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RASH - Why is it that the first sacrament in our dispensation was held on Saturday?

JOEL - The Church has always officially recognized Sunday as the Sabbath day, however the ordinance of the Sacrament can occur on any day of the week as needed. The first Sacrament in this dispensation was administered on the same day the Church was organized on 6 April 1830, which was actually a Tuesday, not a Saturday. On this special historic day the sacrament was administered to those who had previously been baptized to remind them of the covenants they had made at baptism and others who had already been baptized were confirmed as members of the church.
Actually, the church now holds sacrament meeting on Saturdays and other days of the week in certain parts of the world. Most LDS worship occurs on Sunday, but Church branches in Israel worship on Saturday. Branches in Muslim countries, such as Egypt, meet on Friday, the Muslim holy day. General Authorities, who must often travel on conference assignments on Sunday, fast and receive the sacrament weekly on Thursdays. To members of the LDS Church the act of worshiping and and partaking the Scrament is more important than what day of the week it is done on.

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