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SUSAN - Recently the LDS church gave $25,000 the the Affirmation group for suicide prevention. It's a nice gesture but not a very large amount. I am sure the schuch could afford more. I agree that the money will help some, but there are other things the church could do that would help a lot more than $25k. Such as revoking the dubious Nov 2015 policy, which requires children to disavow their parents same sex marriage, and start being more inclusive of LGBT individuals in substantive ways. Lets say you weren't a member today and you were investigating the church and gained a testimony that it was true. Would you be willing to join the LDS church if it required you to disavow you parents relationship?

JOEL - First of all the Affirmation group is the one who asked for that specific amout from the Church, so the Church gave it to them. I believe the church donating the money shows they are concerned about the issue and want to help prevent the suicides. Church leaders love the individuals involved and want to help, but they are not going to change God-inspired doctrines and policies just to please the secular world.
Regarding the Nov. 2015 policy, just curious if you know of any gay married couple who have children and who do want them to be baptized and thereby be obligated to support the doctrines of the church regarding Samd sex marriage, which would be contradictory to what the parents believe? I don't think there would be many.
If as a non-member I really did have a testimony of the truthfulnes of the church and wanted to join, then yes I would disavow the parents relationship, but I would not disavow my parents. I would still love and honor them as my parents.
Here's another example of this concept. Let's say I had a situation where my own teenage daughter, who is a member of the church, had a relationship with a boy that got her pregnant, a sin that was committed against the doctrines of the church. I would not disavow my daughter. I disavow the practice of having sex outside of marriage, but I would still love and cherish my daughter and her child.

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