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BINJO - I just want to ask if how many months a new member can be able to marry in the temple or after they baptize is there any certain months needed for a new member being a member of the church before going to marry in the temple?Is there any different if you Are temple marriage and Or Temple Sailed?Im a member since 2004. and my girlfriend is a newly baptize this past february. My Dream is Temple marraige. Our plan is to take civil marraige then sealed after this pandemic. can you give me some advice about this if our Plan is correct? im scared because some say there's a different between temple marraige and temple sailing when it comes to exaltation?

JOEL - Before a new member can be sealed(married) in the temple to a spouse, they have to be endowed first.According to the church handbook:
"Worthy adult new members may receive their endowment at least one full year from the date of their confirmation."
Therefore after a newly baptized member or couple has waited the year, they can get their endowments and then be sealed together in the temple when they are ready to do so.
Couples being sealed in the temple must be either (1) married civilly before being sealed or (2) married and sealed in the same temple ceremony.The only difference between a temple marriage and temple sealing is that a temple marriage is between two people who were never married before. They are married and sealed in the same ceremony. A temple sealing is between two people who already have a civil marriage to each other and are sealed together.Once your girlfriend has been a a member for 1 year you can be married/sealed to her in the temple.
You can get a civil marriage now if your circumstances require it and then be sealed in the temple after your girlfriend has waited the year to be endowed.When it comes to exaltation there is no difference between being married in the temple or sealed in the temple. It's best to talk to your Bishop abut your specific situation.

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