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RICHARD - Can you find in the handbook of instructions where Melchizedek priesthood leaders are to conduct PPI's (personal priesthood interviews), home teaching interviews during Sunday school class or during priesthood class instructions either in the hallway or in another classroom in the chapel? Are we depriving someone the opportunity to receive revelation in a class setting?

JOEL - The handbook doesn't get that specific. It only says:

"Quorum and group leaders receive monthly home teaching reports from each companionship. In addition, they meet with home teachers regularly to discuss the spiritual and temporal welfare of the members they are assigned and to make plans to help members in need. Confidential information should be reported only to the elders quorum president or high priests group leader, who reports it to the bishop." (Handbook 2)

The church has told us, "the personal priesthood interviews are an essential part of watching over the Church and take place as often as necessary and at any time during the month, except on Monday evenings" (Ensign June 1975).

With regards to priesthood meeting the handbook also says, "Other meetings should not be scheduled during priesthood meeting."

Normally such interviews should not happen during Priesthood or Sunday school so members don't miss their classes. I have heard of some wards doing it during the second or third hour, and they might not consider interviews to be "other meetings", but I personally have never been in a ward where it was done during the 3 hour church time; usually we have done it before or after church or we are invited to the leaders' home. And it depends on the local situations of each ward or branch, taking into account how much traveling time might be involved to have these interviews. It's up to the Bishop or Stake President of each unit to give counsel on when to have these interviews, but they usually just leave it up to the quorum presidencies or group leaderships to decide how and when to do it.

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