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SOPHIE - Who is allowed to participate in a Temple dedication? What if the dedication is broadcast to another building or room?

JOEL - To participate in a Temple dedication a person must be a baptized members of the church (ages 8 and up) and have either a regular temple recommend, a limited-use recommend, or a special dedication session recommend which they obtain from a Bishopric member.
When a temple dedication is broadcast to another room or building, it becomes essentially an extension of the temple and is therefore, at least temporarily, subject to what is explained in D&C 97:15-17:

"And inasmuch as my people build a house unto me in the name of the Lord, and do not suffer any unclean thing to come into it, that it be not defiled, my glory shall rest upon it;
Yea, and my presence shall be there, for I will come into it, and all the pure in heart that shall come into it shall see God.
But if it be defiled I will not come into it, and my glory shall not be there; for I will not come into unholy temples."

Therefore whenever a temple dedication is broadcast to other areas, participants are under the same requirements as if they are actually in the temple.

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