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World Temples

LDS Temples

red dot
The House of the Lord - Official LDS temple site
red dotMormon Temples - A Resource for Neighbors and Communities
red dotWhy Mormons Build Temples(video)
newred dotLDS Temples Timeline - Youtube video showing chronology of temples built
red dotLDS Temples currently under construction
red dotTemples of the Church - Latest information and news about LDS temples
red dotTemple Satellite Images - See aerial or satellite images of LDS Temples (Updated 4/10/2013)
red dotTemple Study Sustaining and defending the LDS Temple
red dotLDS Temples Facebook page - Photos of all LDS Temples.
red dotGoogle Earth Temples - Download file to see all LDS temples on Google Earth
red dotTemples To Dot The Earth - Includes map of the world showing temple locations
red dotSalt Lake Temple scale model - Photos of model showing interior of Salt Lake Temple
red dotConstruction of the Edmonton Temple - Photos and information about the Edmonton Temple
red dotKirtland Temple Historic Center - Non-LDS site about the Kirtland Temple
red - We provide free shuttle service between the DC Temple and the Metro and will be expanding to other temples.
red - Welcome to Nauvoo
red - Nauvoo Temple web site
red dotThe Nauvoo Temple - History of the Nauvoo Temple

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