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NATHAN - What would be your response to mormon critics who claim Joseph Smith's prophesy concerning the american Civil war was not fullfiled as suggested. Critics often say that "war was not poured out upon all nations, neither did Great Britain join in" and claim that the publication of that prophesy occured after the actual event.

JOEL - As recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants(Section 87), on Dec. 25, 1832, Joseph received the revelation about the American Civil War. Beginning in the 1830s, LDS missionaries carried manuscript copies of the above revelation with them in their missionary journeys, and "frequently read it to their congregations in various parts of the United States" (History of the Church, B H Roberts, p. 315). The entire revelation was printed in 1851 in Liverpool, England, in a pamphlet entitled, "The Pearl of Great Price."
Here is a statement from an article called "A Mormon Prophecy", printed in the Philadelphia newspaper soon after the outbreak of the Civil War:

"We have in our possession a pamphlet, published at Liverpool, in 1851.... In view of our present troubles, this prediction seems to be in progress of fulfillment, whether Joe Smith was a humbug or not.... Have we not had a prophet among us?"-----
(Philadelphia Sunday Mercury after the outbreak of the Civil War. Clipping in Journal History, 5 May 1861.)

So the pamphlet was printed a decade before the first shot of the Civil War on April 12, 1861. Thus, the prediction was made 28 years before its fulfillment, and was printed and circulated in England and in the United States at least ten years before. It was later cannonized into the Pearl of Great Price in 1880 and then moved into the Doctrine and Covenants.
Here is a list of some of the fulfilled predictions made in this revelation:

-The war would begin with the rebellion of South Carolina.
-It would cause the death and misery of many souls.
-The Southern States would be divided against the Northern States.
-The Southern States would call upon other nations for assistance, even upon the nation of Great Britain.
-War would eventually be poured out upon all nations.

The Civil war began with a rebellion in South Carolina and resulted in the death of about 400,000 people. The South did indeed call upon other nations for assistance, including France and Great Britain although Great Britain decided not to help. The prophecy did not say that Great Britain would help, only that the South would ask them for help.
According to Emory M. Thomas's, "The Confederate Nation", Harper Torchbooks, 1979, a commission was sent to Britain and other countries to ask for help:

"The Confederacy's message to the world beyond its borders was fairly simple. The Southern nation "de facto" existed... To the U.S., the Southerners offered a "fait accompli" and a determination to resist reunion... To Europe they added the lure of King Cotton as well... Congress consented to Toomb's appointment..." On Feb 13, Congree resolved to send a commission of three to Great Britain, France and elsewhere in Europe (p. 80-81)

The prophecy was not intended to be limited to only the Civil war. Other parts of this prophecy came to pass in the following years including a rebellion of slaves and other wars among other nations(World War I, World War II, etc.)

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