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DOREEN - Do you think there is something to that idea that when you are dying someone from the spirit world comes and gets you?

JOEL - There have been many anecdotal stories of people who say a dying family member or friend acted as though they saw someone who came to take them as they were dying. Some say the dying person is simply having halucinations, but it would be hard to convince others that is all that is happening.
I worked with patients in a hospital for a few years and saw evidence of this happening just before someone died. One day I went in to the room of one old guy who was near death and completely unresponsive. The nurse asked me to help her pull him up in the bed to make him more comfortable. After doing this the unconscience man suddenly raised his head, opened his eyes and looked towards the end of his bed and got a big smile on his face as if he saw someone he knew, then laid his head back down and took his last few breaths. Both me and the nurse were very impressed by this. Later when we told the daughter of this man what happened she guessed it was his deceased wife who came for him.

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