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Answers to Submitted Questions About the LDS Church by Joel Hardy

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MEEKS - Where is the reference for "The Standard of Truth" in the D&C?
DUNAMIS - Why is there no archaeological evidence to support the Book of Mormon?
JOSH - Why doesn't the church have homeless programs for people in Salt Lake City?
TANYA - Questions about the Holy Ghost and intelligences.
JONATHAN - Does satan have power over our dreams?
PHIL - Can you explain the "Son of Righteousness" found in both 2 Ne. 26:9 and Ether 9:22?
CAMILLE - Do you know anything about the author of the Godmakers?
PHIL - Would the Sacrament prayers be considered vain repitition?
ED - How did Jesus obtain the priesthood?
ALAN - Where are the wagon loads of plates Brigham Young talked about?
RICHARD - What do the prophets have to say about tragedies that are happening in the world?
JESSICA - Question about sharing the Gospel at work or school.
MIK - Question about Sabbath day observance.
PHYLIS - Asks several questions.
ALEX - How can Jesus be called the Everlasting Father?
RICHARD - What does it mean to "shake the dust off the feet"?
JOSH - Must you attend tithing settlement if you receive ssi and dont pay any tithing?
ISAIAH - Asks several questions
RICHARD - Question about forgiveness for adultery
TWIGGY - Asks several questions
RICHARD - Can you explain to me the background of why the word of wisdom was given?
ALEX - How come other churches don't believe in eternal progression?
NEPHI - Why do LDS teach that baptism is essential for salvation?
GREG - Question about how one is able to see God and survive it.
CJ - Why is it that Mormons are so influential in regards to liquor laws in Utah?
MARILEE - How do you receive an answer to prayer?
JAMES - Many questions.
GREGORY - Many questions.
JAMES - Many questions.
JERICO - What church is the most abominable church of all chuches in the world?
BRYCE - How did god become a god?
JON - Is Jesus all-knowing? Why perform ordinances for the dead?
JULIO - Is the church still teaching that the American Indians are decendants of the Lamanites?
ERIC - Questions about the resurrection, God and Jesus being one, and the Celestial Kingdom.
MICHAEL - Questions about the apostasy and Church leadership.
SCOTT - Asks several questions
JULIO - Questions about Joseph Smith's seer stone
BEVERLY - Questions about the "Rapture".
SCOTT - Questions about the offices of Seventy and Apostle.
CASEY - Why is there no mention of Laban in the Old Testament?
JOHN - Asks for explanations for apparent contradictions in LDS scriptures.
JACK - Are there situations in which we are not required to forgive those who have done us wrong?
ROBERT - Asks several questions.
SHANE - Question about the belief in other gods.
JAMES - Why don't Mormons say The Lord’s Prayer in their services?
RICHARD - What does the scripture mean that says, 'The sabbath was made for man & not man for the Sabbath'?
TWIGGY - Asks several questions.
STEVEN - Asks several questions.
DIANA - Are there any Bible scriptures that say we will know each other in the next world?
BRYON - Why do LDS apostles write and sell books?
JOHN - Will Jesus always have the scars in his hands and feet?
CATHERINA - Are Polynesians or any other type of culture allowed to get a culturual tattoo?
TOM - Why did Christ have to give Nephi authority to baptize?
DANIEL - Asks questions about baptism, forgiveness, sacrifices, and Word of Wisdon.
CODY - How did the orginal twelve apostles die?
SCOTT - Asks questions about divorce, temple marriage, LDS worship, and scriptures.
NATHAN - What are “Intelligences"?
RICHARD - Who will Satan tempt when he is loosed at the end of the millennium?
JOHN - Asks questions about being "born again".
NEPHI - How do we become sons and daughters of God?
RICHARD - What are the different ways our sins are remitted?
MARC - Asks for references about the atonement being for all worlds created.
JOHN - Why didn't God know that John C. Bennet was in fact an evil man ?
CATHERINA - Who created our Heavenly Father?
RICKY - Will we ever add a new revelation to the D&C?
LARAMIE - Are there any age restrictions on going to dances?
THOMAS - How can Latter-day Saints, using the Bible justify their belief that God wanted the fall to occur?
LB - Is Satan responsible for all diseases?
MATTHEW - Question about the apostasy
MICHAEL - Questions about Joseph Smith's translation of the Bible
SARA - What does it mean to be about the business of God?
TOM - What will happen to the Aaronic priesthood after the sons of Levi make their offering in righteousness?
WAYNE - Will women also teach the people in spirit prison or is that just for the men?
NEPHI - Questions about claims of false prophecies of Joseph Smith.
DIANE - Why are women prohibited from being present in priesthood meetings?
THOMAS - Was the Translation of the Bible ever completed by Joseph Smith?
LB - Why are people born into the world with handicaps?
CONOR - Question about the "Priesthood of common belief".
JAMES - 1st Nephi 19:10 seems to indicate that Israel as well as the New World would have experienced 3 days of darkness?
GREG - Why was Canaan cursed for something his father did?
LORIE - Why does the LDS Church fund the building up of other churches?
MICHAEL - A scriptural contradiction about the Lord showing Himself to prophets.
RICHARD - Why the D&C scripture about holding the LDS Church president on trial?
NEPHI - Why does the Book of Mormon claim that Columbus was led by the Spirit of the Lord?
KALLISTO - What happened to the Nauvoo temple ordinance records?
KENDRA - Is it true that Mormons believe women will be eternally pregnant and give birth to spirits in the afterlife?
DANIEL - Questions about salvation and baptism for the dead and the beheading of Laban.
LUKE - Questions about our sinful nature and Adam's transgression.
SHERRY - Questions about remarrying, Abraham's only son, and polygamy.
MIRIAM - Is it true that money changes hands in Mormon Temples?
ROY - Why did Jesus say believers would do greater works than He?
WENDY - Questions about the Word of Wisdom, Jesus, and idolatry.
GREG - Why was Jesus called "Only Begotton" before he was born?
JAMES - Questions about changes and anachronisms in the Book of Mormon
TIM - In the Book of Mormon, how is it that, without a head, Shiz was able to raise up on his hands and gasp for breath?
TERRY - Why does the LDS church say that members of other religions will never receive exaltation?
TWIGGY - Question about errors in the Book of Mormon
SCOTT - Some Book of Mormon questions.
MALCOM - Why does the church count children under 8 as members?
JOANNA - Why does the Mormon church always say "family first"?
DANIEL - Should LDS missionaries take money with them?
MED - Why did Brigham Young say the Nauvoo temple was not completed?
TWIGGY - Question about Doctrine and Covenants Section 137.
GREG - Was Judas present at the Last Supper?
MIKE - Did Heber J. Grant's father have other wives?
PAM - What is the Church's policy about changing wards?
JOE - Joseph Smith and polygamy.
ROBERT - Questions about the Book of Mormon and Book of Abraham.
KELLIE - What is the Church's stand on Gambling?
BOYD - What did we look like in the pre-existence?
LISA - Who was the first woman missionary?
TWIGGY - Questions about the Book of Mormon.
BEN - Questions about the apostasy and restoration.
JERRY - Question about the laws of God.
GHIL - Did Joseph Smith and Bringham Young have children with their other wives?
MICHAEL - Asks for scriptural references for church discipline.
RANDY - Did Brigham Young force church members to be rebaptized?
DAVID - Questions the need for a church organization.
ROBERT - Questions about LDS scriptures.
DIANA - Where in the Bible does it talk about the war in heaven?
DOUG - Questions about Joseph Smith's wives and the Church owning Coke stock.
MOOR - Is there an LDS prayer line?
JOHN - Questions about the Book of Mormon.
JANIS - Question about baptisms for the dead
JJ - Question about temple sealings.
CAMILLI - What is the difference between the Latter-day Saints and Jehovah's Witnesses?
TONI - Expresses a concern about using non-approved materials for class instruction.
PAUL - Why the similarities between Book of Mormon and Bible scriptures?
JOHN - Questions about the Book of Ether.
CAMERON - Why should we want to go to the Celestial Kingdom?
AMANDA - Where does the church stand on circumcision?
TWIGGY - Questions about Joseph Smith's seer stone and early claims of persecution
ERIC - How is Jesus not a demi-god?
ROBERT - Questions about the use of the names Elias and Esaias in the D&C.
ROSE - Do the lds believe that animals are brothers and sisters to humans?
JILL - Is it true that the Mormons want their members to have as many children as they can?
BRYAN - Questions about performing priesthood blessings.
BARRY - Why did Brigham Young say he was not a prophet?
JENNIFER - Questions about church attendance and the 9/11 terrorist attacks
JAMEL - Where in the bible was a prophecy given but not fulfilled due to unrighteousness of the people?
HUF - What does the mark of the beast mean in Revelations?
RICKY - Questions about antichrists and psychics.
CADE - Why the confusion on the age of Joseph Smith at the first vision?
ROY - Who conferred the Melchizedek Priesthood on the Savior?
MAN - Is it true that D&C says animals once talked?
TOM - When will the Holy Ghost receive a body?
ALLEN - Asks to explain a change between the Book of Commandments and Doctrine and Covenants.
ROY - Where is the actual physical location of the spirit prison?
LESLIE - Question about the age of Enos.
TRISH - What kingdom of heaven can a divorced member go into if they remain faithful in the Gospel?
ROY - What is the policy on what priesthood holders should wear to church?
MELVIN - Can a Spirit be born and receive a body more than once? Book of Mormon translation.
ALAN - Questions about the "Michigan Tablets" and "Padilla Plates".
ANGIE - Please explain the verse where Jesus says, "that the Father [is] in me, and I in him."
TOM - Questions about agency, Christ's suffering, and experience
ROY - Who actually owns the Garden Of Gethsemane?
BERT - Why were Jesus' hands and wrists nailed to the cross?
MELVIN - Please explain 2 Nephi 9: 24-27
BARBARA - Is it OK to drink decaffienated green tea?
JIM - One of Satan's biggest lies was that men can become gods.
ALAN - Were the code names used in the older editions of the Doctrine and Covenants derived from the Adamic language?
RICK - Do the Polynesians have records of their people hid up in caves?
RAD - Asks questions about "soul mates".
MARIE - Should a woman cover her head while praying in church?
JOSH - Why are D&C 15 and 16 almost the same except for the names?
JANNA - Are there any scriptural references to a "Mother in Heaven"?
CINDY - What is the LDS church's stand on the "morning after pill"?
PATRICK - What is the Church's view on euthanasia?
BARBARA - Did Joseph Smith teach the lost tribes are in a hollow part of the earth or on another planet?
MICAH - What happened during the Kirkland Bank scandal?
TODD - Explain the Bible scriptures that seem to contradict a life after death.
NANCY - How does the sacrifice of Jesus pay for our sins?
JANIS - What are some Bible scriptures that support the Book of Mormon?
BILL - Did not Oliver Cowdery later deny his testimony of the Book of Mormon?
MARK - Questions about the source of the Book of Abraham.
NAVAL - How do you explain the statement made by the Smithsonian Institution on the Book of Mormon?
LAMONT - How do we know when a prophet is speaking inspired truth or just expressing a personal opinion?
BLAKE - Was Christ married to Mary Magdalene?
BLOKE - Why do we raise our arm to the square when we baptize and close our baptismal prayer in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost?
VICKI - What does it mean to be sealed in the temple?
KAREN - How do the lds feel about teenage pregnancy?
DEBBIE - Claims Joseph Smith is a murderer. A true prophet would never defend himself.
PHIL - How do we know what things we hear or read are consistant with official church doctrine?
DARYL - How does the LDS Church explain Galations 1:6-9?
MIKE - Why did Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery reconfer the priesthood on each other after John the Baptist already did it?
TRACEY - Has God appeared to Gordon B. Hinckley?
DC - Facing temple while praying
TERRY - Raising deceased children during the Millennium.
TINA - What are the Mormons going to do when they die and find out they are not the true religion?
TOM - What do the apostles put in the time capsules when a Temple is dedicated?
ALAN - Why is it that a man can be sealed to more than one woman, but not a woman to more than one man?
STEVE - Question about changes made in the Book of Mormon
DANIEL - Question about the LDS Church's stance on paid clergy.
KALLISTO - Was the priesthood given to women in the early days of the church?
LL - How does the LDS church respond to people like Professor Murphy who has discovered thru DNA testing that the Lamanites did not come from the Middle East?
CONNIE - What is the appropriate usage for the Relief Society Declaration?
LORNA - Why would the church ignore scientific findings about the benefits of coffee and tea drinking?
PRECIOUS - Was Shem,(son of Noah) the high priest Melchizedek, who gave Abraham the priesthood blessing?
CHAD - Can priesthood blessings be given to animals? Can you give a blessing without a companion?
ARLENE - If Christ was born in the meridian of time why do we expect Him to come again so soon?
GREG - If we are told to love our enemies, should we love Satan?
ALLISON - What is the name of Jared's brother?
AMY - Fulfillment of patriarchal blessings.
RICK - The fate of unborn spirits.
ROBERT - Can a resurrected body eat and digest food?
KB - Questions about the First Vision and seeking signs.
AMAR - Why do you have to dedicate two years of life to serving a full time mission?
JOY - How is Jesus both the Father and the Son at the same time?
LINDA - What happens to miscarried children? When does the spirit enter the body?
TROY - Asks a variety of questions.
JOY - When someone says a falsehood about the temple what is the best way to answer them?
NANCY - Why do women serve missions for only 18 months instead of 24 like the young men?
RICK - Why did Brigham Young strip Elijah Abel of his priesthood rights?
THADDEUS - What is the seating assignment for each level of chairs in the temple assembly hall?
EMIL - How does the Mormon church justify its fundamental beliefs regarding all non-white races?
JBROOKS - Where do the spirits of infants go after they die?
PANKAJ - Can a non Christian join the LDS Church?
JKG - Question about missionary callings.
QUINN - Why does Joseph Smith pray to both "Jehovah" and the Father in the Kirkland temple dedicatory prayer?
TROY - Is our mind the same as our spirit?
SUSY - How do you develop complete faith in God?
CHAD - Question about church statement on Missionary farewells?
PAIGE - Questions about Bible and Book of Mormon scriptures
JOE - If Joseph's wife was Egyptian does that make us all decendants of Ham?
JEFF - Question about intelligences and spirits?
JENNIFER - Is it OK to drink decaffeinated coffee or tea?
ENJ - Why do Mormons fold their arms during a prayer?
KERI - Why can't I use a camera or video camera to record my marrige ceremony in the chapel?
JOSH - How does one progress in the priesthood to become a high priest?
DANIEL - Does the LDS church beleive in hypnotism?
JANALYNN - What is the difference between personal revelation and personal inspiration with respect to church callings?
DANIEL - How can there be any mortals on the earth after the second coming?
KBROWN - Are there any other historical writings about the unusual events occuring at Christ's death?
DIANE - Why can't Mormans drink decaffeinated iced tea?
AMANDA - Can we achieve perfection in our earthlives?
KORY - Is it true that at one time women could not give prayers in Sacrament meeting?
JILL - Why do they put a white cover over the bread and water during the sacrament?
KAYLA - Do Mormons honestly believe the only way a family can be together forever is through sealing in the temple?
JADEHOUSE - Why was Eli held accountable for his grown sons mistakes?
RYAN - What was the nature of the relationship between Jonathan and David in the Book of Samuel?
GRANT - Has the leadership of the church ever taught that we should pray facing towards the temple?
KIM - Could you explain further how the priesthood works in your church
EDWARD - Which priesthood line of authority do I follow?
KYLE - Did Bruce R. McConkie say in Mormon Doctrine that there was no death before 6000 years ago?
TINA - Shouldn't missionaries convert people to save souls and not for personal spiritual gain?
KINERETA - What are the blessings you will recieve in keeping the commandments?
PAIGE - Why are temples a sign of the true church?
TOM - How can I make reading the Book of Mormon more interesting and appealing?
DIANE -What is meant when someone says their calling and election is sure?
JANET - How can someone be expected to pay tithes on gifts?

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