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ALEX - What are your thoughts on The Lion and the Lamb (Mandela Effect)?
The "Mandela Effect" claims that the King James Bible has changed, including the popular phrase, "the lion and the lamb" dwelling together. But was this phrase ever in the Bible in the first place or was it propagated through popular misconception?

JOEL - The so-called Mandela Effect is a real phenomenon that people fall victim to quite often. In Psychiatry it is referred to as confabulation. Some attribute it to a poor memory others think it is thoughts or memories of people from a parallel universe invading our brains. :-)
Things can get a little twisted in our brains sometimes, such as your lamb and lion example. The Bible does speak of the lamb and lion within the same scriptures(1 Sam 17: 34, Isaiah 11:6, Isaiah 65: 25), but in our King James Bible it never says the two will dwell or lie down together (it's the wolf and the lamb, Isaiah 11:6). I checked the 1611 edition of the Bible and it says "the wolfe also shall dwell with the lamb", the same as in our modern day versions. The Bible has not changed for that scripture. In this case it could just be that both words start with the letter "L" and so it's a nice alliteration that makes them sound better together and easier to remember. Or when people think of the conditions of the Millennium and the concept of a wild ferocious beast being together with a gentle animal the lion comes to mind first before a wolf does.
I think people simply started misquoting the scripture a long time ago and so now everyone thinks it is lamb and lion. In Star Wars Darth Vader never said "Luke, I am your father" (he said "No, I am your father"), but people started misquoting it and it has perpetuated like the lamb and lion quote.

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