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COLLIN - Was there orginally 14 articles of faith? If so what was the 14th one?

JOEL - In March 1842, John Wentworth, editor of the Chicago Democrat, wrote a letter to the Prophet Joseph Smith asking for a history of the rise of Mormonism. In response Joseph Smith sent what is called the Wentworth Letter (Joseph Smith, History of the Church 4:535-41) in which the Prophet reviewed significant events of the rise of the Church and added a summary of the Latter-day Saint faith, expressed in 13 statements.
There were earlier unofficial lists of the beliefs of the Church before the official "Thirteen Articles of Faith" were cannonized into the scriptures in 1880 along with the rest of the "Pearl of Great Price".

Orson Pratt listed 19 paragraphs of "faith and doctrine" in his "Interesting Account of Several Remarkable Visions" (1840), many of which begin with the phrase "we believe." The order of the paragraphs in Orson Pratt's pamphlet is very similar to the list of 13 in the Wentworth Letter.
At one point in time a church member named James Flanigan(1849) and the Apostle Orson Hyde both published other revised lists of the articles in which they (not Joseph Smith) both added the extra article of faith(#11) about the resurection, to the thirteen making the total fourteen. These other lists were never meant to be anything more than statements of information about the Church. Joseph Smith never wrote more than the original thirteen articles, and it was his original list that finally made it into the scriptures.

Article #10 in Hyde's and Flannigan's lists said the following:
#10. "We believe in the literal gathering of Israel, and in the restoration of the ten tribes, that Zion will be established upon the western continent, that Christ will reign personally upon the earth a thousand years, and that the earth will be renewed, and receive its paradisiacal glory."

The added article(#11) said the following:
"We believe in the literal resurrection of the body, and that the rest of the dead live not again until the thousand years are expired."

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