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TOM - Taken from the "Family Guide" manual: Part of the plan was for us to leave heaven and come to earth. Here we gain a physical body, learn through experiences, and prove ourselves worthy to live again in the presence of God. We prove ourselves worthy by freely choosing to keep His laws. See Abraham 3:2325 Who are we proving it to if God is all knowing?

JOEL - This is one of those "If God is so all-powerful can he create a rock too heavy for himself to lift?" type of questions. Not an easy one to to answer. I would say that we are proving it to ourselves, the laws of God, and to all the others who will be there too. Even though God knows what will happen to us, we don't, and therefore still have to use our agency to make the choices that get us exalted. Just because God knows something is going to happen, it is not the same thing as making it happen. A weatherman might know that it is going to rain tomorrow, but he is not the one that makes it rain. Similarly God isn't going to force you to do the right things in order to make His knowledge of your future a reality. You still have to go through the act of living this life and, using your agency, consciously making correct choices so you can become the kind of person that can abide a celestial life. Come judgment day you can look back on your life and agree that where you end up is what you deserved based on the choices you made and who you have become. You have proven yourself worthy to yourself and to the laws we are required to live to get there. And we have to experience life and learn the lessons through the choices we make.

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