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TMCARTHUR - Part of a Deacons duty is to assist the Bishop in temporal things, for example collecting fast offerings. Is it policy to be driven or accompanied by a melchezidek priesthood holder? Are mothers prohibited from driving a Deacon if they choose? Recently a mother was told by a non leadership position high priest the father should be driving the Deacon. That it was required.

JOEL - I walked around by myself to collect fast offerings when I was a kid. But then that was 50 years ago. The policy now is stated in the Church Handbook (#2) which says:

"Priesthood holders should go in pairs when gathering fast offerings. Melchizedek Priesthood holders may accompany Aaronic Priesthood holders if necessary."

The important thing is that they not go by themselves for security reasons. If there aren't enough Aaronic priesthood holders to have two go together then a Melchizedek priesthood holder can drive one of them around (or two Melchizedek priesthood holders can do it). It is a priesthood duty so that is the general policy. So basically what the High Priest said was corrrect. Now, what a bishop might allow under certain circumstances in his own ward might be different. That mother should talk to the Bishop to discuss her specific circumstances.

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