elder Uchtdorf taught Chilean Church leaders about building confidence in youth
* These Mormon students not swearing is the most wholesome thing you'll see today
* Are You a Joshua Tree or Tumbleweed? Sister Harkness Tells Students to Choose Now Whom to Serve
* Sister Eubank Encourages Women to Become Global Citizens
* Dental Mishap Enriched Elder Uchtdorf’s Ministry in South America
* Have Absolute Faith in God, Elder Terence M. Vinson Tells BYU Students
* Elder Soares Meets with President of Guatemala during Central America Ministry
* Addressing Pornography: How Indexing and Family History Can Help
* Filipino Saints Understand the Power of Ministering “Isa Isa”—One by One, President Bingham Says
* Elder Holland Visits Peru, Ecuador during Unique Season in the History of the Church in South America
* Elder Uchtdorf Tells Chilean Latter-day Saints, Have Hope; God Knows You
* RootsTech is less than a week away. Here’s what you can expect this year
* What one stake in El Salvador did to help Elder Soares make his flight home
* A Look Inside the New General Handbook for Church Leaders and Members
* Video shows how to use and find content in the new General Handbook
* The Gospel Unifies Diverse People, Cultures, Elder Rasband Says at Durban South Africa Temple Dedication
* Church announces new wi-fi network for meetinghouses, facilities
* Utahns honored for heroic rescues, community service
* Former BYU, Pittsburgh Steeler lineman called as stake president
* Honor Code wording on homosexual behavior and feelings changed
* Church updates honor code for BYU, other schools
* Missionaries and professor express how those struggling with a testimony need more love from those around them
* Elder Rasband prays the scourges of Africa be replaced with ‘honesty, brotherhood and goodwill’
* Follow the prophet, not today’s ‘blind guides’ on Twitter, Elder Johnson says
* Addressing pornography: How indexing and family history can help
* How going to church can be a solution to loneliness
* BYU saw an upswing in home football attendance in 2019, thanks to ‘big-time’ opponents, wins and afternoon kickoffs
* Bankruptcy not likely to affect Scouting in east Idaho, says local official
* Church to reveal new handbook Wednesday, available to all
* Elder Uchtdorf’s message to Chile: Have hope — the Lord knows you
* Elder Uchtdorf joins missionaries for appointment in Chile prior to nationwide broadcast
* President Bingham shares the power of Filipino Saints ministering ‘isa isa’
* Police to request hate crime charges in attack on black missionary
* South Africa’s Second Temple is Dedicated
* ‘We were one people today — the people of Jesus Christ,’ says Elder Rasband at Durban temple dedication
* Durban South Africa Temple: Connections with Zulu royal family, members, youth and converts
* Elder Soares Visits Government and Interfaith Leaders in Costa Rica
* Use of the Lord's Sacred Funds
* The Church's Sacred Funds Support Its Priorities and Mission to Do Good, Says Presiding Bishopric
* These 8 new mission presidents and companions were recently called to serve
* Elder Tad R. Callister: Are we just changing our behavior when we should be changing our nature?
* Church Temporarily Transfers all Missionaries from Liberia
* Two arrested in attack on missionary; investigators considering whether it’s a hate crime
* Elder Rasband Prepares for Temple Dedication in South Africa
* Church Releases Gospel Living App for Youth and Families
* President Bingham Emphasizes Relief Society’s Importance in Philippines Area Fight Against Malnutrition
* Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple Open House
* Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple Dedication
* See Inside the New Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple
* Leaders Say New Gospel Living App Deepens Testimony through Christ-Centered Living
* The Gospel Living app was just released. Here’s what Elder Gong and the general officers want you to know
* How one Idaho woman spent her vacation in the Philippines helping evacuees
* Volume 2 of Saints Now Available
* ‘Saints, Volume 2’ features women’s perspectives, native voices, context on controversial topics
* Here’s a top 10 list of favorite individuals in ‘Saints, Volume 2’
* Elder Nash Hosts Former President of Ghana at Temple
* Church History Museum Opens Interactive Temple-Themed Exhibit
* April Open House Announced for Rio de Janeiro Brazil Temple
* Elder Bednar Teaches CES Instructors about the Spirit and Personal Revelation
* Elder Holland invites young adults to pursue ‘the fulness of Christ’
* BYU football player Chaz Ah You charged with DUI
* Sprawling Texas ranch southeast of Dallas has a new owner
* Why BYU and Westminster College are encouraging interfaith conversations
* Elder Soares Meets With Guatemala’s President
* Australian-born General Authority uses story of ‘The Man from Snowy River’ to illustrate message to BYU students
* Sister Harkness teaches lessons from Joshua trees and tumbleweeds
* ‘What did you hear that was not said?’ Elder Bednar teaches CES instructors about the Spirit and personal revelation
* ‘Saints, Volume 2’ features women’s perspectives, native voices, context on controversial topics
* President Bingham emphasizes Relief Society’s importance in Philippines Area fight against malnutrition
* O’Connor pleads not guilty in Fallon church shooting
* New Church History Museum ‘temples’ exhibit designed to engage, educate children
* Wall Street Journal explores growth of church’s Ensign Peak Advisors investments
* President Nelson Takes High-tech Approach to Counsel, Uplift Saints in Strife-torn Venezuela
* Philippines Stake Is Improving the Health of Children through Ministering
* Latter-day Saint Evacuees from Taal Volcano Return to Damaged Homes, Ash-covered Streets
* Sports comeback after leg amputation: Young Latter-day Saint enabled by ‘hundreds of little blessings’
* President Donald Trump to Utah governor on Mitt Romney: ‘You keep him’
* President Bingham emphasizes Relief Society’s importance in Philippines Area fight against malnutrition
* How one stake in the Philippines is improving the health of children with the help of ministering
* Communicate and Find Refuge with God through Prayer, President Cordon Tells BYU Students
* Sister Bingham Observes Pilot Nutrition Program in the Philippines
* Free Family History Classes and Webinars for February 2020
* Ten Years after Earthquake in Haiti, Faith Remains the Foundation of Latter-day Saint Family
* Learn more about these 8 new mission presidents and companions
* Scott Taylor: What I learned about true religion from covering the 2010 earthquake in Haiti
* The example of a prophet’s wife
* Latter-day Saint evacuees from Taal Volcano return to damaged homes, ash-covered streets
* President Nelson takes high-tech approach to counsel, uplift Saints in strife-torn Venezuela
* Elder Holland visits Peru, Ecuador during unique season in the history of the Church in South America
* Here’s what Venezuelan Saints said about the devotional with President Nelson and Elder Christofferson
* Elder Rasband turns 69 today. Here’s a look back at some highlights from his past year
* Update from Church leaders on missionaries transferring out of Macau and Hong Kong
* Mahama visits the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
* Website serves as matchmaker for Brevard volunteers and organizations in need of help
* Trump criticizes Mitt Romney for using religion as ‘crutch’ in removal vote
* Historic Documents of the First Vision on Display at Church History Library
* Statement Following Intruder Incident at the Brazil Missionary Training Center
* Romney’s vote to convict and what a Christian conscience demands
* Romney and the paradox of political courage
* Larry King says religion main cause of split with Mormon wife
* Black History Month: Find Your Black Roots with FamilySearch
* 16 New 2020 Mission Presidents and Companions Called to Serve in Guatemala, Brazil, Philippines, and More
* Missionaries, Staff Safe after Intruder Enters Sao Paulo MTC with a Knife
* How a BYU hoops star/Church convert draws upon examples while being one to others
* 10 years after quake, faith remains the foundation of this Haitian Latter-day Saint’s life
* President Henry B. Eyring speaks at funeral for Clayton Christensen
* How a grumpy childhood moment has shaped Sister Cordon’s understanding of prayer
* Black History Month: Find your roots with FamilySearch’s ‘29 ways in 29 days’
* Coronavirus outbreak prompts church to remove missionaries from Hong Kong
* New Archaeological Discovery Sheds Light on Nephi’s Temple
* Church History Museum Opens New Children’s Exhibit all about Temples
* Renovation Work Underway on St. George Utah Temple
* Demolition Reveals Historic Details as Renovation Begins on St. George Temple
* Ward Youth Council: 5 Things Young Men, Young Women General Leaders Want You to Know
* Elder James R. Rasband Shares 4 Ways to Keep Christ at the Center of Gospel Vocabulary
* Church Historian and Recorder speaks on significance of First Vision at Huntington Library conference
* Volunteers come together to feed the hungry
* Andy Reid Couldn’t Wait To Celebrate His Super Bowl Win With The ‘Biggest Cheeseburger You’ve Ever Seen’
* BYUH crew filmed 2020 youth theme music video ‘Go and Do’ in New Zealand
* Church Adjusts Missionary Numbers in Liberia
* Church reduces missionary force in Liberia due to country’s economic concerns
* President Nelson Sends Protective Equipment to China
* The Gospel and Living Prophets Are Spiritual GPSs, Says Elder Soares
* Silicon Slopes Aims to Pack 1 Million Meals for Utah Food Bank
* Some Utah High Schoolers Learn Scriptures Can Be “First-Rate Clique Busters”
* Read more about these new mission presidents and companions
* Gerry Avant: How Alex Haley’s ‘Roots’ ignited interest in family history
* Historic documents of the First Vision on display at Church History Library
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What a few minutes with President Ballard taught me about the holy Apostleship
* This mother spent 27 years worrying about her homeless son. Here’s how she finds peace by serving others like him
* New General Handbook for Church Leaders and Members to Be Published in February
* Church releases statement about missionaries and the coronavirus
* What Latter-day Saints can Learn from Women Voting in Utah's History
* Elder Andersen reminds Thai Saints they are a ‘light on the hill’
* How an Invitation to “Come and See” Led the Kiribati President to Attend Stake Conference
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in January 2020
* How Family History Can Combat Feelings of Anxiety and Depression
* New TV deal with ESPN, difficult schedules and future bowl agreements are ‘essential’ to BYU’s success as a football independent, AD Tom Holmoe says
* Torrid shooting from Toolson, teammates, helps BYU tie school record with 17 3-pointers in win over Pepperdine
* Church Sending Supplies to China to Assist With Coronavirus
* President Nelson reaches out to China, responds to coronavirus by sending protective equipment
* Missionary Precautions Regarding Coronavirus
* Church’s Official Twitter Handle Changes to @Ch_JesusChrist
* East High School, LDS Church partner to give out food to community
* 9 quotes from prophets and apostles about the capacity of youth
* Ward youth council: 5 things Young Men, Young Women general leaders want you to know
* 4 ways to keep Christ at the center of gospel vocabulary
* Don’t turn off your spiritual GPS, Elder Soares urges LDSBC students
* Sister Eubank Explains How Men and Women of the Law Can Build Zion for Good
* Why Missions Need the Examples of Faithful Women
* Latter-day Saint CEO and Rocker Seeks Gospel Harmony in Music and Life
* 16 New 2020 Mission Presidents Called to U.S., Japan, Germany, France, and More
* Clayton Christensen in His Own Words: Decisions for Which I’ve Been Grateful
* BYU researchers contribute in looking for Alzheimer’s cure
* Larry Echo Hawk to speak at Bear River massacre memorial on Wednesday
* Kindness in Real Life: Huge food donation is love in action
* What Latter-day Saints can learn from the history of Utah women voting
* Dealing with anxiety and depression: How doing family history can help
* Sister Eubank explains ‘the revolution of Zion’ — unifying hearts and minds for peaceful progress
* Clayton Christensen, former Area Seventy and guru of disruptive innovation, dies at 67
* Clayton Christensen funeral arrangements, family statement released
* ‘The revolution of Zion’ — unifying hearts and minds for peaceful progress
* Actors Invited to Audition for 2020 Nauvoo and British Pageant Core Cast
* Learn more about these 16 new mission presidents and companions
* This week on social: Sister Craig on how to follow the example of Mother Eve
* 5 highlights from Elder Christofferson’s year to celebrate his 75th birthday
* Brother says teen charged in Utah slaying of 4 still loved
* Church of Jesus Christ announces date for Layton temple groundbreaking
* Groundbreaking Dates Announced for Temples in Virginia, the Philippines and Utah
* Elder Cook Ministers to Volcano Victims in the Philippines as the Country Celebrates 500 Years of Christianity
* Improving Spiritual Vision Helps Us See Ourselves and Others as God Does, BYU-Hawaii President Says
* History, Reason, and Power of the Spirit Confirm Divine Authenticity of Book of Mormon
* How a BYU Program Is Helping Kids in Samoa Stay Heart Healthy
* Why missions need the example of faithful women
* LDS church donates $50,000 to help expand Pocatello homeless shelter
* Crews start demolition of section of St. George Temple building
* Echo Hawk to speak at Bear River Massacre commemoration on Jan. 29
* BYU–Hawaii student Nikki Holbrook represents Hawaii and wins scholarship in Miss America Pageant
* “All Are Alike unto God,” Elder Stevenson Says at NAACP Luncheon
* Select Music Arrangements from General Conference Are Now More Accessible on Church Site
* Elder Vai Sikahema Says Education Is a “Religious Obligation” for Latter-day Saints
* BYU-I President Shares 3 Truths that Yield “Big Faith” in the Face of Doubt
* Student-led scripture study gatherings are ‘clique-free zones’ for Utah high schoolers
* Why we need 20/20 spiritual vision ‘to see our lives through God’s eyes’
* How a Latter-day Saint rocker-turned-CEO seeks gospel harmony in music, life
* Newly Built LDS College Dormitories To Cater For Melanesian Students
* Utah becomes 19th state to ban conversion therapy for children
* Elder Rasband on 3 keys to religious freedom and what agency has to do with it
* Elder Rasband Says Choice ‘Depends Upon Robust Religious Freedom’
* Annual Mission Tours Support and Inspire Missionaries and Mission Leadership Couples
* Seventies Conduct Hundreds of Mission Tours Worldwide Each Year. What Are They?
* BYU President Shares 6 Ways to Feel More Joy
* Under the Sea, Latter-day Saint Submarine Officer Kindles the Light of the Gospel
* Nine “Faith-filled” LDSBC Students Share about Faith in Jesus Christ, Agency, and the Book of Mormon
* See the inside of the Durban South Africa Temple
* Utah bans conversion therapy on LGBTQ children as rule goes into effect
* Crews Prepare Salt Lake Temple Grounds for Excavation
* At Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Event, Apostle Encourages Christlike Love for All
* ‘All are alike unto God,’ Elder Stevenson says at NAACP luncheon
* Durban South Africa Temple Opens Doors to the Public
* Sarah Jane Weaver: Why I give the Lord my faith — and my tithes
* $6.4m work on LDS College dormitory facilities
* BYU allows for same-sex couples in national ballroom competition
* First Presidency Announces Adjustments in Temple Ceremonial Clothing
* Crews Prepare Salt Lake Temple Grounds for Excavation
* Elder Cook Concludes Philippine Ministry
* Church Announces New Mission Presidents for 2020
* Church Leaders Learn the Dedication and Love of Latter-day Saints in Mexico
* Elder Renlund Says Missionaries Should “Treasure Up” Doctrine, Promises, and Answers
* President Nelson and the Apostles: Sharing the workload of a worldwide Church
* Elder Tad R. Callister: The Book of Mormon — man-made or God-given?
* How service and activities can help children stay on the covenant path
* New MTC leaders learn how their focused roles differ from having presided over a mission
* This week on social: Apostles share update on Philippines, testimonies of God’s plan and an invitation to pray
* How a spry octogenarian in Puerto Rico spent his 80th birthday serving others on his quake-weary island
* Meet America’s first voting woman: Utah’s Seraph Young
* Elder Cook Makes Unannounced Visit to Taal Volcano Evacuees
* President and Sister Oaks to Host February Face to Face for Youth
* Shirley Ann Wilkes Thomas, Former Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, Dies at 94
* Church Releases Rendering of India's First Temple and Announces Location
* How a BYU program is helping kids in Samoa stay heart healthy
* Searching for the Valley of Lemuel

* Elder Cook Meets With Philippine President Duterte

* Church Announces Location of Bengaluru India Temple
* Church releases rendering of India’s first temple, announces location
* Apply now to be in multicultural choir at ‘unique’ April 2020 general conference
* Elder Renlund shares 3 ways missionaries should ‘treasure up continually the words of life’
* Shirley Ann Wilkes Thomas, former counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, dies at 94
* What 9 ‘faith-filled’ LDSBC students shared about faith in Jesus Christ, agency and the Book of Mormon
* Students respond to President Nelson’s social media posts about bicentennial of the First Vision
* The value of religious clubs on Utah’s college campuses
* President Henry J. Eyring shares 3 truths that yield ‘big faith’ in the face of doubt
* Elder Vai Sikahema announces new BYU-Hawaii scholarships, details the importance of education
* If the prophet asked what he could do for you, how would you respond?
* What these Church leaders learned from the examples of Latter-day Saints in Mexico
* Bill requiring clergy to report child abuse confessions opposed by Utah Catholics, House speaker
* Sexual abuse lawsuit against Mormon church may be dropped
* Elder Cook offers prayers, alters schedule as volcano erupts in the Philippines
* Filipino Members Gather in Meetinghouses as Manila is Threatened by Volcanic Ash
* Meetinghouses shelter members fleeing Manila volcano; Elder Cook’s attends event nearby
* President Nelson became the prophet 2 years ago. What has happened since then?
* Decomissioning of Salt Lake Temple Is Weeks-long Process
* How the annual mission tours and interactions impact missionaries and mission leadership couples
* Mission tours: What most Latter-day Saints don’t know about the hundreds of such events conducted worldwide each year
* How The Relief Society pioneered women’s voting rights in America
* Fine ordered for conferencegoer who disrupted 2018 Latter-day Saint session
* Red Cross To Install Free Smoke Alarms In Wayne County
* How to overcome ‘FOMO’ and commit to the Savior, Elder Christofferson explains
* Situation remains seismic and ‘desperate’ for Latter-day Saints in southern Puerto Rico
* Giving Machines total nearly $6.3 million in donations for charities
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What happens when people ‘do something about their faith’
* This week on social: Messages from Young Women leaders and an invitation from Elder Christofferson
* Elder Cook’s ministry impacted by volcano eruption
* What Latter-day Saints in Washington D.C. are doing to be a ‘temple people’ during renovation
* See the complete list of 130 new mission leadership assignments for 2020
* Latter-day Saint Human Trafficking Victim is Reunited with Family after 25 Years
* Video: Church Historians Openly Discuss Brigham Young's Strengths and Weaknesses
* Pacific Area Presidency Thanks Those Who Participated in Fast; Rain Falls in Sydney
* BYU VP Overseeing Athletics Called As Latter-day Saint Mission President
* Mormon lawsuit could change how houses of worship report abuse
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints makes another massive food donation to charity
* Elder Holland slated to speak at 2020 BYU Women’s Conference
* Latter-day Saints Provide Assistance Following Puerto Rico Earthquakes
* New Tree of Life App Lets You Explore and Teach Lehi’s Vision
* How the Church is experimenting with augmented reality to engage youth in gospel study
* Elder and Sister Stevenson to speak at RootsTech Family Discovery Day
* New Joseph Smith Papers podcast invites listeners to consider ‘little-known details’ of First Vision
* Oregon woman sues LDS church, says they reported husband who confessed to child sex abuse
* Salt Lake Temple Undergoes Decommissioning
* Apply Now to Be in Multicultural Choir at “Unique” April 2020 General Conference
* Missionaries, Latter-day Saints Reported Safe Following Early-morning Quake in Puerto Rico
* President Worthen focuses on ‘enduring joy’ at BYU devotional
* These BYU students officially have the highest ranking in the country
* Marie Osmond Pens Letter to Recently Returned Missionary Son
* 7 Things We Now Know About the Lost 116 Pages of the Book of Mormon
* Animating Water Just Got Easier Thanks to BYU Professors
* New Podcast Series Looks in Depth at Joseph Smith’s First Vision of Deity
* Pacific Area Presidency Expresses Gratitude to All Who Participated in Fast for Australia
* How to Make 2020 “a Year of Powerful Scripture Study Unlike Any Other”
* A story about LDS Church finances
* January 2020 Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
* Formerly ‘Deseret,’ the state of Utah turns 124 years old today
* Retired Teacher Works to Improve Education in Guatemala
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What the story of John Howland taught President Ballard about expecting the Lord’s hand
* 7 Book of Mormon Reading Charts to Help with Your Goals This Year
* Community helps family rebuild their home after fire
* Read about these 5 new stake presidencies
* Pacific Area Presidency Announce January National Fast
* Missionary from Pleasant Grove evacuated in Australia due to wildfires
* How this Latter-day Saint submarine officer finds gospel light deep under the sea
* Former BYU star Roland Minson, who helped lead Cougars to 1951 NIT championship, dies at age 90
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in December 2019
* Denver’s Giving Machines raise $625,000, “exceeding expectations” in first-year test run
* 5 Reasons You Should Check Out the New Conference Center Film, "Why Temples Matter"
* President Nelson Invites Sharing of Gospel Restoration2020 marks bicentennial of First Vision
* This former teacher didn’t want to waste his retirement years. Here’s how he is improving education in Guatemala
* A brief look at the news of the Church in 2019
* Body found in Idaho cave more than 40 years ago identified as outlaw who escaped jail in 1916
* It’s the start of a new era as Salt Lake Temple begins its 4-year renovation
* Mormons And The Tax Law
* What Church Leaders Have Said About the Restoration This Year and How to Prepare for Its Commemoration in 2020
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, December 30, 2019
* “Small and Simple Things” Prepared America for the Restoration of the Gospel, said President Ballard
* Here's a Recap of Where the Prophet and Apostles Traveled to This Year
* Missionaries and Members Reported Safe in Aftermath of Typhoon Phanfone
* Missionaries at MTCs Celebrate Christmas Away from Home
* Mary and Joseph's Examples Teach Us about Identity, Purpose, and Belonging
* Elder Christofferson Reflects on Savior's Birth, Joseph Smith's Role and Pioneer-era Memories at MTC Devotional
* Central America Is Evidence the Gospel “Changes People,” Says Elder Bednar
* Glass shattered at seven churches, post office in Lehi
* Jimmy Stewart’s role in this Christmas film might surprise you
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Facilitates donation to Badger Pantry
* Senior missionary serving in Nauvoo dies following a car accident
* President Nelson: ‘a hinge point in the history of the Church’
* Missionaries and members reported safe in aftermath of Typhoon Phanfone
* Scott Taylor: What we learned from the Giving Machines donations graphic
* Sister Aileen H. Clyde, former member of the Relief Society general presidency, dies at 93
* 2019 was full of temple announcements, dedications, policy changes and more — Here’s a look at all that happened
* Get the Most Out of Your 2020 "Come, Follow Me" Study with These New Resources
* Remembering the Salt Lake Temple as It Closes for 4 Years
* Utah couples line up to wed in temple ahead of 4-year closure
* 2019 was full of temple announcements, dedications, policy changes and more — Here’s a look at all that happened
* Christmas at the Provo MTC: How 1,223 missionaries celebrated the holiday while away from home
* Here’s a look at the 3 major policy changes the Church made in 2019
* Christoffersons and Christmas at MTC: Apostle reflects on Savior’s birth, Joseph Smith’s role and pioneer-era memories
* Kathleen Flake: ‘Mormonism and its Money’ is a power struggle we’ve seen before
* Ogden City looking to protect 156-year-old pioneer home on west 2nd Street
* President Nelson Shares Christmas Message
* From phoning home to SafetyZone: A look back at missionary matters in 2019
* This Christmas on social: Here are all the Christmas messages shared by Church leaders on social media this year
* How 2019 humanitarian highlights were fueled by helping hands, generous hearts
* A look at how the Church’s global influence for good has deepened in 2019
* Police: Man arrested for vandalizing Logan LDS temple on Christmas Eve
* A look at how the Church’s global influence for good has deepened in 2019
* Joseph Smith’s 214th birthday is today. Here’s a look at what Church leaders have said about the Prophet of the Restoration this year
* President Ballard, Elder Stevenson comfort loved ones of 9 Hansen family members lost in plane crash
* Elder Gong turns 66 today — Here are some highlights from his ministry this year
* I’ll Skype home for Christmas
* Crosslines Ministries receives 41,000 pounds of food
* 20 Things You Didn't Know About Temple Square at Christmastime
* An inside look at how Church finances fund humanitarian efforts, temples, worship, missionaries and education
* Global Effort to ‘Light the World’ Generates Donations for Charities
* Here’s what people have donated at Giving Machines around the world so far
* 2020 RootsTech Family Discovery Day and Activities
* 9 videos of Church leaders in 2019 you might have missed
* Read about these new stake presidents recently called in Central and South America
* Discovering identity, purpose and belonging at Christmastime
* 2020 RootsTech Family Discovery Day and Activities
* Sister Cordon Promises Joy to BYU-Hawaii Graduates Who Follow These 2 Principles
* Shopping for New Scriptures or Hymnbooks? Some Styles Limited to Stock on Hand
* More Convenient Access to Media in Gospel Library Brings the Scriptures to Life
* Quick and Simple Ways to Help Youth Connect with Their Families Past and Present
* Elder Tad R. Callister Shares Why Latter-day Saints Can Have Faith in Modern-Day Prophets
* Central America is evidence the gospel strengthens generations, says Elder Bednar
* Despite whistleblower complaint, experts say IRS backlash to Mormon group unlikely
* Handbook: Latter-day Saints shouldn’t talk politics, sexual orientation 'in a way that detracts' from meetings' focus on Christ
* LDS church to now welcome children from polygamous families, but what effect will it have?
* 2019 Year in Review
* How ‘small and simple things’ prepared America for the Restoration of the gospel, according to President Ballard
* Paul Alan Cox: 7 reasons I am grateful for the principle of tithing
* How a Latter-day Saint circus performer and mother of 2 lives her faith
* ‘Christmas I Remember Best’: The lesson a mother taught with 7 dresses
* Is the Church of Jesus Christ rich, or is it enriching?
* Arequipa Peru Temple Dedicatory Prayer
* Members, citizens of Peru blessed with spiritual sensitivity in Arequipa temple dedicatory prayer
* New Zealand Meeting Exemplifies Collaborations between the Church and Its Friends
* Quick and simple ways to help youth connect with their families past and present
* Meridian Needs YOU, Our Readers, to Continue Publishing
* First Presidency Statement on Church Finances
* $100B In Mormon Till Does Not Merit IRS Attention
* Latter-day Saints to cut ties with Boy Scouts
* Young Women General Presidency Featured in New Church Podcast
* Sister Bingham Shares 5 Keys for Keeping an Eternal Perspective
* Elder Soares Promises Miracles to Arequipa-area Youth Who Embrace Discipleship
* ‘Building bridges’: How a New Zealand meeting exemplifies past, present and future collaborations between the Church and its friends
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What I learned from President Nelson about color — and love
* Tears, gratitude and devotion define Sunday’s dedication of Church’s newest temple: the Arequipa Peru Temple
* 1,000 hand-knitted hats given to Las Vegas children
* President Nelson Plays 'Silent Night' Alongside 7-year-old Singer
* Christmas Season Celebrated at Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concerts
* How Do We Obtain World Peace, Become More Angelic and Experience Joy? Christmas Devotional Provides Answers
* Elder Soares Dedicates the Arequipa Peru Temple
* Video: Elder and Sister Christofferson Say Meeting People Keeps Them Energized on Trips
* Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra Perform 20th Christmas Concert in Conference Center
* Elder Tad R. Callister: How the Church ruins its members for any other church
* These 2 principles have blessed Sister Cordon. Here’s why she shared them with BYU-Hawaii graduates
* Elder Soares promises miracles to Arequipa-area youth who embrace discipleship
* This Week on Social: Christmas lights, holiday devotional messages and ways to reach out to others from Church leaders
* Church Commits $188m On Humanitarian, Infrastructure Provision In Nigeria
* 2020 Come, Follow Me for Youth Now Available Online and in Gospel Library App
* Primary Children Attending Screening Give New Book of Mormon Videos Thumbs Up
* Donation of 60 Tons of Food to Houston Food Banks Exemplifies “Pure Religion”
* Learn what the Church teaches about specific issues and events with updated Gospel Topics
* Why Saturday’s storied Army-Navy game won’t be Navy Coach Ken Niumatalolo’s most important event of the week
* Looking Back: What D. Arthur Haycock Learned as a Secretary to Several Prophets and Apostles
* How performing with the Orchestra at Temple Square led one couple to marriage
* A complete list of temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* New Temple Site Locations Announced in Texas and Utah
* Orem temple will be located at nexus of major growth close to two Provo temples
* Latter-day Saint Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Is Memorialized, Laid to Rest
* Here’s what these Primary children love about the new Book of Mormon Videos
* Sen. Mitt Romney questions fee hikes that will hit family history researchers hard
* BYU culture makes positive impact on athlete’s non-Latter-day Saint parents
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Valencia County
* 10 December 2019 - Salt Lake City Official Statement and Q&AFamilySearch Now Provides Ability to Document Same-Sex Family Relationships
* FamilySearch completes project to allow same-sex family trees
* Video: A look at how President Nelson is ‘building bridges’ with world leaders
* Arequipa Peru Temple Dedication
* Sister Bingham’s 5 keys for being happy, keeping an eternal perspective and progressing
* 5 Things You Might Have Forgotten About the Sacrament
* Messages and Music Inspire Members Worldwide during 2019 First Presidency Christmas Devotional
* Read talk summaries and see photos from the First Presidency Christmas Devotional
* How Do We Obtain World Peace, Become More Angelic and Experience Joy? Christmas Devotional Provides Answers
* Why a Church donation of 60 tons of food to Houston food banks is an example of ‘pure religion’
* Elder Soares encourages members to turn outward and serve as ‘a modern angelic host’
* Family, friends, military bid farewell to fallen Army pilot
* The unique role Utah played in a federal push to expand LGBTQ and religious rights
* Bring the Savior into focus this Christmas Season, Elder Kearon says
* Multi-year Renovation of Iconic Salt Lake Temple Begins December 29
* The Church of Jesus Christ Supports the Federal Fairness for All Act
* Sister Jones testifies of Christ as ‘the gift that never stops giving’
* What being secretary to prophets and Apostles taught D. Arthur Haycock
* How medical missionaries are making a difference for young missionaries
* I didn’t want to be gay, Ed Smart tells LGBTQ conference
* Runners get jolly in Provo Santa Run
* Services set for plane crash victims
* Layton Deseret Industries building evacuated after report of accidental dynamite donation
* First Presidency 2019 Christmas Message
* President Oaks Addresses Issues Specific to Immigrants during Spanish-language Meeting in Chicago
* Elder Soares Testifies of the Savior in “Special Witnesses of Christ” Video
* Oman ambassador joins Elder Rasband in turning on Christmas lights at Washington D.C. Temple
* New Renderings Released for Salt Lake Temple Renovation
* Start of multi-year renovation of iconic Salt Lake Temple is days away; new interior renderings released
* Primary General President Speaks at the UN in Geneva
* Church Leaders Witness Christlike Ministering among Venezuelan Refugees
* President M. Russell Ballard to speak at BYU-Idaho fall commencement
* Mormons, in the end, fare well in Washington Post story about refugee welcome in Utah
* BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides cheaper, more accessible higher education
* An Apostle Shares What Santa Claus and the Temple Have in Common
* Elder Renlund Shares a “Three-Fold Prescription” for Feeling God's Love
* First Presidency Encourages Members to Help Create “Welcoming Communities” for Refugees
* Temple Square Lights Up for 2019 Christmas Season
* What a visit to the Venezuelan border taught these Church leaders
* Elder Holland turns 79 years old today. Here’s a look at what he’s been up to this year
* Modern-day apostles in the Mormon church come from all walks of life
* Charitable Vending Machines Pop Up in NYC in Time for ‘Giving Tuesday’
* First Presidency Releases Statement on Refugees
* 'Create welcoming communities': Latter-day Saint leaders release statement on refugees
* Groundbreaking Completed for the Puebla Mexico Temple
* 9 Latter-day Saints Killed in Plane Crash Remembered for Gospel-driven Commitment to Helping Others
* Elder Andersen Speaks on Blessings of Life, Choice, and Christ at MTC on Thanksgiving
* Thanksgiving with Elder Andersen at the Provo MTC: A family card and gratitude for the blessings of life, choice and Christ
* Thanksgiving Service Project at Provo MTC Will Help Feed 140,000 Families
* "Inspired" New Aaronic Priesthood Quorum Theme Unites a Worldwide Brotherhood
* Elder Rasband Ministers from “A to Z” during Visit to the Pacific
* How This 88-year-old Violinist Became a Musical Missionary
* “Resilient” BYU Cross-Country Team Wins National Championship
* 5 thoughts from Latter-day Saint leaders on the meaning of gratitude
* Elder Holland Visits Southeast Africa During “Remarkable Time of Growth”
* Latter-day Saint couple falls in love again after wife’s memory loss
11/27-11/30* How the new Aaronic Priesthood quorum theme is about linking arms with a worldwide brotherhood
* Utah governor proposes new conversion therapy rule, supported by LGBT advocates and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* The latest research on nonmarital births, and why it matters
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, November 26, 2019
* New Leaders Called to Serve Over Church Historic Sites in 2020
* Download New Primary Song: “I Will Walk with Jesus” Audio and Sheet Music
* Elder Holland visits Southeast Africa during ‘remarkable time of growth’
* 5 Things That Set Apart “The Christ Child” Video from Other Nativity Versions
* Eight New Missions to Open in July 2020
* How a Branch of Five Families Has Grown to a Mandarin-Speaking Ward
* How President and Sister Nelson Helped One Young Vietnamese Woman Feel the Lord's Peace
* Looking Back: How Elder Neal A. Maxwell Became “Poetry Personified at the Pulpit”
* Latter-day Saint Woman Shares How She Was Prepared to Survive after Terrible Cabin Explosion
* Church History Museum Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Utah Women’s Right to Vote
* This 88-year-old violinist is a missionary first, musician second
* Latter-day Saints' Giving Machines back for a 3rd year, in more locations
* Big donation helps make "Operation Thanksgiving" a reality at Della Lamb
* BYU-Idaho reverses Medicaid decision, apologizes for ‘turmoil’
* First Presidency Announces a Session Change to April 2020 General Conference
* President Oaks Speaks as Honorary Chair of 2019 Utah Philanthropy Day
* Four New Zealand Youth Share Testimony through New Youth 2020 Theme Video
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How President and Sister Nelson helped one young woman feel the Lord’s peace
* The Church just released ‘The Christ Child’ video. Here are 5 things that set it apart from other versions of the Nativity story
* Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Utah women’s right to vote
* These new stake presidents were recently called to serve
* Remembering Mr. Mac and the art of the sale
* Utah family finds purpose with temple building bricks company
* Yes, there was a good showing of BYU fans in Amherst
* Prophet Concludes Southeast Asia Ministry in Indonesia
* President Russell M. Nelson's 2019 Southeast Asia Ministry
* Eight New Missions to Open in July 2020
* MTC Presidents Called to Colombia, South Africa, England, and More
* Elder Cook’s Recent Visit to England was “Reflective” and “Precious”
* Elder Andersen Shares 3 Blessings Each of Us Has Been Given
* How Salt Lake Temple Closure in December Will Affect Area
* Learn More about Your “Homeland” with FamilySearch Blog Country Pages
* Become “a People of Peace and Reconciliation,” Elder Uchtdorf Says during Volkstrauertag Event
* Latter-day Saint woman injured in cabin explosion candidly shares how she was spiritually and physically prepared to survive
* Church History Museum exhibit celebrates Relief Society’s role in Utah’s suffrage movement
* ‘I have seen miracle after miracle’: How a branch of 5 families has grown to a Mandarin-speaking ward
* In His First Visit to Cambodia, Prophet Unveils Phnom Penh Temple Rendering
* President Nelson meets Deputy Prime Minister, shares Cambodia temple rendering
* President Oaks Encourages a ‘Spirit of Giving’ in Society
* President Eyring Tells Saints in North Carolina that Ministering Is Precious Gift, Opportunity
* Faith in Christ Buoys Us Up, Elder Cook Tells Missionaries in Louisiana
* Elder Cook Rededicates Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple
* Young Women General Presidency Invites Young Women, Leaders to Learn the Doctrines of the New Theme
* Sarah Jane Weaver: A Tongan legend and how it applies to Latter-day Saints today
* As a feminist scholar, I have serious questions about the ERA
* President Nelson calls Vietnam’s future miraculous, promises Latter-day Saints they will be empowered to share the gospel
* Elder Cook prays for leaders of US in Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple rededicatory prayer
* Church Leaders Meet with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan
* Leaders Outline Church’s New Children and Youth Program
* Elder Gong and General Officers Explain Details of Children and Youth Program during Face to Face Event
* Read the New Young Men Theme
* New Missionary Handbook Is about Becoming a Disciple of Christ
* Elder Cook reflects on Hurricane Katrina during rededication and how the Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple is a refuge from the storm
* Take a look inside the classic 100-year-old Hawaii temple with this new model
* Elder Uchtdorf encourages all to become ‘a people of peace and reconciliation’ during Volkstrauertag event
* Video: President Nelson, Elder Christofferson share the ‘great hope’ they feel for the church’s future in Vietnam
* Prophet Makes First Visit to Vietnam
* Why President Nelson traveled 7,526 miles to address hundreds of Vietnamese Latter-day Saints
* Church Celebrates Milestone in Vietnam
* President Russell M. Nelson's 2019 Southeast Asia Ministry
* Children and Youth—Overview and Frequently Asked Questions
* Apostle Building Bridges of Understanding in New York City
* National security, poverty and charitable giving highlight President Ballard’s meetings in New York
* Apostle Rededicates the Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple
* Church Releases New Missionary Handbook
* Face to Face with Elder Gong to Provide “Deeper Dive” into Children and Youth Program
* 2019 Light the World Effort Focuses on Serving Others as Jesus Did—One by One
* Read the new Young Men theme
* President Eyring talks about the real purpose of ministering and more changes in the Church
* Elder Cook makes powerful promise to missionaries who feel rejected, discouraged
* How Elder Neal A. Maxwell became ‘poetry personified at the pulpit’
* President Eyring, Elder Stevenson deliver family history to Maryland governor at historic State House
* How Latter-day Saint Charities and the Vietnamese government are addressing the nation’s mobility crisis
* What comes after death?
* New Zealand wards cancel all meetings during measles-related state of emergency
* Long-term, intermittent fasting increases survival rate of heart patients, Utah researchers say
* President and Sister Nelson, Elder and Sister Christofferson embark on Southeast ministry
* 2019 Christmas Initiative Encourages Service ‘One by One’
* 2019 Light the World Effort Focuses on Serving Others as Jesus Did—One by One
* Donny Osmond unveils 'Giving' vending machine in Downtown Summerlin
* Read about these new MTC leaders who were recently called
* Relief Society Web Pages on Church Website Updated
* TV documentary to feature Sandy Springs Latter-day Saints temple
* FamilySearch celebrates 125th anniversary — here’s how it has become the largest genealogy organization in the world
* Construction of Pocatello temple becoming visible
* Violence, Mass Protests in Bolivia Affect Missionaries and Latter-day Saints
* Church donates food to local soup kitchen
* Water fight continues in eastern Nevada, western Utah with church-owned ranch in the middle
* Doors Open for Public Tours of the Arequipa Peru Temple
* Learn more about your ‘homeland’ with FamilySearch blog country pages
* What Muslims and Latter-day Saints in the Pacific taught Sister Eubank and Sister Craven about true ministering
* Violence, mass protests in Bolivia affect missionaries and Latter-day Saints
* Youth Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints Join With Others To Assemble Snack Packs For School Children In Need
* An Inside Look at the First Visitors’ Center in South America
* Elder Cook returns to his mission in England — here are highlights from his trip
* What is a bishop’s no. 1 responsibility and how can members help? Here’s what Church leaders say
* Mexico arrests suspects in Mormon massacre
* High school students rise early for religious study
* Science groups remove BYU job posts over school honor code
* LDS Church brings IDS 'labour of love' to Missionaries of the Poor
* GoFundMe set up for family of U.S. Air Force airman, former LDS missionary, lost in Gulf of Mexico
* How the “Renamed and Revitalized” Ward Youth Council Helps the Bishop
* Bishops, Are You Overwhelmed? Here’s What Ward Leaders and Members Can Do to Help
* Brother Owen Explains How Young Adults' Can Use the New Children and Youth Program
* How These Latter-day Saint Social Media Influencers are Spreading the Light of Christ
* Why this ‘unknown entity’ in the Church left his high-income career to manage accounting in the Welfare Department
* What I learned about my family history from covering the Frankfurt temple dedication and RootsTech London
* This man received a call personally from the prophet to be a temple missionary. 40 years later, he’s performed over 13,000 endowments
* Nigeria border closure: Church of Jesus Christ reacts to extension
* Elder Uchtdorf’s remarkable story of how good comes from your mission — even if you don’t see it for 46 years
* Church of Jesus Christ plans Single Adult Conference in Pocatello this weekend
* Our Daily Bread receives donation from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
* First Presidency Welcomes Leader of Muslim World League
* Elder Uchtdorf Shares Three Ways to Begin the Journey of Discipleship and Find True Happiness
* #LightTheWorld Giving Machines Expand to 10 Locations During Christmas Season
* Face to Face with Elder Gong to Provide “Deeper Dive” into Children and Youth Program
* Latter-day Saint Community Reports Surprising Blessings of a 4-year Temple Closure
* Sister Eubank Shares Role of Priesthood and Covenants in Blessing the Human Race
* Washington County Utah Temple Site Announced
* General Authority shares 2 strategies to help you win the ‘battle for your soul’
* Why young adults should be interested in the new Children and Youth program, Brother Owen explains
* Church Statement on Tragedy in Mexico
* A suspect has been arrested in the massacre of family
* Title of Liberty Raised in Three-Country Tour of Central America
* How delivering laundry prepared Elder Uchtdorf for the Air Force
* General Relief Society 1st Counselor of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints speaks in Spectrum Devotional
* The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints To Hold Face To Face Event For Children And Youth With Apostle Gerrit W. Gong
* Teen, volunteers paint over graffiti in Yakima as part of Scout project
* Elder Christofferson Rededicates Asunción Paraguay Temple in Spanish
* Sister Eubank, Sister Craven visit mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand
* “Latter-day Saint Women” Podcast Offers New Ways to Connect with Women Leaders throughout Church History
* Thank a FamilySearch Volunteer through New Messaging Feature
* These Latter-day Saint social media influencers have impacted millions. Here’s the secret to their success
* Why a prominent Muslim leader is visiting with Latter-day Saints this week
* Sister Eubank shares role of priesthood and covenants in blessing the human race
* Latter-day Saints were attacked and killed near the US-Mexico border.
* Elder Holland Teaches How BYU-Hawaii Students Can Further the Lord's Work and Establish Zion
* Elder and Sister Holland Return Home, Celebrate Courage that Defines Their Dixie Upbringing
* First Female Organist to Perform on Music & the Spoken Word Retires 40 Years Later
* Elder Christofferson rededicates Asuncion Paraguay temple in Spanish— here are highlights from the event
* Rededication of the Asunción Paraguay Temple Is Complete
* Thousands Attend Latin American Cultural Celebration Held at Conference Center
* The surprising blessings of a 4-year temple closure on this Latter-day Saint community
* These Latter-day Saint social media influencers have impacted millions. Here’s the secret to their success
* This is how to make happiness a reality — not just a post on social media, Elder Uchtdorf says
* Seventy Shares How to Avoid “Deepfakes” and Deception
* Family of Elder Perry Reflects on His Apostolic Ministry as New Book Is Released
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in October 2019
* Elder Rasband Teaches Young Adults and Missionaries in Arizona to Trust in the Lord
* Latter-Day Saints Church donates toilets, borehole, hall to Ogun school
* Site Announced for Moses Lake Washington Temple
* Groundbreaking Held for International African American Museum
* RootsTech Hosts International Conference in London
* Elder Bednar, a centuries-old church, Donny Osmond and Twister wrap up RootsTech London
* 2019 Luz de Las Naciones to Be a Celebration of Belonging
* Church Leaders Report on Status of Missionaries, Members following Typhoon Hagibis
* Why former Utah Jazz player Thurl Bailey says his son’s mission has put him ‘ahead of the game’ at Marquette University
* Latter-day Saint Women podcast offers new ways to connect with women leaders throughout Church history
* How to avoid ‘deepfakes’ and deception, according to a General Authority
* Sunday School General President provides five patterns of faith that bring miracles
* Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square Announces 20th Annual Christmas Concert Guest Artists
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, October 25, 2019
* RootsTech Hosts International Conference in London
* Church Leaders Visit New Zealand Mosque
* How a 96-Year-Old Man and WWII Veteran Is Making the Most of His Time as a Recent Church Convert
* Immigrant Welcome Centers in Texas and Arizona Bring Faith, Government Leaders to Work Together for Human Dignity
* How to Help Children Feel, Recognize, and Know the Influence of the Holy Ghost
* Church Updating Gospel Topics, a “Rich” Resource for Talks, Lessons, and Personal Study
* Northern California wildfires forces Latter-day Saints to evacuate homes
* Elder Dean L. Larsen dies at age 92
* How Elder Rasband overcame disappointment about his mission call and what it means for missionaries today
* First Presidency welcomes Cuba’s US Ambassador to Temple Square
* Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple Opens Doors to the Public
* See Inside and Renovated Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple
* Youth Lesson Outlines Reduced and Redesigned for 2020
* Religious Freedom and Public Morality Must be Centre Stage, Elder Cook Counsels
* Elder Cook Addresses Benefits of Religious Liberty at University of Oxford
* Elder Holland explains how BYU-Hawaii is part of an experiment to establish Zion
* After 40 years, the first female organist to perform on a ‘Music and the Spoken Word’ broadcast takes her final bow
* Governor concedes Mormon worries on ‘conversion therapy’ ban
* Elder Mwanken Memorialized for His Gospel Devotion and Fun-loving Nature
* Church Assists With Hospital Bed Donation in Papua New Guinea
* Presiding Bishop Dedicates New Bishops’ Storehouse in Arizona
* Rededicatory Prayer for the Frankfurt Germany Temple
* Elder Cook addresses benefits of religious liberty at University of Oxford
* LDS Church defends its objections to proposed ban on LGBTQ conversion therapy
* BYU Files Suit in Fight Over University Police Public Records
* Full-time missionary serving in DR Congo dies
* Ground Broken for Utah’s 18th Temple
* Latter-day Saint Charities Changes Lives through Donations to Individuals with Disabilities
* Get to Know New Area Seventies Called during October 2019 General Conference
* Tabernacle Christmas Concert Guest Artist to Be Announced Friday
* Latter-day Saint Pickleball Champion Uses His Passion for the Sport to Share the Gospel
* ‘Larger than life’: Family of Elder Perry reflects on his Apostolic ministry as new book is released
* Elder Uchtdorf rededicated the Frankfurt temple in his native German — read the prayer here
* Park City real estate figures say offers made on Mormon church-owned Main Street building
* President Ballard Invites New Movement to Pray
* Elder Uchtdorf Rededicates Renovated Frankfurt Germany Temple
* President Ballard, Elder Christofferson Testify of the Prophet Jospeh Smith at His Birthplace
* Saratoga Springs Utah Temple Site Is a “Miracle” for Latter-day Saints
* Download this updated 2019 chart of the Church’s General Authorities
* Presiding Bishop dedicates new bishops’ storehouse in Arizona
* U.S. Mormon Population Holds Steady as Other Faiths Decline
* Latter-day Saint bishop charged with possessing child pornography
* Video: President Ballard talks about his grandfather, who was also an apostle
* Temple Square organist and 'icon' Bonnie Goodliffe retires after 40 years
* Apostles of Jesus Christ Minister in Southwest United States
* President Nelson taught 63 temple presidents and matrons at a Temple Leadership Seminar. Here are some takeaways
* ‘A new movement’: Pray for the country, its leaders, church official urges Latter-day Saints
* More than a wheelchair: How Latter-day Saint Charities is giving respect to individuals with disabilities
* President Ballard Addresses New England Latter-day Saints
* ‘Joseph Smith is everything we say he is’: President Ballard, Elder Christofferson testify of the Prophet at his birthplace
* Latter-day Saint Apostle Rededicates Frankfurt Germany Temple
* Why Elder Uchtdorf says the rededicated Frankfurt Germany Temple is ‘a symbol of unity’
* A disease, an unexpected cure and more memories from Elder Uchtdorf before the Frankfurt Germany Temple rededication
* New York Times Calls Church’s Utah Movie Set a “Mini-Hollywood”
* Elder Holland Shares Miracles That Made the BYU Jerusalem Center Possible
* FamilySearch Donates 400 Years of Digitized Catholic Records in the Philippines
* Elder Pieper Teaches How You Can Approach Your Eternal Progress by Living Intentionally
* Sister Eubank Reflects on Her Mission from 35 Years Ago as She Attends National Women's Conference in Finland
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What I think President Nelson meant from his invitation during general conference
* How to help children feel, recognize and know the influence of the Holy Ghost
* Immigrant welcome centers in Texas and Arizona bring faith, government leaders to work together for human dignity
* The Temple Is “the Happiest Place on Earth” for Members from California to Central America, According to General Officers
* Bacolod Temple Announcement Meaningful to Filipino Family Converted Nearly 40 Years Ago
* 2019 Hispanic Cultural Event Luz de Las Naciones to Celebrate “Un Hogar para Todos” (A Home for Everyone)
* Latter-day Saint Man Learns Humility, Endurance, and Gratitude Running 200-Mile Ultramarathons
* Did you know a WWII veteran and gospel convert helped develop the Corvette? Here’s his story
* The Incredible Thing This Latter-day Saint Father Did to the Man Who Tried to Rob Him
* Members, Missionaries in Tokyo Affected by Typhoon Hagibis
* Church Opposes Utah Licensing Rule That Bans Conversion Therapy
* Rededicatory Prayer for the Raleigh North Carolina Temple
* This Latter-day Saint has won 55 awards in pickleball, but it’s not just a sport for him — it’s a missionary tool
* Utah woman to sue LDS Church using California law that helps child sex assault survivors
* Church Issues Statement Opposing Proposed Utah Psychologist Licensing Act Rule
* How living intentionally can help you with living the Word of Wisdom
* Sister Eubank shares how her mission to Finland helped shape her career and taught her the importance of service
* Open house for Asuncion Paraguay Temple begins. See what the interior looks like
* The restoration through the eyes of a teenage prophet
* Convicted fraudster Rick Koerber sentenced to 14 years in prison, amid protests
* An indigenous, LDS perspective on Columbus
* Utah churches not required to have carbon monoxide detectors
* Raleigh North Carolina Temple Is Rededicated
* President Ballard’s rededicatory prayer for Raleigh temple includes this important counsel from President Nelson
* Democratic Republic of the Congo Eliminates Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus
* Elder Holland gives an inside look to miracles that made the BYU Jerusalem Center possible
* Latter-day Saints on Remote Azores Islands Are Living the “Higher Way” to Stay Connected to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
* New York Times calls Church’s Utah movie set a ‘Mini-Hollywood,’ but with these key differences
* "Not an R-Rating in Sight": "The New York Times" Talks What Sets Latter-day Saint Cinema Apart
* The Krishna Temple Thriving in Mormon Country
* Raleigh North Carolina Temple Is Rededicated
* A look at North Carolina’s Church history and why the temple rededication is a ‘game changer’ for Latter-day Saints
* Asunción Paraguay Temple Opens for Public Tours
* See Inside the Remodeled Asunción Paraguay Temple
* Former Tabernacle Choir president dies at age 85
* Church leaders give safety report for members, missionaries in Tokyo affected by Typhoon Hagibis
* Elder James O. Mason—Emeritus General Authority—Dies at Age 89
* BYU to start first black quarterback in school history
* Community rallies to help farmer in need before the ground freezes* LDS Relief Society launches newly updated website
* Mormon church on the Boise bench vandalized
* Latter-day Saints share their favorite moments from general conference
* Safety in Chapels Is the Responsibility of Every Latter-day Saint
* How This Latter-day Saint Woman Balances BYU Law School and Being a Mother at the Same Time
* Church Releases New Safety Guidelines to Help Members in Case of Shootings, Emergencies
* Orem temple announcement catches some off-guard, excites area mayors
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to distribute free clothing to families in Berks County
* Film director making a stop in eastern Idaho to premiere new Latter-Day Saint western film
* Latter-day Saints pray for future without hatred, violence in statement on German synagogue attack
* Beer dumped in Mormon church parking lot after truck crashes
* Text from October 2019 General Conference Now Online
* FamilySearch donates 400 years of digitized Catholic records in the Philippines
* Semi hauling beer spills load across church parking lot in Sandy
* President Nelson’s Global Ministry to Continue in Southeast Asia
* Kiribati President Visits Church Headquarters
* President Ballard Celebrates 91st Birthday
* Church Releases Rendering of Layton Utah Temple
* Why the Bacolod temple announcement is a story of faith and conversion nearly 40 years in the making
* How Latter-day Saints on remote Azores islands stay connected to the gospel of Jesus Christ
* Youth Curriculum’s Alignment with Come, Follow Me a “Small” but “Impactful” Change for Youth
* Download a PDF of 2019 October General Conference Talk Summaries
* Latter-day Saint Volunteers Respond to Aftermath of Tropical Storm Imelda
* Update on Missionary Injured in Car Accident in Canada
* Church’s $2 Billion of Humanitarian Aid Stems from Loving God and Others
* How Latter-day Saints on remote islands stay connected to the gospel of Jesus Christ
* Here’s what a non-Latter-day Saint got out of general conference
* Boyd Matheson: Now that general conference is over, what’s next?
* Take a look at these new stake presidents
* See all the talk summaries, photo galleries from October 2019 general conference
* President Nelson: 2020 a ‘bicentennial year,’ with April conference ‘different from any previous conference’
* President Nelson Announces Eight New Temples During General Conference
* Church Updates Temple Recommend Interview Questions
* Changes Announced to Strengthen Youth
* Leadership Changes Announced at October 2019 General Conference
* Elder Holland Explains How to “Be of Good Cheer” Despite Challenges of Last Days
* How following 2 great commandments has helped the Church contribute $2 billion of humanitarian aid worldwide
* Students Make Spiritual and Lifelong Connections while Gathering Native American Oral Histories
* Photos show the final session of October 2019 general conference
* A Quick Guide to This Week’s General Conference
* October 2019 Leadership Meetings Continue
* University of Utah Student Athletes Share Inspirational Testimonies of Christ
* Music & the Spoken Word: Excel in Human Kindness
* Watch this USA Today video of a Latter-day Saint military family being reunited
* Sarah Jane Weaver: Why the policy change of women as witnesses isn’t really a change at all
* Watch the Church’s World Report video about what’s happened since April 2019 general conference
* Food drive collects over 13,000 lbs of food in Fort Saskatchewan
* 5th Annual Interfaith Concert featuring Nathan Pacheco filled Ogden Tabernacle on Sunday
* ‘Little Provo:’ Inside the young Mormon oasis near Washington, D.C.
* Women Can Serve as Witnesses for Baptisms, Temple Sealings, First Presidency Announces
* General Conference Leadership Sessions Begin
* Social media reacts to news that women can now serve as witnesses for baptisms, temple sealings
* Read how women all over the world feel about being able to serve as witnesses
* Elder Soares Sees a Bright Future for the Church in Asia During His First Visit
* How the EFY Program Has Set Up FSY for the Perfect Beginning More Than 40 Years Later
* How 1 Latter-day Saint woman balances BYU Law School and being a mother of 7 at the same time
* Update on missionary injured in car accident in Canada
* Changes made to BYU-Idaho grants and scholarships
* A Quick Guide to This Week’s General Conference
* Leader of UN World Food Programme Visits Welfare Square
* Latter-day Saint Charities sponsors its first UN conference hosted in Geneva
* Elder Holland explains how to ‘be of good cheer’ despite challenges of last days
* Free Family History Library Classes and Webinars for October 2019
* What happened when Elder Bednar asked 15,000 BYU-Idaho students to listen to the Spirit instead of him
* President Nelson’s yearlong call for unity
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in September 2019
* Book of Mormon flown on Apollo 16 going up for auction
* BYU men’s tennis team members act as ambassadors in Asia
* Computer monitor and donations stolen during church break-in
* Church Meets With Leader of UN World Food Programme
* A look at how the partnership between the World Food Progam and Latter-Day Saint Charities is helping solve world hunger
* Why the children and youth program is more than just a shift from Scouting
* This woman says being single led her to become like a second mother to 200 children. Here’s how she’s made a difference
* Refresh your memory of April 2019 general conference with these talk summaries, themes and announcements
* What Masonry, Relief Society, and a Church newspaper have to do with the latest volume of Joseph Smith Papers
* Taylorsville teen pleads guilty to starting fire, breaking items at Ogden LDS Church in June
* Fayette County partners with FamilySearch
* Latter-day Saint Charities reaffirms commitment to U.N. World Food Programme as famine crises deepen
* Latter-day Saints Worldwide Introduced to New Program for Children and Youth
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, September 27, 2019
* Multi-media exhibit at BYU commemorates 200th anniversary of the First Vision
* Latter-day Saint Couple Who Served 6 Missions Say Their Decades of Church Service Began with Simple Decisions
* Obstacles Help Create Spiritual Growth, BYU-I President Tells Students
* Elder Bednar Teaches BYU-I Students a Pattern for Getting Their Questions Answered
* Making Decisions: 5 Things to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do
* Soccer Club in Arizona “Fighting for the Family” with No Sunday Play
* Want to Feel More Joy? Let Go of Grudges, Seventy Tells BYU-Hawaii Students
* Gender distribution of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* Latter-Day Saints surpass last year’s Food Bank total in Morinville
* Rendering Released for the Feather River California Temple
* Changes to Emphasize the Correct Name of the Church of Jesus Christ
* Brad Wilcox, John Bytheway, BYU professors talk EFY and how the program has set up FSY for the perfect beginning
* Why Elder Bednar didn’t want anyone to remember his words at this BYU-Idaho devotional
* Shaq Praises Latter-day Saint NBA Player: "He Was the Purest Guy I've Ever Met"
* Justice Neil Gorsuch speaks at BYU about the importance of civil discourse
* Why a Latter-day Saint 2-Year-Old Was Featured in Times Square
* Up Close: Utah artist paints portrait of missionary killed while serving in Canada
* Conference aims to 'build bridges' between LGBTQ community, LDS Church
* In our opinion: Religious liberty and LGBTQ rights will have their day in court
* Family: Injured missionary from Sahuarita has miracle moment
* Residents, church members ‘thrilled’ about centralized location of Tooele Valley temple
* Tooele Valley Utah Temple Site Announced
* Struggles, success and … waterskiing? The unexpected spiritual lessons from Henry J. Eyring that have defined his life
* What 1 story about forgiving a bishop teaches about the power of the Atonement and letting go of grudges
* Sister Jones Shares 7 Ways to Engage in and Shape Civil Dialogue in Our Communities
* How a Latter-day Saint and BYU-Pathway Student Became a BYU-Idaho Professor
* 7 Tips for Preparing Primary Children for Their First Temple Experience
* Utah faith leaders, police gather to discuss safety at places of worship
* Groundbreaking Scheduled for the Puebla Mexico Temple
* Groundbreaking for Puebla Mexico Temple announced
* How Tropical Storm Imelda is impacting Latter-day Saints and what 2,000 volunteers are doing to help
* Church Members and Community Volunteers Provide Relief in Aftermath of Tropical Storm Imelda
* Have a decision to make? These 5 things can get you on the right track
* Sudanese Latter-day Saint Convert and Civil War Survivor Is on a Mission to “Help Humanity”
* Muslims and Christians Build Bridges of Unity in Georgia
* Family History Library Seminars Are “Buffets of Genealogy Goodness”
* No correlation between youth suicide and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* Latter Day Saints complete ‘Day to Serve’ efforts
* Trump's new national security adviser studied at bastion of apartheid
* Church Donates to Suicide Prevention and Awareness Campaign in Utah
* Engage Society in Informed, Sincere and Civil Ways, Global Leader of Children Says
* Sister Jones shares 7 things to ‘be’ when participating in civil dialogues about religious education and freedom
* President Ballard challenges UVU students to help gather Israel, balance spiritual and temporal learning
* Jeffrey R. Holland speaks to young adults in packed Spectrum
* How a soccer club in Arizona is ‘fighting for the family’ with no Sunday play
* New Church Video Details the Purpose of Life, Plan of Salvation
* Sister Eubank Speaks at National Women’s Conference in Finland
* 7 tips for preparing Primary children for their first temple experience
* Elder Perry’s unforgettable experience as a Marine in Nagasaki after the atomic bomb dropped
* Utah: the least 'beer-drinking state' and fewest driving deaths with alcohol, report says
* How 1 Sudanese Latter-day Saint convert survived a civil war and is on a mission ‘to help the rest of humanity’
* Catch up on the new stake presidents called to serve around the world
* oung people take to Virginia woods to learn about the rocky road traversed by their Mormon predecessors.
* Returned missionaries remember companion and friend who died while serving in Canada
* Church announces closure of Guatemala Missionary Training Center
* This Latter-day Saint finished his college degree through BYU-Pathway. Now, he’s a BYU-Idaho professor
* The personal connection Sister Cordon has with the Lisbon Portugal Temple
* Take a look inside the remodeled Raleigh North Carolina Temple
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What the LGBT 2015 policy and a BYU devotional taught me about choosing faith
* 104-year-old man shares how volunteering in the St. George Temple each week keeps him young
* Mormon Channel changes name to Latter-day Saints Channel
* The Frankfurt Germany Temple Has Been a “Spiritual Jewel” for Elder and Sister Uchtdorf for the Past 32 Years
* Church announces changes for sister missionaries assigned to Church historic sites
* Elder who died following car accident remembered for devotion, humor
* Changes to Emphasize the Correct Name of the Church of Jesus Christ
* FamilySearch regional research seminars feature ‘all you can eat buffet’ of resources
* Social media reacts to President Nelson’s BYU devotional on LGBT 2015, 2019 policies
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What the LGBT 2015 policy and a BYU devotional taught me about choosing faith
* Trump's new national security adviser now highest-ranking Latter-day Saint in administration
* 20,000 lbs of food donated to Facing Hunger Food Bank
* Christian health care organization asks Latter-day Saints to rethink their beliefs or leave
* Love Motivated Policy Changes Toward LGBT Parents and Children, Prophet Says
* Read President Nelson’s full BYU devotional on the love and laws of God, 2015 LGBT policy
* Missionary Serving in British Columbia Passes Away
* Bishop Causse Gives Keynote Address at UN Conference in Geneva
* Boyd Matheson: Nothing will give more confidence than being able to say ‘I know for myself’
* 104-year-old man shares how volunteering in the St. George Temple each week keeps him young
* New Christmas Concert Ticket Process Gives Equal Chance for All
* First Presidency Calls New 2019 Mission Leaders to Serve in the Philippines
* Lisbon Portugal Temple Dedicatory Prayer
* President Oaks Tells Latter-day Saints in Arizona How the Work of God Is Hastening
* Elder Neil L. Andersen Dedicates Lisbon Portugal Temple
* Elder Andersen blesses Portugal to be a land of freedom, prosperity during Lisbon temple dedicatory prayer
* ‘We too are explorers’: Elder Andersen compares historic Portuguese navigators to Lisbon’s dedicated temple
* Face to Face with Elder Soares takes international approach with Spanish, Portuguese — and yes, even more languages
* Montana Red Cross to Partner with Church of LDS to install free smoke alarms
* Crews battle wildfire above Fruit Heights amid evacuation confusion
* Donny and Marie: Ambassadors of their faith for decades
* January 2020 Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults
* Here’s how to get tickets to the 2019 Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert
* Church Thanks Mali Government for Formal Recognition
* Elder Neil L. Andersen Dedicates Lisbon Portugal Temple
* Press Forward with Faith, Church Leaders Tell Young Adults at Face to Face Event
* President Oaks speaks to Latter-day Saints in Arizona on how the work of God is ‘hastening’
* Church Announces Dates of 2020 Churchwide Events
* A Glimpse of the New Program for Children and Youth: Focusing on Faith in Christ through Balanced Growth
* ‘I just love it’: Sister missionaries teach their faith on the Plains
* Learn about these new mission leaders called to serve in the Philippines
* Sarah Jane Weaver: How President Nelson’s ministry in Central and South America brings ‘power to the people’
* This Week on Social: Elder Andersen shares a wedding photo, testimony of the temple
* From Wyoming to Spain: Real Madrid shooting guard Jaycee Carroll talks faith, family and pro basketball
* Church Releases More Details about FSY Conferences Starting in 2020
* Two LDS missionaries critically injured in crash in British Columbia
* BYU Tops Harvard & Princeton in New Wall Street Journal Ranking
* Prophet Invites Young Adults Worldwide to Watch His September 17 Devotional
* President Russell M. Nelson expresses gratitude for birthday wishes
* How 1 missionary paralyzed in a hit-and-run car crash is ‘running to share the gospel’
* Here’s why this ‘amateur’ photographer was inspired to donate 36,000 photos to the Church
* April 2020 General Conference
* Like to Perform? Learn How to Audition to Be a 2020 Young Performing Missionary in Nauvoo
* President Nelson’s 36 Years of Influencing World Leaders and Sharing the Gospel Throughout the Globe
* German Journalist Tour Remodeled Frankfurt Germany Temple Prior to Open House
* Hurricane Dorian Causes Minor Damage on US East Coast as Missionaries Are Moved from the Bahamas
* Hurricane Dorian update: Missionaries out of the Bahamas, minor damage on US East Coast
* President and Sister Tanner invite BYU-Hawaii students to dedicate themselves to the temple
* Logan FamilySearch Library boasts 14,400 visitors in 2018
* With Russia’s ban on missionary work, it’s up to members to keep Mormonism alive
* Video: Sister Wendy Nelson, Sister Mary Cook sing and share details of traveling with the prophet
* New Temple President and Matron Called to Serve in Guatemala
* The writing assignment 14 journalists had in the celestial room of the Frankfurt Germany Temple
* A conversation with author Hank Smith on gospel teaching, the power of humor and Jesus’s parables
* How BYU acts as a type of ‘gathering’ of Israel
* World Suicide Prevention Day and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seek to provide help
* Frankfurt Germany Temple Open House
* Lisbon Portugal Temple Dedication
* Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults: A Face to Face Event with Elder Ulisses Soares and Elder Craig C. Christensen
* Religion enters Salt Lake City politics as mayoral candidates face both criticism and support
* Church leaders, cast and crew express excitement for upcoming Book of Mormon videos
* Temple President in Tonga Passes Away
* Public Invited to Tour the Frankfurt Germany Temple
* See Inside the Remodeled Frankfurt Germany Temple
* President Nelson’s 36 years of influencing world leaders and sharing the gospel throughout the globe
* When Marie Osmond Was Offered $5 Million to Be in "Playboy" and Donny Was Asked to Fake a Drug Bust to Help Their Careers
* 8 Latter-day Saints Who Are Dominating 3 Billboard Charts Right Now
* How I got a role in the new Book of Mormon live-action series
* Latter-day Saint Joins Epic Sailing Expedition to Recreate Possible Book of Mormon Voyage
* Residents jubilate, as Latter-day Saints clean up Lagos community
* Elder Bednar Promises “Lasting Joy” for Haitian Youth at Temple Devotional
* Performing at President Nelson’s Birthday Celebration Is “an Opportunity of a Lfetime” for Artists
* Church releases trailer for new book of mormon video series
* Elder Rasband Commemorates 106-year-old Partnership between Church and BSA at Scouting Gala
* How having a temple in Haiti is making the youth proud to be Latter-day Saints
* The courageous steps Latter-day Saints in Asia are taking to build the Church and strengthen their families
* This Week on Social: What a poisonous weed taught Sister Craig about how Satan works
* Teen Diagnosed with Terminal Cancer Weeks Before Mission Receives Miraculous News
* Homeowner, 2 Mormon missionaries injured by stray bullet in Klamath Falls
* Season Three Filming of Book of Mormon Live-Action Series Nears Completion
* Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the Book of Mormon videos series
* Saratoga Springs Temple Groundbreaking Date Announced
* New temple president and matron called to serve in Guatemala
* See 35 of the best photos from President Nelson’s Central and South America Ministry
* Video: Elder Cook, Sister Cook share what it’s like seeing the mantle of a prophet up close
* Latter-day Saints gather to celebrate President Nelson's 95th birthday
* Mission President Passes Away in the Philippines
* “Spectacular” Latter-day Saint Youth on Latin America Ministry Tour Leave Unforgettable Impression
* Boy Scouts of America Honors the Church
* Elder Rasband commemorates 106-year-old partnership between Church and BSA at Scouting gala
* Latter-day Saints and Other Volunteers Combine to Help Asylum Seekers in Albuquerque
* New Mission President Called to West Virginia Charleston Mission
* 2020 Come, Follow Me Book of Mormon Manuals Now Online
* President of Portugal Visits the Lisbon Portugal Temple Open House
* First Presidency Calls New Santiago Chile Temple President and Matron to Serve
* Dedicatory Prayer for the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple
* Boyd Matheson: Hastening isn’t just about speed — it’s also about strength
* Homeowner, 2 Mormon missionaries injured by stray bullet in Klamath Falls
* Minnesota Church replaces Jesus portrait with Star Wars Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi
* Volunteers on Standby to Help After Dorian Passes
* A look at why President Nelson ministers to Latter-day Saints around the world
* Hurricane Dorian Impacts Members, Missionaries in Bahamas
* Latter-day Saint missionaries evacuated from Hurricane Dorian’s path
* Haiti Temple Dedication Marks Beginning of a Remarkable Future for the Country
* Finding Your Senior Mission: Medical Missionaries Help Young Missionaries Heal Physical and Emotional Ailments
* Latter-day Saint Nutritionist Shares How the Gospel Can Influence Physical Health
* BYU Education Week Speaker Teaches How to Bring the Influence of Temple Worship to Your Home
* See how Elder Bednar blessed Latter-day Saints in the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple dedicatory prayer
* President of Portugal visits the Lisbon Portugal Temple open house
* Married BYU students report less stress than unwed classmates, BYU study says
* ‘We have a lot to do,’ says President Nelson as Latin America Ministry Tour ends in Brazil
* Haiti temple dedication marks the beginning of a ‘remarkable’ future for the country
* This new mission president and companion were recently called to serve in West Virginia
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What a spontaneous prayer in Colombia taught me about how the Lord blesses us
* QB Took Two BYU Cheerleaders To His Senior Prom
* New LDS stake added to region
* BYU President Worthen talks faith, student activism and plans for future after five years in office
* Expect new temples, other news to be announced at October’s LDS General Conference, President Russell Nelson says
* Almost a decade after Haiti quake, Latter-day Saints have rebuilt physically and spiritually
* Layton fire grows to 250 acres; 125 homes evacuated
* Church News video: Latter-day Saint youth leave an unforgettable impression on Latin America Ministry Tour
* President Nelson on Final Stop of Latin America Ministry
* President Nelson teaches missionaries in Brazil an effective way to talk about the Book of Mormon
* Video: From Scrabble to the commandments, President Nelson and Sister Wendy Nelson talk about ‘eternal laws’
* First Haitian Temple Is Dedicated
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, August 30, 2019
* ‘Batting Clean’ makes the case for Dale Murphy
* President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa Visits Lisbon Temple
* Sisters Jones and Craig Bring Love to Latter-day Saints in Asia
* President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa Visits Lisbon Temple
* Church News Website, New Mobile App Now Available in Spanish and Portuguese
* Alignment of Church and U.N. Goals Demonstrated in Service Project for Hungry Children
* Free Family History Classes and Webinars for September 2019
* Did you know youth can attend BYU Education Week? Here are some of their favorite experiences
* ‘I’m just looking forward,’ says President Nelson as tour nears conclusion a week before his 95th birthday
* Boyd Matheson: Insights into what the apostles learn from traveling with the prophet and what it means for Latter-day Saints
* President Nelson Visits Wheelchair Recipients and Latter-day Saints in Argentina
* Released Renderings of Richmond Virginia Temple Reveal Colonial Design
* Bishop Caussé Speaks at UN Civil Society Conference about the Necessity of Sacrificing for a Better World
* Women leaders visit Pacific Northwest 1 year after President Nelson spoke at Safeco Field — here’s how it unified the youth
* LDS Charities, partners are assembling 375,000 meals for needy kids as part of United Nations gathering
* Stricter church gun policy emphasis gets mixed reaction in East Idaho
* What’s the secret to Utah’s startup success? Mormon missionaries
* Pocatello temple construction on schedule
* Prophet Encourages Ecuadorian Saints to Make the Home a Laboratory of Love
* President Nelson, Elder Cook Address Saints in Ecuador on Prayer, Revelation
* Richmond Virginia Temple Renderings Released
* Why the UN wanted to hold a conference in Salt Lake City and what their partnership means to the Church
* What you probably didn’t know about the development of the ‘Come, Follow Me’ curriculum
* Bishop Caussé speaks at UN Civil Society Conference about the necessity of sacrificing for a better world
* President Nelson, Elder Cook give Ecuadorian Latter-day Saints advice on how to find direction in life
* President Nelson, Elder Cook Address Saints in Ecuador on Prayer, Revelation
* Sister Nelson Shares How to Open the Heavens, President Nelson Shares How to Build a Glorious Afterlife
* How Youth Leaders Picked 2020 Youth Theme, and Why It’s Important for Today’s Youth
* Are you going to or are you worshipping at the temple? BYU Education Week identifies the difference
* Latter-day Saint apostle warns BYU employees against sowing seeds of doubt in students
* They save Colombia’s children from the sewers, the streets, and from a life of no promise
* "Other Side of Heaven 2" Re-Released in Theaters to Raise Funds for Tongan Children
* "You Smashed That": Judges Praise Latter-day Saint as He Advances to Final 6 on "So You Think You Can Dance"
* Watch Piano Guys' Stirring Music Video with Latter-day Saint "World of Dance" Winners
* How Utah is showing the world why faith, self-reliance can combat poverty, create ‘upward mobility’
* President Nelson Addresses 10,000 Colombian Latter-day Saints
* Nations are stronger when they support families, religious pluralism, President Nelson tells world leaders on tour
* Church Hosts Events for United Nations Conference in Salt Lake City
* Pray, Keep the Commandments, President Nelson Exhorts Guatemalan Saints
* Mormon leaders explicitly ban guns from houses of worship
* Quick Tip: Requesting a Digital Copy of Your Patriarchal Blessing
* Are you going to or are you worshipping at the temple? BYU Education Week identifies the difference
* Angel Moroni statue replacement arrives in Richland
* Latter-day Saint Charities partners with multiple organizations to provide over 370,000 meals to kids in need
* President Nelson Reminds Colombians What Is Possible Through Jesus Christ
* President Russell M. Nelson's 2019 Latin America Ministry
* Prophet Counsels Guatemalan Saints to Teach Each Other about Jesus Christ
* Colombian leaders thank President Nelson for church’s support of religious liberty in their nation
* President and Sister Nelson Commence Ministry in Latin America
* What one Latter-day Saint nutritionist shared about how the gospel can influence physical health
* A look at how Church leaders decided on the 2020 youth theme and why it’s important for youth worldwide
* How Latter-day Saints and other volunteers have come together to help asylum seekers in Albuquerque
* This Week on Social: ‘Come’ and watch these videos Church leaders posted this week
* Boyd Matheson: Why gratitude matters in a world of instant gratification
* How Elder Marvin J. Ashton faced his ‘battle with time’
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints changes gun policy
* US Vice President Pence meets with Church leaders, discusses value of faith and religious freedom
* Church Leaders Meet with US Vice President Mike Pence
* Church president embarks on five-country tour to greet Latter-day Saints, world leaders
* Name Changes Announced for LDS Charities, Family Services
* Church Announces Headquarters for New Africa Central Area
* BYU Law Camp Challenges Young Thinkers to Learn about Real Issues Up Close
* From Settling Salt Lake City to Polygamy, Volume 2 of “Saints” Is More “Epic” than the First
* Quick Tip: Finding Church Resources in American Sign Language
* 8 Principles That Helped Joseph Smith through Trials Can Help Millennials Today
* How a unique partnership with BYU and Latter-day Saint Charities is changing lives in Mongolia
* Why President Nelson has visited 23 countries since his call as prophet
* LDS President Oaks offers parenting advice to over 100 couples at local gathering
* BYU football signee’s missionary suitcases stolen at Orem restaurant just hours before he was to enter MTC
* Education Week: Brad Wilcox discusses the role of church members in the gathering of Israel
* Education Week: Biblical symbols reveal Second Coming will be joyful, glorious
* This professional boxer and his wife served a 25 year Latter-day Saint mission.
* Nairobi, Kenya, to be Church Africa Central Area Office
* Auditions Announced for 2019 “Savior of the World” in Salt Lake City
* Quick Tip: How to Get Tickets to Attend General Conference Live
* What a mid-mission cancer diagnosis taught this woman about trusting in God and living life to the fullest
* Tampa Bay Buccaneers kicker Matt Gay on record field goal, relying on God through his mission and the NFL
* Utah lawmakers recommend e-cigarette tax bill to reduce vaping ‘epidemic’ in youth
* LaVell Edwards' spirit, family still heavily involved in shaping BYU football program
* City of North Charleston plans to give $1 million to International African American Museum
* BYU students will know why they're being called to Honor Code Office beforehand
* Saints QB Taysom Hill the next Steve Young? Sure, why not?
* Utah missionary's bag stolen from Orem parking lot just before he was set to enter MTC
* Nairobi, Kenya, to be Church Africa Central Area Office
* Elder Stevenson asks BYU Education Week attendees to give the Book of Mormon more ‘screen time’
* Elder Stevenson Speaks of Restoration, Book of Mormon, and History of Education Week
* Education Week: Look forward to the Second Coming
* FamilySearch Blog a Helpful Source for Learning More about Family History
* LDS President Oaks speaks to parents at large Blackfoot gathering
* Missionary Diagnosed with Cancer Sees Ministering Miracles
* How this Latter-day Saint motocross racer fulfilled the dream of his late friend at a national event
* Local Realtors and Friends Tackle Hunger With Some Peanut Butter and Jelly
* A private college degree for less than $9,000: How a 10-year-old school is disrupting higher education
* Officials Investigate Failed Arson Attempt On Local Church
* Ground Broken for Belem Brazil Temple
* Here are some of the inspiring promises made during the Belem Brazil Temple groundbreaking
* Latter-day Saint Couple Has Created Decades of Harmony On (and Off) the LA Philharmonic Stage
* A backstage look at some of the people who make your family history work possible
* Want to learn more about family history but aren’t sure where to start? This blog on FamilySearch might be just the thing
* From settling Salt Lake City to polygamy, volume 2 of ‘Saints’ is more ‘epic’ than the first
* Sarah Jane Weaver: What a woman’s dying wish taught me about true Christlike love
* Education Week: Speaker encourages Latter-day Saints to learn from other religions
* Sexual abuse lawsuit against LDS Church on hold
* Again, Latter-Day Saints give lifeline to Abia community
* Church Launches Protection Training for Leaders of Children and Youth
* President Ballard and Elder Gong Share Why Using the Full Name of the Church Matters
* President Nelson’s Charge 1 Year Ago to Use Full Name of the Church Has Ongoing Impact
* Groundbreaking for the Belém Brazil Temple
* Latter-day Saints Are Helping Venezuelan Refugees Who Have Fled to Colombia
* Church Says E-cigarettes, Green Tea, and Coffee-Based Products against Word of Wisdom
* See Inside the New Lisbon Portugal Temple
* Church rallies 1,000 members to clean up Police College
* Statement on the Word of Wisdom
* Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple Open House
* BYU Education Week Devotional with Elder Gary E. Stevenson
* More than 1 million Venezuelan refugees have fled to Colombia. Here’s how Latter-day Saints are helping many of them
* Here’s how the first-ever pioneer trek in Spain helped Latter-day Saints connect to their ancestors
* Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth Smart, announces he is gay
* Twin Falls Latter-day Saint couple finds spiritual experiences on a Catholic pilgrimage
* Lots of events at Mormon Station Aug. 24
* The Lisbon Portugal Temple open house is starting soon — see the first interior photos here
* ‘God is my strength’: Why professional soccer player Paulo Gallardo is leaving his career to serve a mission
* Gymnast MyKayla Skinner shares how she balances competing on U.S. National Team while living the gospel
* LDS volunteers mark three-year milestone in digitization project
* Patrick Kinahan: Don't doubt BYU football's national fan base
* High school tennis players sue over championship conflict with Sabbath
* Norkem Park SAPS receives handbags of hope and dignity
* First Temple in Portugal Opens to the Public
* The Lisbon Portugal Temple open house is starting soon — see the first interior photos here
* A look at the impact of President Nelson’s charge 1 year ago to call The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by its full name
* How this Latter-day Saint couple has created decades of harmony on (and off) the LA Philharmonic stage
* Elder Craig C. Christensen shares 8 principles that helped Joseph Smith through trials. Here’s why they can help millennials
* Memo to young Mormons: Vaping is not OK, says LDS Church
* Police, fire crews investigating fire at Layton LDS Church building after missionaries put it out
* Details of Brigham Young's life to be featured on 142nd anniversary of his death
* Elder Craig C. Christensen shares 8 principles that helped Joseph Smith through trials. Here’s why they can help millennials
* He was born in Mexico and served in Vietnam. Now, he’s the first person of color to serve as Mormon History Association president
* Latter-Day Saints, partners engage in nationwide service project
* Missionaries put out fire at Latter-day Saint meetinghouse
* There is hope for Nigeria, but we must live right –Tay
* Missionary Hit by Car Takes Miraculous First Steps After a Year of Using "Christ as Her Crutch"
* How a Jewish Couple Is Helping Church Members Connect with Early Church History
* BYU-Pathway and Self-Reliance team up to provide better educational opportunities worldwide
* This Week on Social: Watch missionaries sing the U.S. national anthem at a Houston Astros game
* BYU-Pathway Worldwide partners with Welfare and Self-Reliance
* This BYU Law Camp challenges young thinkers to learn about real issues up close (but don’t worry, there’s still silliness)
* FamilySearch releases online editing tool for indexed records
* See the list of new stake presidents called to serve around the world
* 18-year-old arrested in St. George after shots fired outside Latter-day Saints church building
* Provo company's technology could change data transmission
* The groundbreaking for Brazil’s 8th temple has been announced. Here’s what you need to know
* Boyd Matheson: What I learned about using the full name of the Church from two Baptist reverends
* Contributions of a Few Women Are Making a Big Impact on Washington Community
* What 5 women in the Pacific Northwest are doing to better their communities
* With Sione Takitaki in the NFL, who will be the Cougars' next play-making linebacker?
* The Other Side of Heaven 2 Box Office Increases 86% in Week 6
* Father and Son Rediscover Hidden Arch Named After President George Albert Smith
* Family of Latter-day Saint YouTuber King of Random Who Passed Away Bears Powerful Testimony
* Lt. Governor Says Utah Voter Fraud Often Parental Mistakes
* BYU-Idaho Education Week puts a new spin on what it means to have confidence, joy
* BYU’s Museum of Art celebrates upcoming 200th anniversary of First Vision with heavenly exhibit
* BYU-Idaho Education Week puts a new spin on what it means to have confidence, joy
* Watch: Wheelchair Motocross Athlete Shares How the Atonement Changed Everything for Him
* Latter-day Saint Nurse Advances to "American Ninja Warrior" National Finals
* BYU Football: Cougars look to shock the nation in 2019
* 4 Ways to Make Family History Fun for Kids
* 10 Mental Health Resources to Help You and Your Loved Ones
* Latter-day Saint Siblings Make History in the Top 10 of "So You Think You Can Dance"
* Latter-day Saint Whose Cancer Returned 13 Days Before His Mission Serves Unique Mission
* Open House Begins for Haiti Temple
* Haitian Latter-day Saints Welcome Friends to Island Nation’s First Temple
* Church Releases Hong Kong China Temple Renovation Details
* New Pioneer Children’s Memorial inspires reflection at This is the Place Heritage Park
* FamilySearch releases online editing tool for indexed records
* Finding Your Senior Mission: Records Preservation Missionaries Contribute to Family History Work
* Quick Tip: How to Save and Print Family Requests
* In 1963, President Hinckley mourned the loss of 15 lives in the South Pacific. Here's how their story is being honored
* Jon Hunstman resigns as Ambassador to Russia amid rumors of run for governor
* Susan Evans McCloud: English pioneer convert's works will follow her
* Latter-day: When Reverence For Mormon Church Leaders Creates An Aura Of Infallibility
* 10 years after devastating earthquake, Haitian Latter-day Saints welcome friends to nation's first temple
* Hill Cumorah Pageant Offers a Spiritual Balm to Performers, Visitors
* Maupiti, French Polynesia, Memorial to Honor Love and Loss of Latter-day Saints
* Latter-day Saint Couple in New Zealand Changes Maori Community through Service
* In 1963, President Hinckley mourned the loss of 15 lives in the South Pacific. Here's how their story is being honored
* How a Latter-day Saint Woman Reunited with the Missionary Who Baptized Her 27 Years Ago
* Utah death-row inmate in court challenging guilty verdict
* Latter-day Saints Around the World: Country Newsroom Websites, August 2, 2019
* Groundbreaking Announced for the Belém Brazil Temple
* French Polynesia Growing Rapidly in Spirituality and Education
* FamilySearch Users Can Now Correct Name Indexing Errors
* How Disappointment Helped Spiritually Prepare Navy’s Football Coach to Become a Stake President
* Sarah Jane Weaver: This word isn't in the dictionary, but it's one we should all know
* Read about these new stake presidencies who have been called to serve
* What does it take to put on the Hill Cumorah Pageant? Here's a look at the 2019 production
* This week on social: President Nelson reflects on heartbreak, Sister Craven says life is like a continuous line drawing
* Call for a new church hymnbook generates 17,000 submissions, suggestions
* Church Announces 2020 Mutual Theme for Youth
* Church announces 2020 youth theme — read the scripture here
* 'The Savior is the head coach': How Navy's challenging football season brought Ken Niumatalolo closer to Christ than he's ever been
* Local Muslims and Christians build bridges of unity
* 30-mile trek connects youth to pioneer past, teaches them they can do hard things
* From Mexico to Texas to BYU: Patience paying off for backup QB Baylor Romney
* 3 lessons from Church history and a First Vision 200th anniversary tour
* Boyd Matheson: America is not a melting pot — it's a salad bowl
* Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints purchases land for temple in Moses Lake
* 'A journey of love': How 1 Latter-day Saint couple in New Zealand changed a Maori community
* Free Family History Classes and Webinars for August 2019
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in July 2019
* Zion's Camp burial site at Rush Creek, Missouri
* The 2-Letter Word That Makes All the Difference in the 2019 Mutual Theme
* Archeologists Discover Ancient Church Built Over the Home of New Testament Apostles Peter and Andrew
* Couldn't get tickets for President Nelson’s 95th birthday celebration? Here's how you can still participate
* BYU volleyball star Mary Lake strikes gold with Team USA during international tournament win
* BYU-Idaho Education Week scheduled from Thursday through Saturday
* Paul Mendenhall, father of former BYU football coach Bronco Mendenhall, dies at 88
* 5 burning questions as BYU football opens fall camp in 2019
* The Vatican Defends Sanctity of Confessional Against Attempts to Force Priests to Reveal Abusers
* The Church and BYU: An evolution — of evolution
* How you can welcome families moving from LDS units to your pack or troop

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