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NOLI - i' am one of the lost spiritually in the church . since ive got sent home from my mission.. i dont even know how to start again. now i have problem in word of wisdom and law of Chastity and not wearing my garments properly. Please give me some words how do i start again. iknow God loves me.

JOEL - First of all it's great that you want to do something to get yourself going and growing in the gospel again. The fact that you want to do that means you are not lost; just temporarily absent. The most important thing to do in the beginning is to talk to your Bishop and let him help you do what is needed. Have a positive mental attitude and know that you will be successful regardless of how long it might take. Think of the principles of the gospel that you already live well and remember that nobody sitting in the pews at church with you are perfect. We are all working on our own personal sins and weaknesses so don't be too hard on yourself. Attend church and take the sacrament unless the Bishop specifically tells you not to for a while. Your ward needs you and your talents and gifts that God has given you to serve others.

This of course is something you have to do; nobody can do it for you. You can however ask for a priesthood blessing which can be of great help. If you had a patriarchal blessing given to you go back and read it and gain hope from the words in the blessing. Get on a schedule of regular scripture reading and get involved in giving service to others when possible. You can learn many things and gain strength from others while working with or for them. If you know God loves you then you know He wants you to succeed so continue to talk to Him in prayer. You should attend the temple if you are able to get a recommend and feel the peace and spirit that resides there. There's a list of some helpful talks that you might want to read at the following link:
Welcome Back

Once again, talk to your Bishop. I hope things go well for you.

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