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ZHED - Is Adulf hitler and his Wife Been baptized in the temple (proxy by someone) of sealed to his family? did any member related to him did This? my question is what is the stand of the church when a person did a Big big worst Sin in his life like adulf hitler or osama benladin Then someone like to baptize them in the Temple or sealed them to their family?

JOEL - There are reports that in 1993 the temple work was done for Hitler and his wife in the London Temple. It is not known who actually performed the ordinances for them or if they were related or not. Back in 1993 the church did not have much control over what names people were sending in for ordinances, so things like that were able to slip by more easily. It is under much more strict control now with the following directions:

Church members are responsible to provide temple ordinances for immediate family members and directline ancestors (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc., and their families).
Church members must not submit for proxy temple ordinances any names from unauthorized groups, such as:
Jewish Holocaust victims.
Fictional characters

Under these rules and improvements to computer programming Hitler's name would not likely have been accepted. As far as I know any records of the ordinance work done for Hitler no longer exist in the data files. The fact that the temple work was done for him doesn't really mean much, since he would most likely reject it in the next life anyway. Temple work done for the dead does not mean they have suddenly become members of God's church. They have to accept the ordinance and God would have to approve it.
Aside from all that, for most people who have lived on the earth, no matter how bad a person was in this life we mortals cannot be the judges of who should or should not have temple work done. We do it for everyone we can find and let God be the judge of who it can apply to.

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