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MormonHaven News Archives
(Note: Some of the older news links may have expired)

* Elder Gong to give devotional address on Oct. 16
* Human Flourishing Is the Fruit of Religious Freedom
* How to evaluate doubts about the Church, according to BYU-Idaho President Henry J. Eyring
* Watch the new music video that reimagines 'I am a Child of God'
* Latter-day Saint Scholar Named a Welsh Bard, Unveils Plaque at Church History Site
* On its 2 year anniversary, see how the Philadelphia temple was centuries in the making
* 'We're not living as one American people': This campus event asks college students to help solve culture wars
* New Y Digital website streamlines Utah wildfire information
* Once a Scout, always a Scout: Man honored for 75 years of service
* Church Presents Family History to New Zealand Prime Minister
* Cleanup Efforts Underway in Asia Following Typhoon Mangkhut
* Think You’re Spiritually Tone-Deaf? BYU President Shares 3 Ways to Improve Your Ability to Receive Revelation
* Feeling Discouraged, Inadequate, Overwhelmed? Sister Aburto Says Small and Simple Actions Can Help
* Sister Missionary’s Song of Hope Heard Worldwide
* Young Women Respond to the Call to Minister
* Relief Society Serving “Minute by Minute” after Hurricane Hits North Carolina
* How to Recognize and Cope with Debilitating Anxiety
* On its 2 year anniversary, see how the Philadelphia temple was centuries in the making
* 5 things to remember when considering a senior mission
* ‘Better Days 2020’ empowers students through women’s history
* New Latter-day Saint General Board Members Named
* Meet the 11 new members of the Young Women, Primary general boards
* President Nelson Urges Members in British Columbia to “Teach the Children”
* Church Leaders Meet Chile’s Minister of Women and Gender Equity
* Senior Missionaries Needed Worldwide; Explore Service Options Online
* Prop. 2 'not the right answer,' but church leaders urge Utah Legislature to legalize medical marijuana by year's end
* New poll says Utahns split on how church position on medical marijuana initiative would affect their vote
* New 2018 Temple President Called to Serve in Lisbon Portugal Temple
* Gun goes off in Provo church, sending bullet into classroom of teens
* President Nelson Shares Life Lessons in Pacific Northwest
* President Nelson Shares 5 “Lessons Life Has Taught Me” with 49,000 in Safeco Field
* From Thailand to Zimbabwe: What President Nelson, Apostles have learned from their travels
* Church leaders want Utah Legislature to legalize medical marijuana by year's end
* First-Day Flooding from Hurricane Florence Devastates Latter-day Saint Homes
* Typhoon Mangkhut Strikes the Philippines
* Latter-day Saints Ready to Provide Disaster Relief on US Southeast Coast
* Latter-day Saints Around the World Country Newsroom Websites September 14, 2018
* North Carolinians Plead for Prayers for Hurricane Florence to "Move on"
* Sam Young announces he was excommunicated by local church leaders
* Why the Young Women's responsibility to be ministering sisters matters
* Judge rules against faith-based agency in landmark case over LGBT rights and religious liberty
* President Nelson and Elder Renlund Offer Advice during Caribbean Visit Q&A Interview
* Ministering Worldwide Is “Broadening” Experience for Prophet and Apostles Who Accompany Him
* Members sheltering missionaries serving in eastern North Carolina
* Feeling discouraged, inadequate, overwhelmed? Sister Aburto has 17 suggestions to help
* Free speech on campus: The real crisis is the confrontation that never happens
* BYU students impress India VIP with commitment to honor code
* Francis calls clergy abuse summit as issue imperils papacy
* Similar religious views are more important than sports fandom for most couples, new survey finds
* This missionary wrote an original song in the MTC and recorded it on her mission. Watch the video here
* New temple president and matron called to serve in Portugal
* 100-year-old identical twins say secret to long life is being Mormon
* 12 testimonies from the Apostles about President Nelson
* Francis calls clergy abuse summit as issue imperils papacy
* Young Women Donate 7,000 Pairs of Underwear for Hospitalized Children
* 'You are not spiritually tone deaf': 3 ways to help recognize, follow inspiration
* Church leaders speak out against Utah's medical marijuana initiative on radio broadcast
* Picturing history: Pioneer wagon ruts in the sand hills in Sutherland, Lincoln County, Nebraska
* Latter Day Saints Church honour their pledge to help
* Advancing Hurricane Florence Has Local Latter-day Saints on High Alert
* Missionaries Evacuated as Hurricane Nears the US East Coast
* 'It looked like World War III had hit': Carolinians reflect on past storms, prepare for Hurricane Florence
* New 2018 Temple President Called to Serve in Veracruz, Mexico
* Poll: Voters open to candidates without deep religious faith
* Elizabeth Smart Says It's 'Incomprehensible' That One of Her Kidnappers Will Be Freed Early
* Church looks heavenward to help pay power bill
* The scripture Elder Bednar was inspired to share on 9/11 with BYU-Idaho students
* Latter-Day Saints Charities Supports UPCO With Four-Classroom Block
* BYU student reconnects with family on Spain study abroad
* Mormon basketballer Mosiah MacDonald in New Zealand training squad
* The unforgettable responses of Presidents Hinckley, Monson and others after 9/11
* What Elder Cook and historians said about polygamy, seer stones and Church transparency during Nauvoo Face to Face
* Why Church history isn't something to be afraid of, according to Apostle and historians
* BYUtv launches season 9 of 'Studio C,' announces 3 new family-friendly TV shows
* History elevated: Clarkston tithing granary donated, moved to new location
* Snapchat Video Leads to Arrests in Church Vandalism That Caused $10K in Damage
* Watch: Sister Missionaries Sing Hauntingly Beautiful Song About Overcoming Our Brokenness to Find Light
* National university rankings are out — how did BYU fair this year?
* Missionaries Essential for Gathering Israel in Caribbean, President Nelson Says
* New Church History Book ‘Saints’ the Focus of Broadcast With Elder Cook
* Elder Cook, historians tackle tough questions about Latter-day Saint history
* Open House Begins for the Concepción Chile Temple
* The 160th temple opens its doors in Chile — here's what it looks like
* See Inside the New Concepción Chile Temple
* Church Invites Members to Pray for Lives Affected by Suicide and Mental Illness
* Church Announces Dates of 2019 Churchwide Events
* Meet the Mormon History Association's new executive director
* See 12 classic photos of Elder Cook to celebrate his birthday today
* Two arrested in Spanish Fork Latter Day Saints Church vandalism
* Longtime Utah Jazz chaplain Jerry Lewis remembered for sharing passion of God with players
* Want to be a Beehive House tour guide? Applications due Sept. 21
* LDS Pocatello Temple location announced
* Church Leaders’ Visit Strengthens Volcano Survivors in Guatemala
* Find out who will be speaking at BYU devotionals this fall
* Arrington/Evans Symposium set for Sept. 20-21 at USU
* 'Don't worry about being perfect': Faith leaders will address suicide and mental health during the national weekend of prayer
* Free Family History Classes and Webinars for September 2018
* How-To Series: Resources for Dealing with Addictive Behavior
* Church lawyers say chance of settling Colorado woman's lawsuit poor; judge sets trial date
* New temple president called to serve in Mexico
* Support for medical marijuana remains high in first poll since LDS Church opposed Proposition 2
* Former LDS stake president charged with tricking fellow church members out of $1.5M
* From “Snail Mail“ to Email: Mission Calls Are Going Digital
* Get a Sneak Peek at the New Church Curriculum for 2019
* 6 Reasons Why You Should Read the New Church History Book, Saints
* Saints Series Brings a Whole New Perspective to Church History
* Why these teens donated more than 7,000 pairs of underwear to a Washington, D.C. children's hospital
* These 5 Church members are turning 100 years old this year
* An unmistakeable impression: What led President Nelson to visit with missionaries in the Dominican Republic
* The power of narrative: 'Saints' series brings a whole new perspective to Church history
* President Nelson Assures Hurricane Survivors in Caribbean of Better Days Ahead
* Sister Aburto and Sister Harkness offer comfort, provide aid to volcano survivors in Guatemala
* The first official multi-volume Latter-day Saint history since 1930, 'Saints,' is on sale today
* Sacred Objects Help Connect Us to History, Says BYU Education Week Presenter
* What is India's very ancient 'Rigveda'?
* Woman confronts Arizona congregation with rape allegation; church responds
* A sneak peek at the 'home centered' Church curriculum for 2019
* I love them': Elder Soares' first official visit with Church members in Brazil since his call as Apostle
* President Oaks Answers Tough Questions from “Rising Generation Raising Next Generation”
* President Nelson visits Puerto Rico a year after Hurricane Maria battered the island
* Here's why Sam Young faces discipline from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* Meet Rabbi Sam Spector, the new 30-year-old leader of Utah's largest Jewish congregation
* These hikers braved the Australian Alps to raise $10,000 for indigenous children
* New FamilySearch campaign can connect Latter-day Saints to Nauvoo ancestors they didn't even know they had
* What Latter-day Saint families battling rare diseases do to survive and thrive despite their challenges
* RootsTech Goes to London
* Puerto Rican Members Look Forward to President Nelson’s Visit
* Hurricane-weary Puerto Ricans counting down days until President Nelson's visit
* Discover the unique burial site of Brigham Young and 10 facts from his life 141 years after his death
* Move over, BYU summer commencement — in 2019, new grads will only walk in April
* Are you a 'Sunday stalwart' or 'solidly secular'? New study sorts Americans by religious habits
* 2 things that will help you become a more powerful teacher
* President Oaks talks Church history, LGBT issues, mental illness
* President Ballard and Elder Soares Hold Area-Wide Family Home Evening with Brazilian Saints
* One Woman's Mission: To Bring the Gospel to People with Hearing Impairment
* What 9 Church leaders have said about the miraculous impact of the Bible
* FamilySearch's annual RootsTech conference to go international in 2019
* What I know now that I learned from President Russell M. Nelson
* Huntsman Jr. talks McCain; BYU's Tanner Mangum prepares; a look at medical marijuana, U.S.-Mexico trade deal
* Face to Face for Young Adults with Elder Quentin L. Cook
* Since 2015, the Church Has Helped More than 670,000 People Be Self-Reliant
* New Temple President Called to Serve in Haiti
* How 'that thing' in the attic connects the past and the present in a way nothing else can
* RIFA Receives Donation From Church of Latter Day Saints
* Giraffe parts are on the rise. Here's why that matters for Bibles
* "We Just Want to Save More People": Hundreds Gather for Alex Boyé's Music Video to Fight Suicide
* Mother of Teen Who Fell Off Waterfall Shares How the Temple, Others Brought Peace
* BYU will have single, annual commencement ceremony starting in 2019
* Latter-day Saints Around the World Country Newsroom Websites August 24, 2018
* Jesus Is the Living Christ, Our Lord and Savior
* Holy nights: New Marriott rooms to get Bible, Book of Mormon
* Primary Celebrates 140 Years This Month
* 3 Things to Teach Children about the Proper Name of the Church
* Church sends email to Utah Latter-day Saints urging them to vote no on marijuana initiative
* Inside the newsroom: What is media's role when a church asks to be referred to by its name?
* Defending the Faith: Daniel Peterson: Ancient Hebrew and Egyptian wordplay in the Book of Mormon?
* An inside look at President Monson's quiet moments of ministry
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints LDS volunteers beautify fairgrounds
* This Church member wasn't expected to hear, speak or hold a job but now is doing all 3 — and then some
* Relief Society got its start when 2 pioneer women pitched in to help with the Nauvoo Temple. Here's how they made a difference
* Coalition Seeks Safe and Compassionate Alternative to Utah’s Medical Marijuana Initiative
* Tarantulas and tracting: How this speaker learned 5 tools for conquering fear
* Healthy vs. debilitating anxiety and the best ways to cope
* When comedians, like David Cross, put religion in the crosshairs, controversy can follow
* The Happy List and Other Tools for Overcoming Negative Thinking and Depression
* Here's why anxiety in boys can look like anger, and how some famous role models can help them get through it
* Meet the new temple president called to serve in Haiti
* New Church book 'The Standard of Truth' covers controversial topics
* Church’s self-reliance program results in temporal and spiritual change
* Looking back at the evolution of education in Utah's schools
* BYU appeals order to release police interview with ex-MTC president accused of rape
* Listen Learn and Love to host presentation: ‘Being a Good Mormon and Supporting God’s LGBTQ Children’
* Why is wheat so important to Relief Society? Sister Sharon Eubank shares her insights in this blog post
* Update crashes missionary phone apps in a third of Latter-day Saint missions
* Did you know Google compiled a navigable map list of every Church temple?
* What BYU Education Week taught about overcoming depression and negative thinking
* Do you think family history is boring? Catch the genealogical bug with these 7 stories
* Education Week: Understanding religious freedom
* Defending the Faith: Daniel Peterson: Ancient Hebrew and Egyptian wordplay in the Book of Mormon?
* President and Sister Nelson Speak to Thousands in Central and Eastern Canada
* President Nelson Discusses the Name of the Church
* Sister Jones Says Gospel of Jesus Christ ‘Practical Guide’ for Happiness
* 'Enticement' goes both ways, Primary general president says at BYU Education Week
* Never Too Old: 90-Year-old Stake High Councilor Says He Serves Because He Loves the Lord
* “Holy Ground” Found on Church’s Arid Montana Wheat Farm
* In honor of his birthday, here's a look at President Monson's life through the decades
* More than 7,000 pages of Wilford Woodruff's records now available online
* Swan Valley LDS meeting house to open
* Latter-day Saint online missionaries can teach us how to respond to David Cross and incivility
* From a bakery to a prison, a prophet retraces the steps of Joseph Smith
* Nathan Pacheco, Sister Joy Jones and more highlights expected at this year's BYU Education Week
* A temple for the Latter Day Saints
* Museum brings Mexican Mormon history to life
* The Profound, 11-Word Lesson Elder Maxwell Learned from Chemotherapy
* The Hebrew Meaning Behind "Sacrifice" and "Consecrate" That Might Change How You Understand Your Covenants
* How President Nelson Receives Revelation for the Church Through Dreams
* President Nelson speaks about using full, proper name of the Church during visit to Canada
* Here are 6 reasons to call The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by its full name
* Twitter reacts to dropping of the term Mormon, new style guidelines
* Newly Released Saints Volume 1 Provides Honest Look at Early Church History
* How Is Your Heart? Serve to Be Like the Savior, Seventy Tells BYU Graduates
* How the Gospel Has Shaped the Life of Austrian Medical Student
* We asked what you think single members bring to the Church and how they can be better utilized. Here are 3 answers
* U. president decries 'deeply offensive' tweet from comedian David Cross
* Twin Peaks was a popular yet rugged pioneer hike back in the day
* “Mormon” Is Out: Church Releases Statement on How to Refer to the Organization
* Name of the Church statement
* Twitter reacts to dropping of the term Mormon, new style guidelines
* 5 stories to get you caught up on the latest in Church News
* What Institute Students in England Learned from Reading the Book of Mormon in 24 Hours
* Auditions Announced for 2018 “Savior of the World” in Salt Lake City
* 'How is your heart?' Elder Brent H. Nielson encourages grads to assess and improve
* 100 percent faith — The unexpected blessings that come from holy ground in Montana
* ‘Mormon Land’: Filmmakers discuss ‘Jane & Emma’ and the friendship between a determined black convert and the first lady of Mormonism
* The first temple in the Southern Hemisphere closes its doors for major renovations
* New Zealand Temple Closes for Renovation
* Apostle Speaks to Japanese Youth in Their Language at Face to Face Event
* Never to old to be called on by the Lord
* What does it really mean to sustain church leaders? Here's what the Apostles say
* Missionary Moment: Angel’s Missionary Angels
* Picturing history: Keeping memories alive at Heritage Park in Kaysville
* First Ward building in Logan turns 100
* Community Members Honored for Helping Sikh Man who was Attacked
* Judge dismisses sex assault lawsuit against ex-MTC president; 1 claim remains against LDS Church
* Digital Ellis Island Immigration Records Now Available
* Church Member with ALS Finds Joy in Faith, Family, and Serving Her Ancestors
* After 80 Years, Deseret Industries Still Giving New Life to More Than Things
* Single at Church: “The Unexpected Life Is No Less a Life”
* BYU Exhibit Examines Life of Reformer Martin Luther through Modern Lens
* At 90 years old, this Utah man is proving that you're never too old to serve the Lord
* Stumped by your family tree? The 63.7 million indexed names just added to FamilySearch might help
* BYU–Idaho Education Week Attendees Learn about Eclipses, Happiness, Trusting in God
* “I'm Ready to Go Back”: An NFL Player’s Return to the Temple
* A company accidentally put the Mormon temple on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ phone cases, and the internet bought them all
* Unexpected flood cleanup help in Bloomsburg
* Latter-day Saint Women Leaders Visit America’s Heartland
* The 24-hour challenge that built these Manchester students' testimony in a brilliant way
* FamilySearch, Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation make over 63 million records free online
* Jerry Earl Johnston: Will 'Amazing Grace' find a home in the new LDS hymnal?
* Want to preserve personal connections to your ancestors? This FamilySearch video is for you
* Not done yet: How one Church member who suffers from ALS finds joy in faith, family and serving her ancestors
* President Nelson to speak at Seattle ballpark in September
* In Striving to Be a Christlike Teacher, Being a Moderator Is Not Enough
* “Find a Little Quiet Time” to Know God and Jesus Christ, President Ballard Says
* Quick Tip: Finding Older General Conference Talks
* Brush up on your Church history with this new narrative
* The ins and outs of LDS Charities and what it provides across the globe
* We are family: Over 500 descendants of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith gather for one epic reunion
* Newly published Joseph Smith Papers are a 'treasure trove of information' online
* A glimpse of what President Monson was like during his more casual moments
* More than a thrift store: How working at the Deseret Industries gave one man new life after he lost his leg
* Pocatello's LDS temple still has no set location
* Mormon, Muslim and Sikh student groups kicked off Iowa campus amid legal battles
* Twelve Apostles respond to misconceptions about their calling
* The “Hidden Jewel” and Other Free Tours on Temple Square
* Mormons Around the World Country Newsroom Websites August 2, 2018
* New video takes 'practice what you preach' to a whole new level
* Why did Mormon pioneers use handcarts?
* DNA helped solving a family history mystery about my grandfather
* Defending the Faith: Daniel Peterson: Kepler and the supposed war between science and religion
* Mormon Church buys 40-story South Loop apartment tower
* President and Sister Nelson Plan Visit to Pacific Northwest
* Temple Groundbreakings Done on the Same Day
* North Carolina Ward Celebrates History of the Gospel among the River People
* Mormons, Muslims, and Methodists Serve Together as One Community
* President Nelson to speak at Seattle ballpark in September
* 'What's that one talk?' and other frustrations the new Gospel Library update solves
* Brigham Young and the First Solemn Assembly
* These tips on teaching will make Sunday School one of your favorite hours at Church
* How this BYU-Idaho employee learned to 'abide heaven's time'
* Watch: Steve Young's Epic Dance Moves Will Bring You to Tears
* LDS Siblings Who Lost 4 Family Members While on Their Missions Raise Awareness Through Memorial
* Helping Hands donates laptops used in Micronesian Games
* Asia Regional Face to Face with Elder Gary E. Stevenson
* The unexpected ways God looks out for His children when life isn't going according to plan
* BYU professor calls for equality within Church, love for LGBTQ Church members
* The highs and lows of single life in the Church and how you can find meaning in it
* Person 2 Person: Ron Jarrett
* 200 Olympia Teenagers and Adults Re-Enact Historic Pioneer Trek
* What I Learned After Giving Kelly Clarkson a Book of Mormon
* Idaho siblings reflect on lives after tragedy that claimed 4 family members
* Why Pacific Islanders Love the Book of Mormon
* How 1879 Catholic Mass at St. George Tabernacle Now Blesses LDS Branch in Italy
* Recognize the monk with the sunglasses? Yes, it's Martin Luther
* Website links the willing to volunteer opportunities
* Why Members Are Told to Take the Sacrament with Their Right Hand and Whether or Not It Matters
* As Carr Fire Continues to Blaze, California Church Members See Miracles Among the Ashes
* Rome Italy Temple Update: See the First Photos of the Temple Without Scaffolding
* Saints in Brazil Sacrificed to Make Arduous Journeys for Temple Blessings
* Elder Pearson Says Independent Voices Are Needed to Sustain Faith
* Senior Mission Call to Land of Ancestors Brings Elder Full Circle
* What I know now that I didn't know before Hurricane Sandy
* Breakneck Mormon Tabernacle Choir tour pace leaves little room for sightseeing
* How-To Series: Trying on a Career
* The biggest obstacles of sharing the gospel today and what you can do to work past them
* How Muslim, Methodist and Latter-day Saints are fostering interfaith dialogue through service
* These new stake presidencies were recently called to serve
* St. George Tabernacle Rededication: A Time to Reflect, Remember, Pay Tribute
* How the history of the St. George Tabernacle has blessed a branch in southwest Italy
* The Apostles' divine mandate to be ministers — not administers — and how it takes them around the globe
* Mormons Around the World Country Newsroom Websites August 2, 2018
* 'Sometimes it's just not talked about': FairMormon conference sheds light on the impact women have had on the Church
* Relief Society Leaders Say Thank You for “Light the World” Vending Machine Donations
* Did you buy a goat from the Light the World vending machine last year? New video shows impact of your donations
* Idyllwild families get fresh food thanks to local food bank
* Utah man punches teen in the face during church, charges say
* Why we need LDS bishop-youth interviews
* How friendship has been growing between the Church and Colombian government since the '60's
* New 2019 mutual theme for youth in the Church emphasizes love, obedience
* Saints in Brazil Sacrificed to Make Arduous Journeys for Temple Blessings
* President Nelson to Visit Central and Eastern Canada in Mid-August
* Mexico City Education Fair Helps Locals Find Learning and Employment
* Free Family History Classes and Webinars for August 2018
* Mormonism in Pictures: History of Ship Brooklyn Celebrated in California
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced in July 2018
* Elder Rasband Throws Ceremonial First Pitch at Angels Game
* Learn about the smartphone apps that could help relieve anxiety, depression
* Why Does the Mormon Temple on Santa Monica Have So Much Land?
* USC player from Layton puts football career on hold for LDS mission
* President Nelson wraps up summer with international trip to central, eastern Canada
* Missionaries and Members March in Colorado Parade
* Elder Rasband Throws Ceremonial Pitch in Los Angeles
* Mormonism in Pictures: History of Ship Brooklyn Celebrated in California
* BYU Research Shows Why Your Family Should Pray Together
* Polynesian Cultural Center Launches New “Huki” Canoe Celebration
* Looking Back: President Hinckley’s Surprise Visit to a Tiny Branch
* Primary Counselor Sister Harkness Relies on Heavenly Father
* BYU professor shares 7 principles to help identify and 'acknowledge the divinity of others'
* The 'hidden jewel' and other free tours on Temple Square that will give you the ultimate SLC experience
* How ministering helped rescue this Ute football star after returning home early from his mission
* By bus and by boat: Behind the sacrifices that Brazilian Saints make to travel to the temple
* Elder Holland remembers St. George Tabernacle for 150 years of sacrifice during rededication
* Utah Community Continues to Minister to Missionary Shot 21 Years Ago
* Draper Scout rescued from Wyoming mountains, reunited with family
* Photos give first look inside remodeled LDS Jordan River Utah Temple
* Jack Morris Becomes BYU's First (and Most Unlikely) Athlete in the Baseball Hall of Fame
* Mother of man killed in car crash asks judge not to send driver to jail
* Wildfires spread in Utah and California; LDS Church responds to hunger strike; Team Fredette rolls on
* Fundraiser brings the realities of refugee life to Utah's front door
* Tips for living: ‘Every Member a Friend’ suggests different approach to missionary work
* LDS Church responds to man engaged in hunger strike to protest bishop's interviews
* Church Provides Statement Regarding Youth Interviews
* What Catholic priests, nuns have to do with this man's success in finding his Italian ancestors
* These new stake presidents have been called across the world
* 7 quotes from female Church leaders on how you can make better decisions
* Pakistani refugee digs in on service project at one of Houston's oldest African-American cemeteries
* 'The family that prays together stays together' is more than a saying, BYU research finds
* Horrific meetinghouse shooting followed by outpouring of support for victim's family, Fallon community
* Judge orders competency exam for LDS chapel shooter; Utah Jazz announce preseason schedule; Utah voters split on new proposal
* It's all systems go for missionary work after this address by Elder Uchtdorf
* Elder Uchtdorf Encourages New Mission Leaders in Their “Spiritual Lift-Off”
* Helping the St. George Tabernacle to Withstand the Test of Time
* Paint, patterns and all the trimmings: What it took to spiff up the St. George Tabernacle for rededication
* President Nelson, Elder Holland and Sister Eubank meet with AMAR International chairman Baroness Nicholson
* President Hinckley dedicated the first small temple 20 years ago this July — here's why it's been a game changer for the Church
* Competency exam ordered for Nevada LDS chapel shooting suspect
* In Mormon-heavy Utah, church slates witness training
* Defending the Faith: A feast to learn about the Restoration
* After record low, Days of '47 Royalty Pageant will work to recruit more contestants
* Fundraiser brings the realities of refugee life to Utah's front door
* Elder Arnold Shares Pioneer Values during 2018 Sunrise Service
* St. George Tabernacle set to reopen after restoration project
* Where Have You Gone, Dale Murphy?
* Young Men Leader Offers 3 Ways to Avoid Deception, Build Confidence
* Outpouring of Support Follows Horrific Meetinghouse Shooting in Nevada
* Church honours promise
* Picturing history: President Joseph F. Smith — missions to Hawaii, Great Britain
* Sister Aburto opens up about heartbreak, divorce and finding hope in new video series
* Why a Q&A with your Heavenly Father is a good thing, according to this new Primary leader
* Mexico City education fair supports Church commitment to 'intelligence and wisdom'
* After record low, Days of '47 Royalty Pageant will work to recruit more contestants
* Utahns celebrate family, heritage at annual Days of '47 Parade
* 'This is a sacred moment': Elder Arnold shares pioneer values during Sunrise Service
* Young Men leader offers 3 suggestions on how to put confidence in God
* President Trump celebrates Mormon settlers on Pioneer Day
* Just in time for Pioneer Day, add TREK to your in-home movie collection
* Local LDS teens spruce up Petersburg park, high school
* Church-sponsored education fair makes self-sufficiency top priority in Mexico City
* Latter-day Saint missionary dies in accidental fall while serving in Australia
* President Nelson to Visit Three Additional Canadian Cities
* Mormon Pioneers by the Numbers
* Elder Holland on why LDS Church and NAACP partnership is a golden opportunity
* Newly renovated St. George Tabernacle opens to public tours
* LDS shooting update: Slain volunteer firefighter was a selfless family man
* Latter-day Saints donate to BVI Services
* 1 dead, 1 injured in shooting during LDS sacrament meeting in Nevada
* 'Unwavering faith': The stories of 8 female pioneers you've never heard of
* This Pioneer Day, Celebrate These Six Modern Pioneer Stories
* Church Historians Share Why You Should Care about Honoring Pioneers
* Inside the collaboration between the LDS Church and NAACP
* Mormon missionaries set out in Minnesota
* Our debt to the early pioneers is enormous
* Tidbits of pioneer history: A first impressions of Salt Lake, first wildlife encounter and others who lived there
* How one Utah community continues to minister to a missionary shot 21 years ago
* Young Women Counselor Sister Craven Sees Herself and Others in God’s Plan
* Young Women Counselor Sister Craig Focuses on the “Constants”
* Young Women Leader Sister Cordon Does Hard Things Joyfully
* Mormon teens spruce up Petersburg park, High School
* The Baton Rouge Temple: 18 Years of Refuge from Storms
* First Presidency Announces 2018 Temple Presidents for Italy, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and More
* Couple in Rome Celebrates 40 Years and Four Generations in the Church
* Shining Moment: Retiree Has Donated 25,000 Hours of Service Over 16 Years
* The first missionaries in England arrived on this day in 1837 — see how they fared
* Joseph Fielding Smith Would Be 142 Today; Learn More about this Prophet
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir to hold Broadway-themed concerts in honor of Pioneer Day this year
* 3 Classic Pioneer Day Events
* Church Releases New 3-Part Video Series on Sister Reyna Aburto
* Police identify Boy Scout leader who drowned while rescuing child in Salem Pond
* Meet the new temple president and matron called to serve in South Africa
* BYU track: Cougars sign 36 athletes to 2018 recruiting class
* Time to pull out your bonnets and overalls: Here are 2018's Pioneer Day events
* From rock artists to ministers, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's biggest fans might just surprise you
* Church Applauds Community Efforts to Fight Suicide, Bullying and Homelessness
* 5 reasons why you should care about honoring the Church's pioneer heritage this year
* 'You don't have to ask again': Sister Becky Craven shares how she came to a testimony of the Book of Mormon
* A mission can change lives
* New 'Huki' canoe show afloat at Polynesian Cultural Center
* How genealogy tourism is helping people connect with their ancestors
* LDS Church comments as Dan Reynolds seeks to raise $1 million at second LoveLoud music fest
* Judge considers motion to dismiss suit against ex-MTC president, LDS Church
* LGBTQ support group Mormons Building Bridges excluded — for a fifth time — from Days of ‘47 Parade
* As judge weighs whether to dismiss case against LDS Church and former MTC president accused of sexual abuse, alleged victim remains ‘cautiously optimistic’
* United Utah Party picks Mormon MTC director as a replacement congressional candidate
* Affirmation veep resigns, calls acceptance of Mormon church donation for LGBTQ suicide prevention ‘morally reprehensible’
* Elder Gerrit W. Gong Urges Today’s Pioneers to Build Bridges of Understanding, Kindness
* Church Lending Helping Hand in Storm-Weary Regions of Asia
* Looking Back: President Thomas S. Monson Fulfilled Promise to German Saints
* General Young Men Presidency: “Come, Listen to a Prophet’s Voice”
* Four BYU Students Fight Human Trafficking by Becoming Experts in Mexican Trucking
* Mormon Arts Festival Highlights Artistic Work and Stories of People Around the World
* LDS Church and NAACP Announce Plans for Education and Employment Initiatives
* BYU student battles rare disorder with confidence and optimism
* How you should — or shouldn't — interpret the Word of Wisdom, according to one BYU professor
* What a science experiment taught BYU-Idaho students about ministering
* This Pioneer Day, honor pioneers of 'every nation, kindred and tongue,' says Elder Gong
* Sister Craig talks her hardest high school moments, gaining confidence and being a believer
* Think you know pioneer history backwards and forwards? These 3 facts will make you think again
* LDS Church, NAACP to launch joint education, employment initiative
* Hurricanes, flooding and resilience: Celebrating 18 years of the Baton Rouge temple
* How an embarrassing moment, learning Portuguese and serving a mission taught Sister Cordon that she could do hard things
* In Our Lovely Deseret: What happened during the first July in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847
* These 6 members never pushed a handcart but are still pioneers
* BYU Education Week to focus on 'Doubt Not, Fear Not' for 2018 classes
* Church members, missionaries relieve Japan following nation's deadliest disaster in 7 years
* How the Twelve Apostles and 65,000 missionaries are fulfilling prophecy
* Elder Ballard gives 7 steps to get the ball rolling on your missionary work
* Why the LDS Church's new policies on bishop's interviews just make sense
* Teen in custody after vandalizing Surprise LDS church
* Inside the Quorum of the Twelve: The Divine Calling Apostles Share with Missionaries
* Mormons Around the World Country Newsroom Websites July 13, 2018
* President Ballard Discusses 7 Principles for Finding People to Teach
* Elder and Sister Renlund Review the What, Why, and How of Developing Christlike Attributes
* Why Is Pioneer Day the Biggest Holiday for Mormons?
* Longtime Members in Rome Strengthen Church, Anticipate Temple’s Completion
* How-to Series: Preparing to Parent as a Team
* Shining moment: This member has contributed 25,000 hours of service since retirement
* New stake presidents called to serve around the world
* Elder Christofferson speaks at Second annual International Forum on Law and Religion held in Philippines
* Crawford Gates, mission presidents and other Church members who died in June 2018
* 'Music and the Spoken Word' doesn't miss a beat — what the world's longest continuous broadcast is celebrating this week
* Colorado Springs missionaries march to 'put the face of the Church out there'
* Elder Soares asks for love, acceptance of diversity in new Church video
* Kids lend a hand to help improve Murphey School
* How the Twelve Apostles and 65,000 missionaries are fulfilling prophecy
* Longtime Members in Rome Strengthen Church, Anticipate Temple’s Completion
* Seek Divine Assurance to Remove Self Doubts about Service, Says President Eyring
* Church releases trailer for new Mormon Messages featuring Sister Reyna Aburto
* From the Vault: Elder David A Bednar's 'A Reservoir of Living Water'
* New temple presidents called to serve in Colombia and Rome
* Twitter purge costs Mitt Romney, Mormon church, The Tribune and other Utah-tied social media accounts thousands of followers
* Picturing history: President Joseph F. Smith sites — early years in Missouri, Nauvoo and going West
* President Joseph F. Smith’s Descendants Donate His Bible to the Church
* Historians Share What You Should Know about Emma Smith
* Elder Bednar Shares Five Lessons about the Spirit of Revelation with New Mission Leaders
* President Eyring shares the best way to replace self-doubt with confidence
* Young Men general presidency asks youth to put on armor of God, claim spiritual blessings
* These 6 Church members recently celebrated 100 years — and more
* An LDS foundation gives $25,000 to Affirmation for new suicide prevention initiative
* Translation of the Book of Mormon into foreign languages to be featured at BYU-Idaho
* Church receives President Joseph F. Smith’s Bible nearly 100 years after Doctrine and Covenants revelation
* Emma Smith was born over 200 years ago today — here's what Church historians think you should know about her
* Watch this video from 'His Grace' series on finding hope after bullying, suicidal thoughts
* NYC Mormon Arts Festival uncovers story of Elder McConkie's brother, highlights LDS Church culture
* Lubbock area LDS church provided nourishing gift for South Plains Food Bank
* The LDS Church gave money to an LGBTQ Mormon support group for suicide prevention
* Miles in their shoes: Mormon missionaries walk the walk in Detroit Lakes
* Tours of renovated St. George Tabernacle will be July 23-26
* Teenage Mormon basketballer dropped over Sunday morning training
* Elder Bednar teaches 5 lessons on the spirit of revelation and how it operates in the work of the Lord
* How a delayed plane and a screaming toddler turned into an opportunity to serve
* Why We Need to Talk About Suicide
* Help choose who wins $10,000 in the 'Film your Faith' video contest
* Anthony Sweat on the "Sacred Silence" of the Temple + 2 Ways to Know If It's Okay to Talk About the Endowment
* Broadway and "Phantom of the Opera" Star on How He Joined the LDS Church, Shares His Faith
* 15 Photos of Epic Mormon Chalk Art You Have to See to Believe
* These La Quinta sports stars chose Mormon missions over athletic ambitions: It's 'the right thing to do'
* Church Announces Come, Follow Me for Home, Sunday School, and Primary
* LDS Church to release 'Come, Follow Me' curriculum in 2019 for home, Primary and adults
* Elder Holland presents ‘David O. McKay Stone’ to Scottish Museum
* Elder Uchtdorf Visits German Chancellor in Berlin
* First Presidency Announces 2018 Temple President for Taiwan
* Members Experience Unexpected Blessings from Accepting Prophet’s Challenge
* What I know now that I didn't know before visiting a small schoolhouse in Sweden
* These new temple presidents are called to serve on two different continents
* Hatch, Elder Uchtdorf meet with Angela Merkel, lay wreath at concentration camp
* You Don’t Have to Be the Brightest Star to Have Great Worth and Purpose
* Voting Begins for Faith Counts ‘Film Your Faith’ Video Contest
* Power Comes from Righteous Patterns, Bishop Davies Tells Graduates
* Faith a Core Part of Identity, Seventy Says during Religious Freedom Conference
* What the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is up to when they're off the stage
* How the Current Hymnbook Came to Be
* What the Amazon River and members of the LDS Church have in common
* Want to contribute to the new Church hymnbook? Here are some tips to get in the groove
* This day in Utah history: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's first performance in the Tabernacle
* Voting Begins for Faith Counts ‘Film Your Faith’ Video Contest
* Why missionaries should own their gospel scholarship
* 'We are not all meant to be the brightest star': BYU professor talks on discovering self-worth
* Interpreting, volunteering for the 2018 World Cup is no sweat for these Church members
* Elder Andersen teaches that when repentance is more than a checkbox, baptisms will increase
* LDS Confident Of Chef Challenge Win
* Mormon Church creates new geographical area in Edmond
* Why does the Mormon Church want state records? And what do they do with them?
* Mormon missionary spreads 'light'
* New Approach to Tackle Worldwide Humanitarian Challenges
* Elder Holland Calls for the Refocusing of Efforts for Refugees
* How the Joseph Smith Memorial Building has become a welcome center to visitors from around the world
* First Presidency Announces 2018 Temple President for Taiwan
* President Oaks Says Knowledge, Testimony of Joseph Smith Vital to Missionary Work
* Happy Canada Day: Choir, Orchestra Celebrate Holiday Weekend in Vancouver
* BYU planning to raze 80-year-old Allen Hall
* The U.S. Constitution is a glorious standard for all
* Provo lets freedom ring — and makes history — as it allows LGBTQ groups to march in its July 4 parade for the first time
* BYU Family History Center Teams Up with U.S. Army to Find Missing Relatives
* What the NCAA’s new rule about redshirt means for BYU and its returned LDS missionaries
* Season Two Filming of Book of Mormon Videos Wraps Up
* Houston Astros Thank Mormon Helping Hands for Service During Hurricane Harvey
* Remodeled Gateway Arch Museum Now Features Stories of Mormon Pioneers
* Members’ Civic Engagement Impacts Communities and Others for Good
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concludes 2018 Tour in Seattle
* Church Receives Good Neighbor Award—a First for a Religious Organization
* Book of Mormon Is the Most Effective Conversion Tool, Say Elder and Sister Holland
* Repentance Is Not a Backup Plan; It Is the Plan, Says Elder Andersen
* LDS apostle: 'Totally false' that suicide leads to permanent hell
* Reach Out in Love to Those Considering Suicide, Elder Renlund Says
* West Africa celebrates a 'miracle of growth' 30 years after the creation of their first stake
* See the first images of the second year of filming for the Book of Mormon videos
* Free Family History Classes and Webinars for July 2018
* Jesus educated Mary and Martha in a better way
* Fire away: Manti Pageant right on target with arrows in Samuel the Lamanite scene
* The 'elbow knock' and other surprising things the Mormon Tabernacle Choir does on tour
* Alex Boyé becomes Utah’s new refugee ambassador; here’s how you can help
* Church receives first ever Good Neighbor Award given to a religious organization
* Book of Mormon Videos Wrap Second Season of Filming
* The Primary general presidency shares the best way to jump-start your child's relationship with God
* A promise fulfilled: 27 years of blessings for German Saints from behind the Iron Curtain
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced during June 2018
* Power comes from righteous patterns, BYU-Hawaii grads told
* Do you know the new temple president called to serve in Taiwan?
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir honors victims of Sonoma County wildfires
* LDS Church wraps up filming of Book of Mormon live-action series
* How becoming Mexican trucking experts helped these four BYU students fight human trafficking
* New mission leaders prepare to take off from 'Missionary Training Center launch pad'
* Inside the newsroom: A story of fires, shootings and the power found in singing with one voice
* Local Scout branch braces for big LDS exodus
* A Utah historian is building a database of every black person who joined the Mormon church before 1930
* 'Time to bury our weapons': Black LDS leader harbors 'magnificent hopes' for church's racial future
* 4 LDS churches vandalized in Cottonwood Heights
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir Tours West Coast
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir Dedicates 2018 Tour Performance to Fire Victims in Sonoma County, California
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir Finishes California Portion of 2018 Tour
* Here's what Elders Gong and Soares have to say about their first 3 months as LDS apostles
* Women Auxiliary Leaders Present Donation to Help Victims of Child Abuse
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir Rehearses with San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus
* Ministering Comes Naturally to Filipino Saints, Elder Christofferson Says
* New Mission Leaders Relish Teachings, Greetings from First Presidency and Apostles
* Seventy Shares Tips for “Living a Reverent Life” with Mormon Tabernacle Choir
* Primary Children Joyfully Serve Every Morning after Manti Pageant
* Sister Joy D. Jones Testifies of Temples and Miracles to Manti Pageant Performers
* Meet Elder Takashi Wada: Courageous in Answering Calls from the Lord
* 'Reverse family history work': BYU students take on project to identify remains of 82,000 missing American soldiers
* Church Donates to Child Abuse Prevention Organizations
* Music and the Spoken Word Begins 90th Year
* Read the First Presidency’s Testimonies of Joseph Smith, Martyred 174 Years Ago Today
* Brazil MTC Has Experienced 40 Years of Miracles
* Mormons Are Ramping Up Their Outreach Efforts To Jewish Leaders
* Jesus educated Mary and Martha in a better way
* 'Watch for the miracles': Sister Joy Jones talks angels, temples and preparing for ordinances
* 'Ministering is in their blood': How the Philippines is answering the prophet's call to serve
* Utah Developer Quits Vermont Plans Inspired By Mormon Leader
* Who keeps vandalizing all of the churches in Ririe and why are they doing it?
* Defending the Faith: An exceptionally interesting ancient Egyptian papyrus
* After the pattern: LDS stake brings replica of Moses's wilderness tabernacle to North Logan
* President Nelson shares hopes, counsel at 2018 New Mission Leadership Seminar
* Inside the Quorum of the Twelve: What It’s Like to Be a Prophet, Seer, and Revelator
* Elder Cook: Four Ways Missionaries Can Love Others and Deepen Their Conversion
* Musical bridge building: Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearses with San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
* It’s all about the music: San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus performs with Mormon Tabernacle Choir
* BYU professor asks, 'How can we keep our spiritual lifeblood flowing?'
* Sunbeams: The unexpected ways Primary children contribute to the Manti pageant
* Elder Cook shares the 4 relationships that will make your mission
* Houston Astros thank Mormon Helping Hands for service during Hurricane Harvey
* Young Women General Presidency Shares Youth’s Efforts to Gather Israel
* Meet Elder Juan Pablo Villar: Committed to Divine Direction
* Elder Uchtdorf hits 'bullseye' during mission presidents seminar
* 2018 Mission Presidents Called to Philadelphia and California
* New Temple Presidents Called to Serve in Honduras, Japan, Missouri, and Peru
* Elder W. Mack Lawrence, emeritus General Authority Seveny, dies at age 91
* 'Crucial role' of Church history in Missouri highlighted in $380 million Gateway Arch renovation
* Elder Hallstrom, Mormon Tabernacle Choir hold special sacrament service in San Francisco
* Mormon Tabernacle Choir veterans and rookies talk taking show on the road
* Montana flooding: Volunteers needed to help with cleanup in Augusta
* Franklin ZCMI sesquicentennial celebrated at Idaho Days
* When it comes to Trump, Utah Mormons separate his personal behavior from his work as president
* New version of 'Preach My Gospel' now available, with the word 'people' replacing 'investigators'
* How Hill Cumorah composer Crawford Gates saw music through spiritual eyes
* LDS leader insists religious identity deserves same protections going to sexual, gender identities
* This Week on Social: Church leaders talk Hymnbook changes, share messages of fatherhood
* Church Wants Fijians To Be Self-Sufficient
* New temple presidents in Argentina and Paraguay will begin service in November 2018
* Here are the latest stake presidents called to serve in the Church
* Brigham Young University president visits Chattanooga, recognized by state and local elected officials
* Mormon church youth offer to assist nonprofits
* 'Angels are walking these hallways': The ins and outs of the Brazil MTC
* After 45 years, the Rome temple can't open soon enough for Church members in Italy
* Audience “Feeds Fire” at Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Tour Opening Concert
* On the Road Again: Mormon Tabernacle Choir Returns to the Pacific Coast
* Quick Tip: Sending Emails to Members Using Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR)
* Faith as identity: Why Church members have a responsibility to protect religious freedoms
* How do you deal with doubt? Jon Schmidt, Robert Millet respond
* Elder Takashi Wada shares his conversion story to the LDS faith after growing up Buddhist
* LDS Business College - Fall Registration & School Programs
* Utah couple says foster agency denied them due to their Mormon faith
* First Presidency Releases New Guidelines for Interviewing Youth
* First Presidency announces new guidelines for bishop interviews with LDS youth
* Elder L. Whitney Clayton encourages faith and religious freedom
* Inside the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: The Ministry of President M. Russell Ballard and His Brethren
* Florida Youth Organize Event to Honor Their Schoolteachers
* 'We are very rare': Donny and Marie Osmond talk cost of fame, share Mormon joke in new Fox News interview
* 'At the Pulpit' now released in Spanish and Portuguese
* Guest conductor says he checks in with his musicians by asking 'What would the Mormon Tabernacle Choir do?'
* St. George Youth Group Does Cleanup Work at Geer Ranch
* LDS Institute works to fight leprosy
* Elder Cook Reports that the Power of the Gospel Is Evident in Brazil
* University of Utah Honors President Nelson and Dantzel Nelson with Endowed Chair in Surgery
* Looking Back: A Prophet Revisits a Sacred Site in Germany
* Discourses by Latter-day Saint Women Available in Spanish and Portuguese
* Find light in the darkness: BYU-Hawaii professor shares personal experience with mental illness
* How basketball, dating and marriage taught this LDS Philanthropies director about focus
* Rugby star forfeits $200,000 contract to serve LDS mission
* Mia Love, LDS Church react to family separation at border; Royals sign USWNT star; Utah ski season a success
* LDS Charities Create A Better Path For Villagers
* Red Cross will open shelter in Choteau in response to Sun River flooding
* BYU football: Breaking down incoming freshman offensive lineman Jacob Smith
* LDS Church leaders ask Mormons to submit original songs for new global hymnbooks
* Church Statement on Separation of Families at the US-Mexico Border
* Church Calls for Unity, Compassion in New Statement on Immigration
* Missionaries tackle Nepalese language to serve 20,000 refugees in Ohio
* On the road again: Mormon Tabernacle Choir returns to the Pacific Coast
* Church members discuss commonalities with Muslims at Ramadan dinner
* New Video Shares How LDS Actress Found Peace after Losing Son to Addiction
* Bronco Mendenhall shares son's LDS missionary experiences with Virginia newspaper
* Members of the First Presidency Share Lessons Learned from Their Fathers
* What you didn't know about the fathers who raised the First Presidency
* Mormons Around the World Country Newsroom Websites June 15, 2018
* University of Utah School of Medicine Honors Russell M. Nelson
* Juneteenth Celebrated With Family History Event at California’s Capitol
* How a New Fatherhood Study Supports the Family Proclamation
* Finding peace of mind on Father's Day
* Artist gifts painting of homicide victim Elizabeth Salgado to her family
* Members Enjoy 2018 Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium
* World cup fails to deter Helping Hands
* Inside the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: What President Ballard has learned in over 40 years of service
* President Nelson Ministers to Members in Alberta, Canada
* Help Doubting Students Choose to “Be Believing,” Elder Renlund Tells Seminary and InstituteTeachers
* Recent Projects Helping Church History Come “Out of Obscurity,” Says Elder Cook
* Couple Helping Institute Students in Florence, Italy, Flourish
* Members Enjoy 2018 Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium
* FamilySearch Says It Will Provide Records of Same-Sex Couples by 2019
* Media Library 2.0 puts Church media and resources right at users' fingertips
* Despite political strikes and fuel shortages, LDS Brazilian members are flourishing
* Exciting changes at this year's Mormon Miracle Pageant
* 10 responses on how President Nelson's devotional inspired LDS youth
* Op-ed: Responding to Ellen on Mormons and teen suicide
* LDS Church's FamilySearch database to add same-sex families to Family Tree feature
* Coming soon to Mormon genealogical database: records of gay couples and same-sex parents
* Elder Cook teaches that Church history doesn't have to be misunderstood — it can strengthen faith
* What seminary teachers need to do to foster faith in the classroom
* From plumbing to pipe organs: How one man restored President Packer's beloved instrument
* Defending the Faith: 11 contributions of the Book of Mormon
* Living Our Faith Helps Preserve Religious Liberty, President Ballard Says
* How a 1978 Revelation and a Temple Changed Everything in Brazil
* 1978 Revelation Dramatically Changed Lives of Black Members in Brazil
* A picture will paint a thousand words if we know who is in it
* Faith communities in Orem unite for suicide prevention
* Sonnenberg: What It’s Like to be Catholic in Mormon Utah
* A history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints working with the Catholic church
* Elder David A. Bednar and Sister Susan Bednar Minister to the Saints in Asia
* Elder Soares Shares How 1978 Revelation Changed His Mission
* Mormon History Association conference says the past of the LDS Church is not frozen
* Mormon scholars ‘shoot for the top’ in new Oxford publication that shares 13 essays in historical context
* FamilySearch brings American Revolution museum next to Philadelphia temple
* Bishop Caussé in New Zealand, speaks of sacrifices and blessings
* Why 2 years in Samoa weren't enough for this returned LDS missionary
* ILLINOIS BICENTENNIAL: Nauvoo home to growth of Mormon religion
* Mormon motorcycle club holds rally in southern Utah
* President Monson's revisit to a sacred site in Germany
* Elder Andersen and Elder Soares Visit West Africa Area
* Mormons Serve Kingdom of Tonga by Cleaning Royal Villa Grounds
* Love Frames Elder Bednar’s Teachings to Emerging Church in Asia
* “Sister” or “Judge”: This Latter-day Saint and Mohawk Tribe Member Answers to Both
* President Hinckley Taught about the Loneliness of Leadership
* A ‘spectacular success’: How sister missionaries have dispelled myths for 120 years
* Hamblin & Peterson: Four centuries of Christian devotion in a small Bavarian town
* 100-year-old diary from Utahn in WWI gives rare insights
* 'Dawning of a new day': How the Church in Africa has grown to 300,000 members in 40 years
* 1978 revelation on priesthood brought immediate success in Brazil, Elder Soares says
* How the June 1978 priesthood revelation changed the lives of the Martins family in Brazil
* Elder Holland Shares “The Family: A Proclamation” while Addressing Congress in Argentina
* Elder Holland Meets with Jewish Leaders in Argentina
* Family History Library to Host 2018 Block Party
* Church Leader Reflects on Personal Struggles with Pre-1978 Priesthood Restrictions
* A Well-Loved Quote about Women, and the Woman Who Said It
* Give God Consecrated Time, Not “Breadcrumbs,” Elder Klebingat Tells BYU–Hawaii Students
* Missionaries Help Bring Back Smiles to Texas Schoolchildren
* Meet Elder Kyle S. Mckay: Finding Where the Lord Meets Us
* How one senior missionary continued to serve after losing her husband
* Australian youth volunteer with Salvation Army
* Sunday School and Young Men leaders visit South Africa, discuss changes to curriculum and programs
* Monthly ministering principles to be published in Church magazines
* Faith-based motorcycle club holds national rally in Southern Utah
* Elder Holland Speaks to Argentine Congress, Meets With Country’s Jewish Leaders
* 'History, powerful doctrines and ancient beliefs connect' Jewish and Latter-day Saint faiths, Elder Holland says
* Elder Holland shares 'The Family: A Proclamation' with congress in Argentina
* Experts weigh in on why you should accept President Nelson's social media challenge and offer tips for success
* Tech summit celebrates pioneers, past and present, at annual gathering
* President Nelson Honored for His Pioneering Work in the Medical Field
* Limit Screen Time, Listen Better, and Focus on the One, Says President Ballard during Visit to Pacific
* Mormons help in volcano relief efforts in Guatemala
* Black Mormon students respond to LDS Church’s “Be One” celebration
* Personal Revelation Can Help Young Adults Answer 3 “Foundational” Questions
* BYU Professor Talks Future of Robotics, Says the Lord Guides His Research
* New T-shirts allow Mormons to ‘wear’ black LDS history — now they just need to learn it
* Museum of the American Revolution to Open Interactive Exhibit
* How this South Pacific athlete's search for God led him to the Church
* Church leader reflects on personal struggles with restriction of the priesthood before 1978
* Sister Cardon Encourages Students to Increase and Share Light of Christ with Others
* Children, Youth, Adults Invited to BYU-Idaho’s Annual Education Week
* Elder Renlund Sees Evidence of Literal “Change of Heart” in Asia
* 'Are you giving Heavenly Father breadcrumbs?' Elder Klebingat asks BYU-Hawaii students
* BYU assistant to the president tells students why the university is unique and 'vitally important'
* Create Powerful, Visual Presentations with the Church’s Updated Media Library App
* New Stakes and Stake Presidencies Announced during May 2018
* How-to Series: Mentoring and Serving Others
* 2018 Summer Concert Series on Temple Square
* Recent study by Deloitte Access Economics says economy benefits from those who convert to religion and are actively engaged
* American Held in Venezuela Reveals Prison Conditions: Cockroaches Were 'Crawling All Over Me'
* Sugar addictions prominent in Mormon culture
* The Uber-driving Mormon missionary who is set for a Wallabies debut
* LDS Church responds to Supreme Court ruling about baker, same-sex wedding case
* Utah teens heed LDS Pres. Nelson’s challenge; ditch social media for 7-days
* Church Transferring All Missionaries Out of Nicaragua
* Two Members Missing Following Volcano Eruption in Guatemala
* Church honors Catholic Cardinal for commitment to religious freedom
* Utahns fine with LDS Church dropping Boy Scout program
* Centenarians for June 2018
* At ‘Be One’ Celebration, a Call for Optimism and Overcoming Prejudice
* Why performers from diverse backgrounds are eager to share faith, music and culture at LDS Church's 'Be One' event
* Church Honors Cardinal Wuerl of Washington for Commitment to Religious Liberty
* One Sunday, they received the sacrament; the next, they blessed it
* Tears, disbelief, shock, joy — How Mormons reacted when they heard the priesthood ban was lifted
* Church leaders welcomed on to Kaikohe Marae in New Zealand
* LDS Charities Bring Relief To Bosuso SDA School
* Arizona case shows why Mormon bishops are not reporting sex abuse every time
* Read the Mormon church's presentation on when clergy should report child abuse
* Church honors individuals at 2018 Family Values Awards
* Iosepa Ghost Town
* Broadway’s ‘Finding Neverland’ Stars Headline Pioneer Day Concert
* Church Magazines to Publish “Ministering Principles”
* Church Magazines Now Publishing Extra Articles Online and in App Only
* Meet Elder David P. Homer: Trusting in the Lord’s Hand
* New Temple Presidents Called to serve in Mexico, Manti, Fiji, and Canada
* Missionaries help bring back smiles to school children
* Black Mormons hope priesthood anniversary helps members 'Be One'
* Elder Renlund sees evidence of literal 'change of heart’ in Asia
* Sister Bonnie H. Cordon counsels LDSBC students to share their light along the path
* Redevelopment Plans Announced for Area Near Mesa Arizona Temple
* New temple presidents called to serve in Honduras, Japan and Missouri
* Put down your smartphones and connect with heaven, President Ballard counsels during visit to Pacific
* Defending the Faith: The supposed scandal of multiple First Vision accounts
* Broadway’s ‘Finding Neverland’ Stars Headline Pioneer Day Concert
* Local Church leaders in Sierra Leone pay visit to newly elected President Julius Maada Bio
* Latter-day Saint and Mohawk tribe member answers to both 'Sister' and 'Judge'
* Choice blessings: How a calling to serve the YSA of Florence changed the Ferrinis' lives
* New General Authority Seventy Elder Kyle S. McKay finds God in the Lord's mountains
* How the social media world reacted to NPR's story about 'Mormon Funeral Potatoes'
* How Ministering Helped Members in Ghana Overcome “the Freeze”
* Here's how BYU-Hawaii students recently claimed a unique national championship
* What Have You Learned from President Russell M. Nelson This Year?
* Church Offers New Way to Refer a Friend to the Missionaries
* How this Las Vegas 26-year-old with spina bifida is giving hope to children in wheelchairs
* 'You're going to survive this': LDS actress talks about overcoming trials and losing her son to drug addiction
* Church meets with "Ratana friends" in Auckland
* Australian member tells story of overcoming addiction, returning to Church
* Ask: Where were you when you received word regarding the 1978 revelation on the priesthood?
* Colombian Latter-day Saints participate in interfaith forum hosted by the Berkeley International School
* Despite LDS Church opposition, nearly 3/4ths of Utahns support ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana
* Is DNA testing telling us more than we want to know? The untold story of
* Storm utility set to quit for German Mormon mission
* Flood victims get cleanup help
* Ministering to the Caribbean: General women leaders visit six countries in 10 days
* General Women Leaders Minister in The Caribbean
* Temples on the horizon
* After a five-year delay, a new Emma Smith movie is finally coming to theaters
* Study says BYU-Idaho gets high marks for affordability
* This is religious freedom in Rexburg
* Sunday School general president tells Air Force graduates 'God will not leave us alone'
* Young refugees from Myanmar taking part in Book of Mormon pageant
* Greater Access to the Word of God in Malaysia
* Mormonism in Pictures: Through the Lens of Staff Photographers
* Church participates in Seventh Day Adventist religious liberty forum
* Youth in Zimbabwe enjoy 'wonderful, life changing month'
* Funeral planned for Hyrum Reservoir drowning victim
* Mormons Around the World Country Newsroom Websites May 24, 2018
* Shepherd Others and Share the Gospel, Apostles Say During Visits to Australia and New Zealand
* Harvard professor announced as new dean for BYU Marriott's School of Business
* Do you incorporate family history in your summer vacation?
* Children and youth invited to BYU-Idaho's annual Education Week with adults
* New temple presidents called to serve in Mexico, Manti, Fiji and Canada
* Death of woman missing 3 years now 'an active homicide investigation'
* Heed Warnings from President Nelson—a Modern-Day Watchman on the Tower
* Seventy Shares 3 Ways to Help Consecrate Your Life to the “Cause of Christ”
* Read a Summary of the Financial Information Released by the Church
* Bishop Gérald Caussé Explains the Spiritual Foundations of Church Financial Self-Reliance
* Black Latter-day Saint History on Display in the Church History Library
* New Church History Library exhibit features 'significant documents' from black LDS history
* Fearless Faith: How the Coral Springs Florida Stake found healing in Christlike service after Parkland shooting
* 'Let's just serve': Luncheon reiterates unity of LDS Church and NAACP in efforts to serve
* Dick Harmon: With BYU's hoops roster set, Cougars will take advantage of extended summer workout schedule
* BYU names first female dean of Marriott School of Business
* Elizabeth Elena Laguna-Salgado, a Provo woman missing since 2015, has been found dead
* More than half of Mormon missionaries transfer out of Nicaragua due to unrest
* Church Leaders Teach New Zealanders and Australians How to Love and Lift Others
* Church Finances and a Growing Global Faith
* Church-sponsored humanitarian projects allow hope to fall like rain on parched Mexico town
* 'There is room in this Church for everyone,' Elder Anthony D. Perkins tells BYU-Idaho students
* BYU professor explores 'revolution' in drones, other autonomous vehicles
* In sharing the gospel, President Ballard reminds members in Australia to 'keep it simple'
* Salt Lake City is gateway to the great outdoors
* Dedicatory Prayer for the Rededication of the Jordan River Utah Temple
* Church Leaders Teach New Zealanders and Australians How to Love and Lift Others
* Utah to honor President Nelson for 7,000 heart surgeries, cutting-edge research
* Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone Remembered as “a Man of Christ”
* 'Sacred Events' exhibit represents 'global nature' of Church
* “Keep Moving Forward” with Existing Programs until New Children and Youth Initiative Launches
* Church members' stories inspire photographers, promotes unity
* 'Let's just serve': Luncheon reiterates unity of LDS Church and NAACP in efforts to serve
* Unique 'Pioneer Day' event celebrates heritage of Black, Jewish, Native American and LDS pioneers
* Church News: President Eyring rededicates LDS Church's Jordan River Utah Temple
* Readers share experiences at the Jordan River Temple open house, dedication — then and now
* Youth in Jordan River Utah Temple District “Ready” for Their Temple to Reopen
* Brook P. Hales Called as General Authority Seventy
* Elder Uchtdorf Presents President Gauck of Germany With Personal Family History
* Two Exhibitions Open at Church History Museum
* Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone remembered as 'a man of Christ'
* Saints, New 4-Volume History of the Church, Debuts in Magazine Installments
* “Stay Engaged” in Personal Progress until 2020, Say Young Women Leaders
* Seeing the Church through a Global Lens: Church Photographers Exhibit Images Inspired by Member Stories
* Why one LDS grandfather takes his grandchildren to the temple every Friday
* The power of ministering: How the enduring faith of members overcame 'The Freeze' in Ghana
* About Utah: Friendships take LDS and NAACP to common ground
* First Presidency, NAACP National Leaders Call for Civility, Talk Possible Future Efforts Together
* “Refresh” of Mesa Temple and Grounds to Include Replacement of Visitors’ Center
* Two Exhibitions Open at Church History Museum
* Meet Sister Freiss, a “100-Year-Young” Ordinance Worker
* Defending the Faith: Idolatrous deities and the Book of Abraham
* How one Utah rare book collector acquired a first edition Book of Mormon signed by Hyrum Smith
* 'Sacred Events' exhibit represents 'global nature' of Church
* Church members' stories inspire photographers, promotes unity
* New mission presidents called to serve in Brazil, London, Vietnam, New York City and other areas
* What should Latter-day Saints do in the 19 months before the new youth initiative launches? 'Keep moving forward'
* Fake version of LDS website fools readers and media with fake apology for racism
* Man behind fake apology for LDS Church’s ‘history of racism’ says he wanted to start a discussion
* “Maybe We Can Help”: A Look into LDS Charities’ Efforts to Ease the Pain of Refugees in Rome
* First Presidency Announces 2018 Temple Presidents for Uruguay, Hawaii, Guatemala, and More
* Students debate whether to stay or go after graduation
* LDS Missionaries here to serve the community
* Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone Dies at Age 87
* Church Releases Additional Answers to Questions about Ministering
* Top Mormon leaders to meet with NAACP’s national officers
* New four-volume history of the Church will be 'transparent, honest and faithful'
* BYU engineering students design priceless gift: improved mobility
* Mormon Scouts rush to earn Eagle rank before church severs ties with group
* LDS 13-Year-Old Sings Heartbreakingly Beautiful Song to Comfort Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones
* LDS Church, ex-MTC leader ask judge to dismiss Colorado woman's sexual assault suit
* President Nelson, other Mormon leaders to host NAACP leadership Thursday
* St. George Utah Temple reopens Saturday after early morning vandalism
* Defending the Faith: Relics of the crucifixion
* This week on social: Elder Gerrit W. Gong and Elder Ulisses Soares post for the first time since initial posts as apostles
* Family history moment: How an 89 year old member found her Scottish clan
* And the winners for the Whitney Awards on their 10th anniversary are ...
* Face to Face event with Elder Quentin L. Cook and two Church historians to be broadcast from Nauvoo
* One questions, three answers: What have you learned from President Russell M. Nelson this year?
* LDS Church to assist renters displaced by redevelopment near Mesa temple
* Producers of ‘Trek’ promise humor with ‘a tremendous amount of heart’
* Romney criticizes Jeffress as wrong man to give Jerusalem embassy prayer
* What Does the Church’s New Initiative for Children and Youth mean for You and Your Family?
* St. George Utah Temple Vandalized, Closes Briefly
* Seventy Shares 5 Ways to Develop Spiritual Resiliency with BYU-Idaho Students
* Primary General Presidency Teaches How to Be a “Defender of Zion”
* President Ballard Exemplifies Ministering while Visiting Members in Ontario
* Meet Elder Jack N. Gerard: A Life of Hard Work and Integrity
* First Presidency Announces 2018 Temple Presidents for Australia, Philippines, Mexico, and U.S.
* Meet Elder Mathias Held: An Emblem of the Church’s Deepening Global Footprint
* 2018 Mission Presidents Called to Serve in Venezuela, Brazil, Provo, and More
* Is the foundation of the Salt Lake Temple composed of granite or sandstone?
* Hundreds of thousands tour renovated Jordan River Temple. Tell us about your experience
* 'A vision for the future' — Elder Ronald A. Rasband visits the Europe Area
* She’s worked with Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg; now she’s the CEO of a humanitarian nonprofit for youth
* Thousands of LDS teens walk to Jordan River Utah Temple to prepare for rededication
* Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone, 87, dies
* 'Our hearts have to be ready for the temple,' Elder Uchtdorf tells temple-anxious Russian saints
* 'Maybe we can help': A look into LDS Charities' efforts to ease the pain of refugees in Rome
* How President Ballard has impacted the lives of Latter-day Saints throughout Canada
* 'Just a mom?' New Mother's Day video from the LDS Church says you are much more
* Major Renovation Planned for Mesa Arizona Temple
* New Harmony: Every member a minister
* New mission presidents called to serve in Ogden, Chile, Japan, Cambodia and other areas
* New temple presidents called to serve in Uruguay, Indiana, Guatemala, Hawaii and other areas
* Q&A: Longtime Newsweek religion editor investigates how faith shape-shifted over the last 70 years
* Timeline of the LDS Church and Boy Scouts of America
* Breaking up is hard to do: LDS, Boy Scouts partnership won't be easy to disentangle
* Here's what CNN, Washington Post, Reuters and others wrote about the LDS Church, Boy Scouts decision
* What does the Church’s new initiative for children and youth mean for me and my family?
* Temples a Recurring Theme on President Russell M. Nelson??’s Worldwide Tour and Ministry
* Meet Elder Matthew L. Carpenter Life Unfolds in a Beautiful Pattern
* How One LDS Convert from Nepal Follows Christ by Serving the “Forgotten Children”
* Family History Moment: How My Ancestors Got Me to Do Their Work
* Aloha Spirit LDS Hawaiians Offering Aid, Emotional Support to Volcano Victims
* LDS Church releases frequently asked questions about Scouting announcement
* Church Announces Plan for Worldwide Initiative for Children and Youth
* Church to end relationship with Scouting; announces new activity program for children and youth
* FAQ for New Initiative for Children and Youth Development
* Women’s Conference: Loving, strengthening others in the 21st century
* Trust in God — 'You'll be alright,' says LDS convert/new General Authority Seventy
* BYU-Idaho hosts Worldwide Devotional with Elder Patrick Kearon and Sister Kearon
* The Salt Lake Tribune faces layoffs, cuts to print offerings
* Illustration professor encourages growth through preparation, experience
* Elder Kearon Tells Young Adults to “Look Outward” and Act on Call to Minister
* Elder Patrick Kearon Says ‘Rise Out of Ourselves’
* BYU Women’s Conference Theme “Amazingly” Supports New Emphasis on Ministering
* Primary general presidency calls upon women to 'step off the sidelines' and become 'defenders of Zion'
* The goal of BYU Women's Conference? 'To strengthen one another in the Lord'
* Unrelenting floodwaters test resolve of Helena Valley neighbors
* LDS Church has new development plans to go with Mesa Arizona Temple renovations
* Local LDS building vandalized
* LDS Church’s stance on immigration
* 'We are going to start with the end in mind'
* Relief Society General Presidency Shares Insights about the Call to Minister
* Elder and Sister Gong Teach Women to Love as Christ Loved
* Update on Missionary Safety Survey
* Marriott-Slaterville triplets open LDS mission calls together
* Apply Now to Join “Be One” Celebration Choir
* 3 Questions with Bob Evans: Darius Gray of the Genesis Group on racism and the LDS Church
* Family drama, professional contests and search for adventure in trio of Whitney Award finalists
* Relief Society General President Offers Prayer at the White House during National Day of Prayer
* Behind the Photo: President Nelson and the Faith of a Child
* What I Know Now That I Didn’t Know a Month Ago
* 'C is for ...' the theme of new Young Women presidency introductory address
* Unable to travel to Provo? Tune in to BYU Women's Conference online
* Women’s Conference: ministering through social media
* Looking Back: The Influence of a Powerful, “Desarving” Woman
* How-to Series: Everyone Can Give Fast Offerings
* Defending the Faith: The 'Pilate Stone' in Israel's Caesarea-by-the-Sea
* African Mormons still buzzing about President Nelson's visit
* From Mud Lake to Washington, D.C. — Hard work and integrity are hallmarks of new General Authority Seventy, Elder Jack Gerard
* Bellevue Mormon Temple Rammed By Reckless Driver
* Missionaries Help in Gearing Up for Lae Flower and Garden Show
* An invitation to youth from President Russell M. Nelson in preparation for the worldwide youth conference
* Elder Dale G. Renlund visits Sweden
* Elder Christofferson speaks at United Kingdom Parliamentary meeting
* LDS leader explains why everyone should care about religious freedom
* Help Children Gain Testimony of the Book of Mormon, Primary Leaders Stress
* Gladys Knight, Alex Boyé, other black voices to headline LDS Church gala celebrating end to Mormon priesthood ban
* Joseph Smith’s Unsuccessful Visit to White House for Redress Still Inspiring, Editor Says
* 2018 Mission Presidents Called to Serve in Thailand, Jamaica, Norway, Argentina, and Mexico
* Celebration honoring 40th anniversary of the priesthood revelation scheduled for June 1
* With girls to join, Scouts to drop 'Boy' from name in 2019
* Full, unedited interview with BYU professor on ethics of MormonLeaks
* New Cougar coach inspired by BYU football program's welcome return to Harlem
* "We Have to Be Better Than That": Elder Christofferson Speaks Powerfully About Accepting All Church Members
* Why atheists (and everyone else) should support freedom of religion
* Is this the place of Christ's baptism?
* ESPN's Stephen A. Smith backs away from claim that Mormons aren't Christian
* Most social networks will no longer be available in LDS meetinghouses beginning in May
* How a Gladys Knight Concert Changed the Life of a Man Who Was Adamant He Would Never Be Mormon
* Dedicatory Prayer for the Rededication of the Houston Texas Temple
* June Celebration a Time to Renew Our Commitment to ‘Be One’
* First Presidency Announces 2018 Temple Presidents for Australia, Brazil, and U.S.
* Elder Holland to BYU Graduates: “Get Out There and … Be a Ray of Light”
* Mormon missionaries in Turkey reassigned
* New Stakes Announced in April 2018
* BYU men's volleyball: Bonds established among seniors key season's success
* Utah Jazz's Donovan Mitchell 'pays respects' to old spider; Jabari Parker 'ain't going nowhere'
* Elder Holland warns BYU grads of allowing public ambition to become more important than personal integrity
* Asia Stops of World Tour a Memory “We Will Never Forget,” President Nelson Says
* Tabernacle Organist Clay Christiansen Reflects on 36-Year Career
* In Honoring Creation, We Honor the Creator
* Meet Elder Matthew L. Carpenter: ‘Your life will unfold in a beautiful pattern’
* Family watched helplessly as girl killed while crossing highway
* Saints Worldwide Assemble Exercise Groups for Fitness, Friendship, and Fellowship
* A memory 'we will never forget': Homestretch of President Nelson's tour includes 3 Asia stops
* Women Leaders Minister in Alaska
* Practice and persistence: Primary general presidency discusses how to help children gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon
* New temple presidents called to serve in Payson, Utah, to Brazil to Australia
* In Honoring Creation, We Honor the Creator
* Guest column in The Oregonian asks if people would laugh at a ‘The Book of Koran’ musical
* Belle S. Spafford, a woman of wit and wisdom
* New mission presidents called to serve in Thailand, Jamaica, Norway, Argentina and Mexico
* LDS Church releases statement regarding mission president's misconduct in 2014
* Idaho pair killed in car crash that injures four LDS missionaries
* Mormon Apostle visited Germany, Cape Verde and The Netherlands
* Church Provides Resources to Prevent Teen Suicide in Utah
* Remember the Power of Obedience, Sister Jean B. Bingham Tells BYU–Hawaii Graduates
* 2018 Mission Presidents Called to Scotland, Nigeria, Costa Rica, and More
* Mormon Choir Joins with Jewish Orchestra to Perform in California
* Travels of Church Presidents from the 20th Century to Our Day
* Daughters of the American Revolution Honor LDS Judge with National Award
* Washington DC Temple renovation generating media coverage for anticipated open house still two years away
* The Columbus Dispatch features LDS missionaries learning Nepali to help refugees
* Mormon art left behind after Summerlin car burglary
* 'A work in progress': Utah artist Caitlin Connolly on what art and infertility taught her about the worth of a soul
* President Ballard offers prayer to rededicate the Houston Texas Temple
* The prophet's global tour summed up: 'The temple'
* Church Provides Resources to Prevent Teen Suicide in Utah
* 2020 Vision: Golden Temple on the Capital Beltway Will Open to the Public
* Salt Lake City travelblog: Touring the Mormons' Temple Square
* 9 celebrities you'd never guess were raised Mormon
* Shining Moment: A Radio Signal from Home
* London and Nairobi Stops of President Nelson’s World Tour Highlight Church’s Cultural Diversity
* First Presidency Announces 16 New Temple Presidents for 2018
* Ministering with Aaronic Priesthood Holders Lifts, Strengthens, and Inspires Young Men
* Meet Elder Steven R. Bangerter: Family Man, Advocate for People of All Faiths
* Mormon choir joins Jewish orchestra to present concert in California
* New York Times article attributes success of Utah-based Hawaiian food restaurant to Mormons
* Mormon missionaries from Utah learn Nepali to help Columbus refugees
* Houston Texas Temple Reopens After Rededication
* Key moment in Hurricane Harvey recovery: Houston LDS temple rededicated
* President Nelson Touts Temple in Thailand
* President Nelson Reaches India on Global Ministry Tour
* Stake Easter Festival in Florida Attracts Hundreds to Celebrate Christ, Build Interfaith Friendships
* Member of the Church presented with National DAR Medal of Honor
* How one mother's example helped her son to graduate from college
* Top 10 finish at international military skills competition shows BYU Army ROTC is 'elite'
* In India, the story of the India temple announcement is revealed
* Rising Conflicts Underline Need for Christ’s Message of Hope and Love, President Nelson Said in Jerusalem
* President Nelson — a global ministry to the uniqueness of the one
* Is the right to bear arms 'God-given'?
* Website launched for prospective senior missionaries
* 'A place that feels like home': Houston Temple ready for rededication
* London, Nairobi demonstrate cultural diversity of international Church during President Nelson's tour
* Why Sarah Sellers says her 2nd place Boston Marathon run brought to mind an LDS scripture
* Defending the Faith: Where the disagreement lies
* Elder Steven R. Bangerter: A love for people of all faiths
* Prophetic pattern of ministering
* Young Men general presidency: Call to minister offers opportunity for Aaronic Priesthood holders
* New mission presidents
* New temple presidents
* President Nelson Completes Africa Tour in Zimbabwe
* Meet the New Area Seventies Sustained at April 2018 General Conference
* 75 temples in 75 months: How consistent temple attendance has made a difference for one Utah couple
* Nearly 100 LDS Students Get Scholarship to Study Agriculture, Fight Poverty
* BYU remains enthusiastic to host the Society for Political Methodology's annual meeting despite controversy
* 'Yes, Mormons are Christians' shares plan of salvation, teachings and testimony of LDS Church
* 384 Final Project: North Korean refugees make it to BYU
* Inside the Story: Keeping memories alive of LDS missionaries who died while serving
* New Website Launched to Recruit Senior Mormon Missionaries
* 2018 Mission Presidents Called to Mexico, Germany, Chile, and More
* Latest Volume of Joseph Smith Papers Covers Early Nauvoo Recovery from Oppression
* Kindness toward a Stranger Blossomed into a Lifelong Friendship with a Future Apostle
* Seventy Tells BYU-Idaho Graduates Four Christlike Attributes for a Successful Life
* “I’m Going to Wake Up and This Will Be a Dream” LDS Woman Takes Second in Boston Marathon with "Improbable" Finish
* LDS Family Loses Both Parents, Newborn in Crash After Driving Home from Temple
* President Nelson’s Visit to the Holy Land Is “Significant,” Says Elder Holland
* ‘Dowry is not the Lord’s way’: In Kenya, LDS President Nelson says tithing breaks poverty cycle
* Temple Announcement Changes Lives of Members in Russia, India, Nicaragua
* 40th Anniversary Celebration
* Meet Elder Gerrit W. Gong: “Unfailingly Kind” Family Man
* Meet Elder Ulisses Soares: Committed to Serve and Testify Worldwide
* Mormon Kenyans jubilantly await President Nelson, hope visit helps reduce persecution
* See 3 of the latest photos of the Mormon temple in Rome as it nears completion
* High winds halt LDS Church's Jordan River Temple tours
* 2 concerts added to Mormon Tabernacle Choir's 2018 Classic Coast Tour
* Be grateful, have integrity, be humble and be kind, Elder Stanfill tells BYU-Idaho graduates at commencement
* Cultural elements affect Mormon missionary work in Africa
* Four Nineteenth-Century Mormon Quotations on Science and Religion 4/15-4/16
* President Nelson arrives in Holy Land, 'where it all happened'
* President Nelson cancels visits to local sites, leaves Jerusalem as tensions rise in Middle East
* Apostle gives LDSBC graduates advice on how to prepare for the future
* Inside the newsroom: How we follow the prophet (literally) around the world
* Bountiful gas leak leads to evacuation of church, three homes
* Mormon Mentions: Missionaries create #WHYLDS video, Lindsey Stirling performs for NBA halftime show
* Volunteers plant 39 trees at Dodson Elementary in southeast Reno
* First stop: London — President Nelson addresses missionaries, members as global tour begins
* The ‘Why?’ behind President Nelson’s global tour shared during first stop in London
* 'The Lord's message is for everyone': President Nelson talks about global tour
* View or Download April 2018 General Authority Chart
* Elder Gerrit W. Gong: What it’s like to be called — New apostle and his wife reflect on his sustaining to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
* Pocatello man pulls knife on missionaries
* New mission presidents called to serve in Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, North Carolina, Chile and beyond
* Church announces new and soon-to-be discontinued styles of temple garments
* Latest Joseph Smith Papers volume covers early Nauvoo period of recovery after oppression in Missouri
* Meet the Latter-day Saints from Richmond, Virginia, anxiously awaiting their temple, including a family with an 'RVA TMPL' license plate on their van
* How-To Series: Choosing the Right Career for You
* LeBaron ‘Les Mis’ family performs on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’
* Ministry after miscarriage leads woman to meet President Nelson in London
* 'All worth it': How one announcement changed the lives of members in Russia, India and Nicaragua
* Historic Idaho Falls church building now a medical healing sanctuary
* The US colleges and universities with the best value
* President and Sister Nelson Begin Global Ministry Tour
* Melting pot of Mormons to greet President Nelson Thursday, hoping to reach irreligious Europeans
* Mormons Around the World Country Newsroom Websites April 11, 2018
* ‘Today' show uses Sister Camilla E. Kimball quote for ‘words of wisdom’ segment
* LDS World: Strong women of faith in the Willie Handcart Company
* Fillmore fills with frontier Mormon lore
* Let’s keep the Creator in our national monuments
* Dixie State University to host lecture on the Utah War
* President Nelson departs on global ministry tour today
* After 'electric' general conference, U.K. Mormons eager to see, hear President Nelson in London
* LDS Church sets date to commemorate 40th anniversary of priesthood revelation
* Worldwide Priesthood Celebration
* LDS Church issues statement on proposed Utah marijuana initiative
* LDS Church issues statement on proposed Utah marijuana initiative
* Elder Neil L. Andersen shares more insight on call to 'minister'
* Charlottesville Mormons celebrate first temple to be built in Virginia
* LDS Church sets date to commemorate 40th anniversary of priesthood revelation
* Church to Celebrate Revelation on the Priesthood
* Many Ways to Study Talks and Review Announcements from Conference
* What Book of Mormon Central is doing to bring 'greater understanding' and reach 'tens of millions'
* Church Discontinuing More Garment Styles to Accommodate Improved Products, Fabrics
* New apostle, Elder Gerrit W. Gong, Relief Society general presidency to speak at BYU Women's Conference
* Meet 8 New General Authority Seventies Announced in April 2018 General Conference
* Church Adds Area Presidencies for U.S. and Canada, Announces Other 2018 Assignments
* Many Ways to Study Talks and Review Announcements from Conference
* Medical marijuana — not what the doctor ordered?
* Early and forced marriages remain an obstacle to women’s progress
* April 2018 General Conference Represented a Flood of Revelation
* 'True and living': 42 history-making moments in 188 years of the LDS Church
* Mormon Mentions: Harvard Divinity School features LDS student on Instagram, Alex Boye releases video with Dixie State University
* Temple Square Chorale and Orchestra at Temple Square spring concert April 20-21
* What the new Joseph Smith Papers volume shows about the Prophet's character and the early days of Nauvoo
* Shy Kearns running back shuns spotlight as he excels in football
* In an 'important step forward,' LDS area presidencies created for United States and Canada
* Church Adds Area Presidencies for U.S. and Canada, Announces Other 2018 Assignments
* Meet the new Young Women general presidency
* Meet the new Primary general presidency first counselor
* Church membership reaches milestone of 16 million
* God Is the Supreme Scientist, Says Curator of BYU’s Museum of Paleontology
* Former Utah pitcher now with Dodgers' organization grateful for Mormon mission to Japan
* Ever wondered where the Mormon youth trek phenomenon came from?
* Download a short summary of each talk from general conference
* Church Releasing Narrative History of Early Saints
* Walmart's funeral potatoes are confusing everyone on the internet
* LDS youth gather, assemble pantry packs
* LDS Church unity is part of the good news
* Making a Book of Mormon epic takes epic crowdsourcing
* Defending the Faith: Are Mormons musically Christian?
* More refugees from Myanmar calling Utah home
* How Mark Madsen met his wife: A look into the present-day life of the NBA's favorite 'Mad Dog'
* How one Mormon fulfilled his dream of becoming a Major League Baseball scout
* DNA test reveals fertility doctor is woman's biological father
* BYU football: Christian Folau still adjusting, but excited for his opportunities at BYU
* A.M. notes: LDS Church acquires land in Layton; LoveLoud moves to Salt Lake City; Villanova takes NCAA crown
* First Presidency Explains Ministering Concept in Official Letter
* Lifelong dream of attending LDS general conference fulfilled for Mormon journalist from Fiji
* Why 'Trek: The Movie' almost didn't get past the screenplay
* Utah man gets prison time for theft of Mormon statue
* How one Mormon fulfilled his dream of becoming a Major League Baseball scout
* Saints See New Apostles as Symbol of Church Growth, Diversity
* “Central America Has a Bright Future,” Says Elder Quentin L. Cook
* Church Members Feel Power, Love During Solemn Assembly
* Speakers from 188th Annual General Conference share thoughts about talks, announcements on Facebook
* Looking Back: Memories of 90—and Counting—General Conferences
* LDS Charities Offers $1 Million Aid to Fight Hunger in DR Congo
* Madilyn Paige shares message of beauty, ‘Studio C’ offers social media tips
* Community speculates where new Layton LDS Temple will be built
* Medical marijuana advocates meet with LDS Church ahead of ballot initiative
* First Presidency Shares Easter Messages at General Conference
* 188th Annual General Conference talk summaries and photo galleries
* Ministering to Replace Home and Visiting Teaching
* Ministering with Strengthened Melchizedek Priesthood Quorums and Relief Societies
* Changes Announced to Church’s Adult Priesthood Quorums
* Seven Temples Announced as April 2018 General Conference Closes
* Eight New General Authority Seventies Announced at April 2018 General Conference
* New Young Women Presidency Announced at April 2018 General Conference
* The World Report
* 2017 Statistical Report for 2018 April Conference
* Side by side: Presidents Nelson, Oaks go from new apostles in 1984 to new First Presidency members in 2018
* SVU names former NFL lineman Edwin Mulitalo as head football coach

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