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Answers to Submitted Questions About the LDS Church by Joel Hardy

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GREG - How can god be all loving when he allowed or commanded all the bad things to happen in the old testament?
ROY - Does the Lord really forget our sins?
BECKY - Why did Jesus have to be crucified?
STEPHEN - Is it true no man or woman in this dispensation will ever enter into the celestial kingdom without the consent of joseph smith?
TROY - For what reasons are we encouraged to read the King James Version of the Bible?
ROBERTO - Do animals have souls? Could we have our deceased pets with us in heaven?
MATT - Why seal families together if those in higher kingdoms of heaven can visit the lower kingdoms?
LYNDEN - Questions about the Book of Mormon translation process.
RON - How many sons did Alma #1 have?
JOHN - A comment on the death of Cain.
DANNY - Did Cain really appear to David W. Patton?
RICHARD - What do Fast Offerings pay for?
LYNDEN - What does the following scripture mean, "Upon this rock I will build my church"?
GREG - Was the wine spoken of in the scriptures the same as the wine we have today?
RYAN - How do we know if someone is "possessed" with an evil spirit?
SARAH - Asks about the meaning of the word "glory".
NATHAN - In what way was John the Baptist "more than a prophet"?
RICHARD - Is anything in the scriptures where it says that Our Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ have some humor?
JASON - How can one "repent" for something he or she does not feel remorse for?
STEPHEN - Can someone else receive revelation for me?
TANYA - What does it mean when scriptures say Christ descending below all things?
CHAZ - Do you know if the church has made any statements against the use of medical Marijuana?
JOSH - It has been said that only 1/3 of the book of mormon is recorded for us to read. Where is the other 2/3? What info was not translated?
SARAH - Do the Gods continue to increase in all their attributes to all eternity, or is there a stopping point?
TANYA - Can people in the Spirit World see what we are doing here on earth?
COREY - Was there a time where there was no law, no righteousness, and no good and evil?
HEATHER - What is the LDS view on military service?
AL - Will Satan ever get a body?
MARTYN - If a person goes to the lowest Kingdom of heaven will that person be very happy or very sad forever?
ZELIG - Are there any scriptures or quotes from Church authorities to support the idea that those in the Celestial world can visit family or others who might end up in one of the lower kingdoms?
VALERIE - Do LDS have any problems with other religions believing they are the only true church?
CHELSEA - After this life can we increase in knowledge eternally after we die?
CAMERON - Does the church believe in grills or mouth jewelry?
JOSH - Why would Jesus use an Aramaic word that the Nephites wouldn't understand?
DENNIS - Please explain how Jesus Christ is our brother
TANYA - Does Heavenly Father want Christ to be our friend?
DAVID - What is your understanding of the Mayan calender date of Dec. 21, 2012?
TANYA - Does Heavenly Father and Jesus forgive us of our sins immediately when we ask or does it take some time?
BUFF - Is there both good pride and bad pride?
COREY - Did any of the witnesses doubt their experience of seeing the gold plates or angel?
MICHAEL - A question about steel mentioned in the Book of Mormon
COREY - Why was Joseph Smith still preaching against polygamy in October 1843 after he got his revelation in July commanding the practice of it?
BENJAMIN - Why was polygamy still performed and practice after a manifesto was issued ending it?
MARY - How can one be sure that their visions and personal revelations are genuine?
SARAH - Does God have the power to create ex nihilo?
CAROLYN - Was Jesus in the tomb for three days or only two days after His death?
CLINT - Where did you find the Book of Joseph posted on your web site?
MIKE - Did Adam have a belly button?
BONNIE - Who was the author of the book of Ecclesiastes?
JACOB - Asks about the Mormon beliefs concerning salvation.
DANIEL - Who baptized John the Baptist?
RUTH - I am looking for a reference in regards to the duty of the priesthood to protect widows.
NICHOLAS - How can I explain to a Catholic friend that their way of baptism is not necessary?
TRAVIS - How does one cast out an evil spirit?
BECKY - Are there any "official" church comments about the recent findings in Mississippi?
TANYA - When we are confirmed to the church we hear "receive the Holy Ghost"; what exactly is it we receive?
LEE - Is there any place in the Church for people who choose not to have children?
DEBBIE - Why is that Missionaries can not be in the water or swimming in a pool or lake?
TODD - Shouldn't all of Joseph Smith's writings be included in your canon of scriptures?
CLYDE - Are there any published talks about the cultural rules regarding the Sacrament ordinance?
TODD - Why does the LDS church refer to books written by others instead of the scriptures when answering questions?
ERNIE - A question about scientific/archaeological evidence of BOM civilizations
TONY - Questions about the spirits in spirit prison and the Book of Abraham.
TED - Population, Prozac, and polygamy.
DEVIN - Could a member that sells alcohol at a bar hold a temple recommend?
PAT - What was the ratio of men to women in Utah during the practice of polygamy?
STACEY - Do Mormons believe humans can be sinless and become saints?
BARB - Was Christ without sin while on the earth?
TANYA - Questions about the Holy Ghost.
JED - Comments on the Book of Mormon DNA issue.
MATT - Can Family Night be held on a different day of the week than Monday?
BECKY - What is the 'rule' for taking the sacrament? Can visiting non members partake?
WILLIAM - Asks several questions.
JAMES - Did the authority to baptize end after the Apostles died?
TROY - How do your reply to the statement if you were raised in the church as a child you were brainwashed or the church brainwashes?
REID - A question about illegal aliens
ELDERCABS - A question about people being resurrected after Jesus.
MARZIPAN - Did Joseph Smith say if you could glimpse the lowest degree of glory, you would kill yourself to get there?
ELDER - How many times did Heavenly Father introduce his beloved son Jesus Christ to his children?
ASHLEY - How do mormons feel about homosexuality?
PATTI - Question about the two future prophets that will minister in Jerusalem in the last days.
PRECIOUS - Questions on tithing and Patriarchs.
DARREN - Was Stephen and the other 6 disciples chosen to assist them in the work (Acts Chapter 6) considered apostles as well?
BONNIE - What is the tribe of Manasseh suppose to do?
IP - How did the Son see what the Father did before the son was here (John 5:19)?
WONDERER - Where does the myth that mormons have horns come from?
TANYA - Questions about the atonement of Christ.
FORMAN - Who resurrected Jesus Christ? Did He do it Himself or did the Father do it?
LYNDEN - During the creation process where did the light come from before the sun was created?
ALEX - Why don't Church leaders wear beards today?
TAMMY - If you feel that you are a Christian, then don't you also have to conclude that Frank is a Mormon?
JIM - Can members of the same family come from different lineages?
TREVOR - What kept Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of life in the Garden of Eden?
BLIZZ - What exactly is the gift of tongues and the language of the angels? How can I know when I need to obey the letter of the law?
RAY - Comment about the "moon turning to blood" prophecy.
TONY - What do LDS folks believe "Jesus" really looks like?
FRANK - Baptism for the dead - "None of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him."
TANYA - Question about who we pray to and who answers our prayers.
KAREN - What is the significance of the colors "gold and green" in the LDS culture?
ALEX - What is the difference between the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. quorums of Seventy?
SARA - Has President Hinckley or any other recent prophet had any prophecies lately?
THOMAS - Could you explain what you think the term "buffetings of Satan" means, in terms of those who violate the marriage covenant?
ALEX - What are ghosts?
DAVID - Has the prophecy about the moon turning to blood already been fulfilled?
DUTCH - Questions about the LDS Conference Center and Lehi's dream.
JOSHUA - Is the term "everything in moderation" a true statement, or false doctrine?
TRINA - A question about Temple marriage.
PAUL - How can a 1000 years of a totally advanced civilisation leave no trace at all of their existance?
LAURA - Why do people call Mormons crazy and scary?
GREG - Why is Isaac called Abraham's "only begotton son" and what will happen to Ishmael's posterity?
BONNIE - Where is the name "Elohim" found in the scriptures?
JOSHUA - What are some reasons for not taking the sacrament?
CLARK - Is it possible that our Father in Heaven will have more spirit children?
TANYA - Questions about the Holy Ghost.
WEBAIA - Did Moses ever experience physical death?
MIKE - Can a man be married at 19 and still serve a 2 year mission?
BONNIE - Do you have to be a member of the church to be married in the church?
BECKY - What are angels?
LARRY - Can a divorced man be a bishop?
RUDY - A question about hunting animals for sport.
TANYA - One of the ten comandments is Thou shall not kill, so why did the Lord tell Nephi to kill Laban?
CSNOW1 - Why was it considered a sin if Eve had to partake of the fruit in order that man may be?
MARTY - What is the teaching of the church concerning choices we made in the pre-earth life?
JANET - If a child leaves the Church does that affect the parents' level in heaven?
NICK - How i can tell atheists that there is proof that there is a god and the bible is true and that we have living prophets living on the earth today?
DUSTIN - A question about the question on who Mary mother of Jesus is sealed to.
JAKE - A question about men being sealed to other unrelated men.
PAUL - Do you believe Egyptologists could translate the Book of Abraham papyrus?
SEAN - Who is mary mother of jesus sealed too? Was jesus' spirt in the womb before he was born?
DUANE - Do the scriptures or prophets teach "the end justifies the means"?
PAMELA - Do angels have wings?
TANYA - Why did Alma and some Church members pray to Jesus?
GREG - What does the word "Ensign" mean?
LINDA - Where can I find the rules regarding what the Missionary Pouch Mail can and cannot include?
MUNIX - Why are there no prophetesses in the Church today?
MICHAEL - Asks several questions.
ANDREW - Did other races live on this earth before the Adamic race?
CHRIS - A question about marijuana and the Word of Wisdom.
V - What is the LDS position on scrying?
CONFUSED - How is the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 82:7 supposed to be interpreted?
LIES - Was Cain the son of Satan?
KACK - Whatever happened to the original stone box on Hill Cumorah that housed the gold plates?
BLIZZ - A question about the Millennium.
TANYA - Asks a question about the unpardonable sin.
SADIE - Could my friend rub blessed oil on a rash?
TAMMY - Mormon's believe eternal salvation is indebted to them
BLIZZ - Is there a hierarchy of races?
JOHN - Why would Moses be called as a prophet if he murdered someone?
PAM - Someone is trying to tell me that our Church was "moved out of its place" because of Brigham Young.
RUTH - Is it possible that the Adams and Eves on other worlds did not partake of the forbidden fruit?
TANYA - If you have to be married to be exalted, then what about the people who are not married in this life?
EFAIR - Some general questions about the LDS Church.
MIKE - How do you explain the archaeologists findings of skeletons and tools etc. being dated back to 14,000 years?
TANYA - How can God be omnipresent if he can only be one place at one time?
PAM - Did Brigham Young receive a revelation to be the Prophet?
ZANE - Do you have to be Republican to join the church?
BOB - Asks about a couple of Mormon urban legends.
TYLER - Why would Alma's opinion be important to us?
KEZIA - If you kill an ant, are you breaking the 6th commandment?
ROBIN - What do the Young Women names mean?
TANYA - A question about the Holy Ghost.
TERRY - Did Christ atone for the sins of the world in the Garden of Gethsemane or on the cross?
CURIOUS - How do you tell the difference between a lying spirit and a true spirit?
RYAN - Asks for a reference against card playing.
SARA - Question about taking the Sacrament.
BRANDON - Are we punished for our own sins only or also for our fathers' sins?
PAM - Question about the living allowance General Authorities receive.
CHAD - Looking for a particular scripture.
ILEEN - Please explain why in Mosiah 15 it states that God, Christ and The Holy Ghost are one God.
PAT - Are there Temple ordinances that must be done in the Spirit World?
ALEX - Questions about the creation and Lucifer's priesthood.
NANCY - What does the term "types and shadows" mean in the scriptures?
SKYE - Comments about baptism.
MAX - Was there a Savior provided for other worlds?
GEORGE - Mormonites, Desseret, Behives, and trumpets.
DEBORAH - Why do inactive LDS members give their children a name and a blessing?
ROSHANNA - Is the Bishop "having" to be married in the church handbook or just the norm?
ROBERTO - Asks about visions people have of the Virgin Mary.
LISA - Asks a few questions.
JONATHAN - You should be asking yourself what you're doing!
BENJAMIN - Can a woman give someone a blessing?
PHIL - What exactly draws the line at taking the Lord's Name in Vain?
HARRISON - Why in the Book of Mormon did the disciples pray to Jesus?
CATHIE - Question about those who use the priesthood unworthily.
JASON - If you need the priesthood to baptise, or vise versa, how was Joseph Smith able to baptise?
HENRIK - How do mormons baptize?
BRIAN - A question about movie ratings.
TAMMY - Do Mormons believe in predestination?
LISA - Is it true that for some time, single women weren't allowed to receive their own endowments?
TYLER - Does God the Father love all of his children equally?
RIOTA - Why does Jesus Christ have long hair?
ROBERT - Asks several questions.
CEDRIC - Question about blacks and the priesthood.
TYLER - Question about who we should worship.
TROY - Question about a quote from a General Authority.
TANYAN - Is God ontologically/metaphysically omnipresent or functionaly omnipresent?
ROY - Will Temple work be done for everyone who ever has lived or will live on this earth?
SAMANTHA - That doesn't make sense that you could get into heaven by good works.
BOB - Have any Book of Mormon names been found?
ANN - How could Joseph Smith see God face to face and live?
TEREZA - How did Joseph Smith translate the Book of Mormon?
BEVAN - Questions about why we need a body and the Nephite Twelve.
ELDER - What is the church position on baptism for the dead for someone who committed suicide?
JOSHUA - When is one truly an apostate in the lds church?
MANI - Why do Mormons consider getting answers through prayer enough evidence to believe in anything and everything Mormon?
RICKY - A prophet doesn't have to live in Utah; he can live anywhere, right?
GREG - What is the definition of a concubine?
BRITTANY - What is the symbolic meaning of the sheet covering the sacrament bread and water?
CAROLYN - Explain to me how you feel that it is your right to speak for the Mormon Church?
DANNY - Questions about fasting and the number "forty".
ALEX - Question about the fall of Adam.
MEGAN - In the LDS Church is it a sin if you never want to get married?
GREGORY - Questions about God, heaven, and Church government.
RICHARD - What does the statement "of Tenets thou shalt not speak" mean?
DIANE - Do members have to pay to have temple work done for their ancestors?
RANDY - Who was President of the Church after Christ died?
SIRLEI - Are there any other other references to Christ's birthday being April 6th other than the inference in D&C 20:1?
SUE - Questions about temple marriage and prayer.
RICHARD - How does a literal descendent of Aaron become a Bishop?
HAGEN - Isn't it true the Hebrew word used for stick in Ezekiel 37:15-22 literally meant "wood" and the Book of Mormon came from brass plates?
RICHARD - Did Porter Rockwell shoot or kill any man to protect Joseph Smith?
RICHARD - Questions about righteous indignation and the power of the Holy Ghost.
R&S - Will nonmembers be able to attend their own churches and still have their leaders during the Millennium?
ISAIAH - Asks several questions.
MANI - Why does the LDS Church excommunicate members?
BEN - Why is it that women can't serve a mission until they're 21?
MANI - Why was Polygamy revealed to the LDS church through the Prophet?
SCOTT - Asks several questions.
AXEL - Question about Adam and Eve
TWIGGY - Asks several questions.
ED - Did Jesus progress to godhood?
KEN - If mesoamerica is the land of the Book of Mormon, wouldn't the "land of inheritance" be mesoamerica not the USA?
AMANDA - Does Isaiah 4:1 refer to polygamy?
SWELCH - Question about teas and coffee.
JENNY - Why did Joseph Smith marry a 14 year old girl?

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