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Priesthood, Auxiliaries, Humor, Etc.

Sunday School - Youth - LDS Women - LDS Men - Family - LDS Personalities - Humor - Miscel.

Sunday School and LDS Teachings:
red dotSunday School - Official LDS Sunday School web site
red dotLDS Gospel Library - Sunday School lessons
red - Resources for Gospel Doctrine lessons
red dotLDS Living - Sunday Gospel Doctrine lessons
red dotFeast Upon the Word Blog - Lesson notes for PH/RS, Sunday School, and Youth Lessons
red dotThoughts for Talks - Resource for talks and lessons
red Prophetic references to the signs of the last days
red dotBook of Mormon Resource Guide- Links to articles and information for each verse in the Book of Mormon

Primary and Youth:
red dotPrimary - Official LDS Primary web site
red dotThe Primary Page - Information and resources for Primary teachers
red dotPrimary Page - Information and resources for Primary activities
red dotChristy's Primary Art - Clipart, games, and puzzles for kids
red dotPrimary Partners - Fun Activities to Help Children Learn about the Gospel
red dotYouth - Official site for LDS youth
red dotCES Be Smart - Preparing youth for higher education
red - Track Progress for Church Achievement Programs
red dotAlliance for Youth Service - LDS humanitarian service organization for LDS youth

LDS Women and Relief Society:
red dotRelief Society - Official LDS Relief Society web site
red dotThe Mormon Women Project - A continuously expanding digital library of interviews with Latter-day Saint women from around the world.
red dot - Thrive Life - Looking for amazing food storage, shelving, and emergency supplies. Let me get you started!
red dotRelief Society - Materials for Relief Society
red dotErrand of Angels - Support for LDS Women as mothers and Relief Society sisters
red dotThe Latter-day Saint Woman - We are here to strengthen and fellowship with our sisters
red dotChristy's Relief Society Pages - Clipart, recipes, ideas, and lesson helps
red - The circle of fellowship for LDS sisters
red dotMormon Women - Women sharing personal experiences and perspectives about being members of The LDS Church
red dotYoung Women - Official LDS Young Women web site
red dotYoung Women Page - Resources for Young Women
red dotLDS Adoption - LDS Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Services
red dotLDS Young Women - Information about the Young Women's program
red dotOf Worth - Information and activities for young women
red dotChristy's Y.W. Arts and Ideas - Resources for Young Women
red - Lesson handouts for every YW lesson, mutual activities, and new beginnings ideas

LDS Men and Priesthood:
red dotMelchizedek Priesthood - Official LDS Melchizedek Priesthood web site
red dotMelchizedek Priesthood - Melchizedek Priesthood resources
red dotPriesthood Line - Instructions on how to obtain priesthood line of authority
red dotPriesthood Line of Authority request form
red - Home Teaching resources
red dotFather Work - Provides stories, ideas, and activities to encourage generative fathering
red dotAaronic Priesthood / Young Men - Official LDS Aaronic Priesthood / Young Men web site
red dotAaronic Priesthood - Aaronic Priesthood resources
red - Resource for Duty To God award
newred dotBoy Scouts of America - Great Salt Lake Council
red - Resources for merit badges
red dotScouts - LDS - Discussions regarding scouting

Family Resources and Activities
red dotOfficial LDS site for Home and Family
red dotHome and Holidays - Resources for the family
red dotFamily Home Evening Night - A collection of Family Home Evening lessons and activities
red - Love One Another: A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction
newred dotMormon Share - Perfecting the Saints One Lesson at Time
red dotCombating Pornography - LDS Church resources for those struggling with pornography addiction
red dotEmergency Prep 101 - A guide for you and your families Emergency Preparedness
red dotFamily Media Guide - Guide to ratings of movies
red dotKids in Mind - Helps determine whether a movie is appropriate for children, according to parents own criteria.
red dotRenaissance Ranch - Treating addictions through gospel centered solutions
newred - Outpatient and Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers in Utah
red dot6 of 7 Magazine - A contemporary new magazine that focuses on simplifying and enhancing the LDS lifestyle
red - Ideas, inspiration, and fun for LDS families
red dotThe Utah Baby Namer
red dotFamiliesR4ever - An LDS site to promote Eternal Marriage
red - Over 200 pages of Free LDS focused content for LDS Brides, LDS Grooms, and the entire LDS wedding party
red dotForeverFamilies - Information for strengthening individuals, marriages, and families
red dotJon's Homeschool Resources - LDS homeschooling support, mailing lists, web pages, curricula
red - Interactive resources for growing testimonies
red dotFamily Home Evening - Family Home Evening resources from
red dotGod's Laws of Finance - A comprehensive guide to personal finance from LDS prophets.

LDS Personalities:
red dotFamous Mormons - Famous Mormons in the fields of Sports, Business, Entertainment, Science and Politics
red dotMore Famous Mormons - Additional sites and information about famous Latter-day Saints
red - Osmond Family Website
red dotReligion in Congress - The Religious Affiliations of the Members of Congress
red dotMormon Fiction Writers - Richard Paul Evans, Anne Bradshaw, Rick Walton, Tracy Hickman

LDS Humor:
red dotMormonHaven Humor - LDS humor and other religious jokes(Updted 5/23/16)
red dotHonest Jon - Serious humor from a sincere LDS cartoonist
red dotLDS Humor Facebook page
red dotSaintspeak - The Mormon Dictionary by Orson Scott Card
red dotHoly Fetch - The Mormon Urban Legends Website
red dotMormon Cartoonist - LDS themed cartoons by Arie Van De Graaff
red dotZarahemla Times - Weekly cartoon strip about a family living in the suburbs of Zarahemla
red - Missionary cartoons
red dotThe - If there is anything humorous, funny, or of good retort, or laugh-worthy, we seek after these things
red dotAllen Leigh's Mormon Site - Good Humor
newred dotThe Best Mormon Humor from Around the Web
newred dotMormon Jokes and LDS Humor
newred dotLDSSmile
newred - LDS Humor

red dotMilitary Relations - Official LDS site for Military Relations
red dotMore Good Foundation - Promoting Good LDS Internet Content
red dotBeSmart - Preparing youth for higher education
red - Dedicated to black members of the LDS Church
red - Statistics for over 4,200 religions throughout the world
red dotLDS Webrings - Links to LDS webrings
red dotWord of Wisdom - The latest health news from Reuters
red dotNational Weather Service cameras - Live cameras in Utah
red dotUtah State Historical Society- Information on the state of Utah
red dotLDS Index - Alphabetically listed fully cataloged LDS index
red dotMormon Links
red dotMy LDS

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